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Wen Qingling precisely opened the wound and put the baby anemone on top of it.
The tentacle smelled the wound and began moving.
It pierced the blackened wound and started drinking poisonous blood.
When the infected body is completely cleared of the zombie virus, the baby anemone will automatically pull out the tentacle.

Wen Qingling’s fingertips flashed with a green light, and the bloodied circle left behind (from the anemone tentacle or from the zombie bite) had recovered completely.

Wen Qingling said, “Okay, next one.”

Someone was helped over, and Wen Qingling continued the treatment.

Xiao Hen and Ji Rong have been standing by and watching.
The more they look, the more magical they feel.

Jiang Lan received the crystal nucleus until her hands turned soft.
Her heart was indescribably happy, “The next one, detoxification 100, wound treatment 100…”

Jiang Lan looked up, and the four eyes met.

Jiang Lan immediately grabbed Xu Shengfei’s neck.
Xu Shengfei was still in a daze when she was already pressed to the ground by the furious Jiang Lan.

Mother Xu screamed and lunged over to pull Jiang Lan, only to get slapped out of the way with a flap of her hand.

Jiang Lan was so angry that she rode on Xu Shengfei and started beating her, “Good for you, you white-eyed wolf, I didn’t go looking for you, but you sent yourself to the door! How long did I raise you, son of a b*tch?You and Qingling share everything good.
I’ve never treated you badly and yet that’s how you wild beast repay us?!“

Father Xu also went to pull them apart.
He’s a grown man with full strength, yet he couldn’t pull Jiang Lan.

Mother Xu got up and rushed towards Jiang Lan again, “Don’t hit my daughter! You dead woman, why are you not dead yet?!“

Jiang Lan grabbed Mother Xu’s hair and pressed her to the ground to beat her, “You haven’t died yet, why should I die first?!“

The treatment isn’t over yet but a fight has broken out.

Wen Qingling grabbed Xiao Hen, the able-bodied man, on the spot and pulled him over, “After watching for so long, even a three-year-old should learn how to do it. I’ll leave it to you.“

Xiao Hen: “…..”

Wen Qingling walked over.
Father Xu, who was still trying to stop people from fighting, was scared back when he saw Wen Qingling.

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“You, are you a human or a zombie?!“

They all heard Xu Shengfei talk about Wen Qingling’s transformation into a zombie, but he is still standing here in perfectly good condition!

Wen Qingling coldly glanced at him, which caused Father Xu to retreat even further.

Wen Zheng also caught Ji Rong and gave his blood anemone to him, asking him to help continue the treatment.

Wen Qingling stood on the side and watched as his own mother beat people up.
Father Xu was frightened and did not dare to go forward.

Wen Zheng is the only person who can mediate the situation.

Seeing Xu Shengfei’s mother and daughter being beaten out of shape, Wen Zheng had no choice but to hold Jiang Lan back, “All right, if you continue to beat them, they will die.”

Jiang Lan said angrily, “Then I’ll just beat them to death! If they have the guts to come here, they can’t expect to have their life back!“

Ji Rong kept an eye on the blood anemone treatment while also turning back to watch the drama.
While he was at it, he mouthed to Xiao Hen, “This old lady is very strong, rushing up to beat people like that. I wonder if this could allow Wen Qingling to clear away his hatred and turn back from the wrong path.“

Mother Xu sat on the ground, crying and screaming, “Wen Zheng, you have no conscience. You just watched your sister and niece being beaten without coming to help.
Your wife is your family, but your sister doesn’t count as your family?!“

“Ptooey! You shameless dead woman still remember we are a family at this time? Why didn’t you remember when your daughter sneaked up on my son and pushed him into the zombie swarm?“

Jiang Lan was so angry that she began panting.
When she saw Xu Shengfei’s wound with black blood, she was extremely happy, “Karma! When you pushed others into the zombie group, did you ever think that you would die in the mouth of a zombie one day?!“

Xu Shengfei’s crying was very miserable and pitiful.
She didn’t dare look at Wen Qingling and Jiang Lan, so she could only tug at Wen Zheng’s trousers and cry.

