Chapter 3 – Disband

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translator: THISBRO

A man stumblingly ran towards an abandoned factory, a horde of zombies chased after him, the man rushed into the factory, immediately dropped the roll-up door down which blocked the zombies that had lunged at him.

The man cut a sorry figure as he retreated, his foot caught onto something and he fell onto the floor.

With a squelch, his palm slipped like he had smushed something.

The man looked back to see that his hand was currently pressed within a puddle of blood, an unknown organism limp on the ground, a circle of black thorns had stabbed into his palm, the pain had him incessantly hissing, he panickedly pulled them out.

After the apocalypse, too many strange things appeared, who knew whether these things were poisonous or not.

He finished pulling out the black thorns and suddenly noticed that the wound on his arm had disappeared.
That was a zombie bite, he was definitely infected, but even though he knew this, he still didn’t want to be eaten by a zombie horde.
That would have been too painful.

However, right now, the wound was nowhere to be found and the zombie virus spreading up from his arm also disappeared.

Does this mean he wasn’t infected?

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The man was both shocked and elated, he carefully examined those unknown organisms.
Aside from the one he had smushed, there were still three left.
They were all around the size of a baby’s fist.

The man realized that these might be incredibly good things.

A motorcade quietly drove into South City, trying as much as possible to not disturb the zombie horde.

The further inside they drove, the more zombies there were.
The motorcade had no choice but to stop.

Everyone got out of the cars to discuss their next course of action.

Xu ShengFei said, “He will definitely return home.
His home is located in the renovated district, we must find a way to get there.”

“The renovated district is already close to the city center, the zombies there are too many to even imagine and the amount of evolved zombies is definitely not few either.
We’re looking to die if we go there.
It’s not worth it to sacrifice so many of us just to kill him.” Someone raised an objection.

Xu ShengFei persisted.
“He knows where our base is, if he brings a zombie horde to attack us, we’ll all be dead!”

Someone retorted, “This is just your guess.”

Xu ShengFei, “He definitely will!”

Xu ShengFei swept her gaze over everyone, particularly the ones who had gone on the mission that day.

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“We abandoned him to escape, that’s why he became a zombie.
He will absolutely, one hundred percent, come find us to seek revenge! Moreover, have you guys not noticed? He’s different from other zombies.”

A car came in after them, drawing their attention.

Luo FengJue1洛 (Luo) – surname Luo

风 (Feng) – wind/news

觉 (Jue) – to sleep/think/feel

got out of the car, he held a gun as he walked to them.
“Even if he wanted to take revenge, he would only go after you guys.
Don’t implicate others and throw away their lives.”

Xu ShengFei became worried.
“We’re all from the same base, a whole, we must act together!”

Luo FengJue scoffed, “Strictly speaking, it’s QingLing and us that are from the same base.
How long ago was it that you came to this base? It’s not even been two months and you already don’t count yourself as an outsider?”

“Why did you come?” Lu TianJin, who had been silent to this point, opened his mouth.

They didn’t tell Luo FengJue about their operation this time.

Luo FengJue slowly raised his gun and aimed it at Xu ShengFei’s head.
This was his answer.

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Xu ShengFei’s face changed.
“What do you think you’re doing?! TianJin!”

Lu TianJin frowned.
“FengJue, put your gun away.”

“Lu TianJin, have you forgotten how the three of us helped each other survive up until now? Have you counted just how many times QingLing saved you?” Luo FengJue used his gun to point at Xu ShengFei.
“It was this woman who pushed QingLing into the zombie horde.
Not only do you not avenge QingLing, you’re constantly protecting her.
Has your conscience been fed to the dogs?!”

Lu TianJin was very depressed.
“QingLing has already become a zombie, what do you want me to do? He’s already not human!”

“Then kill this woman, woman QingLing!” Luo FengJue’s finger was on the trigger.

Lu TianJin blocked the gun’s opening.
“She can’t die.
QingLing is already gone, the base can’t lose another plant-type ability user!”

“Fuck your bullshit! Are you acting for the base or lusting after her body?!” Luo FengJue bellowed, “Either you kill her or we disband and I leave the base.
You can do things how ever you want, after this, no one will disobey you!”

Lu TianJin’s face paled, this was the situation he never wanted to see.

Strictly speaking, the base was established by Wen QingLing, Luo FengJue, and him together.
Wen QingLing and Luo FengJue both didn’t want to manage anything which was why the position of leader fell onto him.

Xu ShengFei’s cold sweat never stopped, her breathing was getting difficult, she suddenly slammed into Lu TianJin, Lu TianJin was taken by surprise and crashed into Luo FengJue, the gun fired, but wasn’t able to hit Xu ShengFei.
Using her quickest speed, Xu ShengFei dove under the car.

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Luo FengJue stumbled backward, a wooden thorn pierced him through under his ribs.

Lu TianJin couldn’t understand how things suddenly became like this.

Luo FengJue retreated step by step.
“We… are disbanded.”

The zombies were attracted by the gunshot and flocked over.
Luo FengJue climbed into his car and drove over them as he left.

The battle had already begun, they were surrounded by the zombie horde.

The commotion was too big, if they couldn’t finish this quickly, even more zombies would come.

End of Chapter 3


洛 (Luo) – surname Luo

风 (Feng) – wind/news

觉 (Jue) – to sleep/think/feel

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