“Uncle, uncle, saved me.
I really didn’t mean it. I was scared and confused at the time and didn’t even think that the person next to me was my cousin wu….“

Jiang Lan sneered coldly, “Scared and confused? You’re so scared that you attacked him with a wooden thorn before pushing him into the zombie group?! You are deliberately trying to kill my son! You were afraid that he wouldn’t die and that he wouldn’t be able to attract all the zombies, that’s why you made him bleed, right? You’re really inhumane! You’re worse than a zombie!“

Xu Shengfei knelt on the ground and cried, “It’s all my fault.
It’s right for auntie to be angry, and I deserve to be beaten, as long as auntie and cousin can calm down.”

Jiang Lan was so angry that she couldn’t speak, so she could only keep patting her chest.
She was about to be turned into a human from anger.

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“She’s pretending to be pitiful, she has long planned to kill you.” Xiao Hen’s voice, at this point, seemed a little abrupt.

Ji Rong looked at him in surprise.
He didn’t expect the boss to meddle in other people’s businesses.

Xu Shengfei froze, looked up sharply and saw two familiar faces.

Ji Rong clicked his tongue and said, “You didn’t expect us to be here, right? Your life is truly fortunate.
The night Lu Tianjin drove you away, the base was slaughtered by a group of zombies, but as a result, your family survived.
The base that was slaughtered this time, your family was from there as well?”

Despair flashed in Xu Shengfei’s eyes.
If she hadn’t been bitten by a zombie, she probably wouldn’t have entered South City again, but she had no choice.
She wanted to live.
Even if she knew that Wen Qingling was in South City, she felt that she would still be lucky and wouldn’t run into Wen Qingling by chance.

As a result, not only did they meet, but they also fell directly into the hands of their family.

She never dreamed that the doctor who could cure the infected would actually be Wen Qingling.

If she had known that he had this ability, she would not have taken that step at that time, no matter what.

Wen Qingling glanced at Xiao Hen and said indifferently, “Throw her out to feed the zombies.”

Xu Shengfei’s face instantly turned ashen.

Mother Xu rushed over, hugged Wen Zheng’s leg and begged tearfully, “I’ll kneel down for you.
I’ll pay for the mistake Fei Fei made. Please spare her life.
She was bitten by a zombie, and it will be too late if you don’t save her.
I only have this one child.
She is my life!“

Wen Zheng looked at his sister, who was crying and begging, and his heart was very calm, as if he was looking at a completely unrelated stranger.

He felt that he was not human anymore, and even the basic human feelings were gone.
He could be indifferent in the face of his own sister’s pleading.

Wen Zheng said: “I only have one child, Qingling, and he is also my life.”

Mother Xu wailed.

Xu Shengfei knelt on the ground and kowtowed, “Everything is all my fault.
I don’t deserve to be a sister.
It’s me who has harmed cousin.“

Qiao Xin heard Xu Shengfei’s voice and rushed in from the outside.
Without saying a word, she first kicked the person to the ground, “You bitch! You want to hurt me? You want to take me with you? I’ll take you with me even if I die!“

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When Qiao Xin raised her knife, Father Xu rushed up to grab her wrist and the two scuffled.

Qiao Xin‘s companions came to help and controlled Father Xu.

Wen Qingling looked down and glanced at Father Xu’s calf.

Qiao Xin looked up and saw people lying on the hospital bed receiving treatment, as well as several people in white coats standing in front of her.
She hurriedly said: “Everyone, this woman is not worth saving.
She is rotten to the core. She was able to enter our base with her plant-based ability.
In order to gain a firm foothold, she seduced my boyfriend as soon as she arrived.
While fleeing, she pushed me into a zombie herd to block zombies for her.
If you save her, be careful not to be bitten back by her; she is poisonous!“

Mother Xu yelled at her, “You can’t control your own boyfriend, and you blame my daughter! People go to high places, water flows to low places1.
My daughter is young, beautiful, and is a plant-based ability user, while you are just an ordinary person.
Anyone who’s not blind knows who to choose!“

Qiao Xin has a violent temper.
She has the ability to directly kill her cheating boyfriend, as well as this mistress who has dug her corner2!

Qiao Xin slapped Mother Xu several times and said, “To raise such a daughter, you’re not a good person either! If the upper beam is not straight, then the lower beam is also crooked3.
It shows that you are also a rotten old thing!“

A person walked in from the outside, glanced at Xu Shengfei on the ground, and said to Wen Qingling’s family, “Her zombie poison is spreading. If you don’t save her, she will soon turn into a zombie.
Why don’t you give her to me?“

Wen Qingling glanced at him, “Who are you?”

The man clasped his fist4 and said, “Ling City Base’s captain, He Yi. I know Captain Chang Boheng and Vice-Captain Wen Chu.
We all heard that you rescued Vice-Captain Wen Chu.
Our brother was infected, so we came here again, but I didn’t expect to meet Xu Shengfei here.“

He Yi pointed to Xu Shengfei on the ground and said: “This person is indeed rotten to the core. The Ling City Base was established after the apocalypse, and she was also there.
She and Commander Meng Hua’s sister were best friends.
The two have a very good relationship.
The commander took great care of their family for this reason.
Once, they went out to collect supplies with a team.
Surrounded by the zombie horde, she pushed her best friend to feed the zombies.“

“In order to prevent the news from leaking, she also killed other team members, but some people still managed to escape with serious injuries.
She has been hiding her ability and has been able to kill other team members with surprise attacks.
Her plan to silence them all failed, so she hurried back to the base and ran away with her parents.“

“Commander Meng only had one relative, which was his sister, and she was killed just like that. He was extremely distressed.
He had offered 2,000 ordinary zombie crystal nucleus bounty on Xu Shengfei’s head, but she was quite good at hiding.
I didn’t expect to meet her here today.“

He Yi said: “I want her because I want to curry favor with Commander Meng. I can pay 1,000 ordinary zombie crystal nuclei first to take away Xu Shengfei, and send the remaining half afterwards. Will that be okay?”

“No! No! No!!!” Mother Xu screamed her heart out.

Wen Qingling walked over to He Yi.

He Yi took the initiative to extend his wrist to him.

He Yi also saw the scene outside before.
He believed Wen Qingling should have the ability to detect whether others are lying.

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Ji Rong looked at Xiao Hen, his eyes powerless.

It’s over.
So many crystal nuclei can definitely impress Wen Qingling.

Wen Qingling didn’t touch his wrist, “Okay, hand over the crystal nucleus. You can take the person away.“

He can also perceive other people’s thoughts without touching them.
As long as the distance is close enough, he can see through whether or not it’s a lie, but touching is more accurate.

He Yi breathed a sigh of relief.
For some reason, facing this young man, he felt suffocated in his chest, like a stone was pressed against him.

He Yi handed a large and a small packet of crystal nuclei to Wen Qingling and said, “Count it. The small packet is for my brother’s treatment fee.“

Wen Qingling used his spiritual power to sweep through the packets and already knew the exact number.

Xu Shengfei‘s family has caused quite a ruckus.
Wen Qingling first treated He Yi’s brother, and after the treatment, he asked them to leave.

Xu Shengfei had her hands and arms tied behind her back, and her mouth was blocked by something.
She can’t bite anyone even if she transforms into a zombie halfway through.
She was dragged out of the barbican by a few people, stuffed into a car, and taken away.

Father Xu and Mother Xu hurriedly followed and chased after their car.
Father Xu turned into a zombie halfway through.
The car flipped over and rolled into a zombie herd.

After Mother Xu’s screams, everything returned to peace.



It’s human nature to always be ambitious and strive for better.


To dig someone’s corner means to sabotage someone, usually a competitor.


Similar to the saying: apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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