Wen Qingling took the blood anemone back to the base and watched Fang Zhen and the others escape from South City.

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Wen Qingling’s spiritual power shifted and he discovered Xiao Hen’s group of four who had returned from the Ling City base.

“Let’s make a deal.”

Wen Qingling’s voice suddenly appeared in the ears of the four.

The moving car swayed and almost overturned.

“F*ck! What’s the situation?! I just heard Wen Qingling’s voice!” Ji Rong’s scalp was about to explode.

He Lin: “I heard it too.”

Shi Chong nodded, “Same.”

Realizing that it wasn’t an illusion, Ji Rong became even more terrified, “B-boss!”

Xiao Hen frowned.
There is still a long distance from South City, yet his spiritual power can actually extend so far.
Is he still human?!

Xiao Hen: “What deal?”

Wen Qingling: “Fang Zhen’s whereabouts, do you want to know?”

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The four people: Of course!

What are they going back and forth for?

Xiao Hen already has a good grasp of his character, “How many crystal nuclei?”

Wen Qingling wasn’t polite and demanded an exorbitant price: “Five level one evolved nucleus.”

Xiao Hen: “With an additional condition, let us enter the civilization base.”

Wen Qingling: “Deal.”

Xiao Hen: “Where is he?”

Wen Qingling: “Look ahead, there are two cars coming.
He is in the car.”

Xiao Hen hurriedly asked, “Which one?”

Wen Qingling: “The ugliest one.”

Xiao Hen: “…“

Ji Rong: “…“

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He Lin: “…“

Shi Chong: “…“

Ji Rong let out a cry, hurriedly hit the steering wheel, and threw the car across the road.
The two cars in front had already rushed over.

The four of them got out of the car and, at the same time, held up the gun in their hands, forcing the two cars to stop.

“Fang Zhen, you son of a b*tch! Your grandfather has been waiting for you for a long time!” Ji Rong shouted.

Up to now, they have been playing the game of cat chasing the mouse and have never really met each other.
The name of the mission target, his appearance, and his identity background are all unknown to them.
They can only investigate by themselves and finally find out the name and whereabouts of this mouse who was good at hiding.

It’s not like they planned to kill him or anything.
They really don’t understand why he was so afraid and fled for his life!

No one got out of the car, and only after a long time did someone shout, “What business do you have with our brother Fang?”

Xiao Hen loaded the gun and shot twice, blowing the tires of the vehicle in front.

Strike first, then talk.

Xiao Hen: “Get out of the car!”

The seven people had no choice.
When they escaped from South City, they didn’t have time to pick up their weapons and only ran for their lives.

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The seven people got out of the car one by one, each with a bloody wound on their face.
The wounds on their left cheek all looked very consistent.
The only one that was different had two wounds forming an “X” on his left cheek.

The four people: “……“

Are these guys being cleaned up by Wen Qingling?

Ji Rong coughed lightly, “That …… the ugliest one! The one with a cross on his face, yes that’s you, come here!“

Fang Zhen took two steps forward, his eyes flickering.
He had already guessed who these four were.
They must be the ones who were looking for him everywhere.

Xiao Hen’s gun pointed at him, “Are you Fang Zhen?”

Fang Zhen: “It’s me.
What do you guys want from me?”

Ji Rong gritted his teeth and said, “Yes, there is something.
You’ve been f*cking around with us all these days.
Aren’t you very pleased?“

Fang Zhen was relatively calm, “In this day and age, it’s definitely not a good thing to be targeted, so I must run away.”

Ji Rong shifted his gun and said, “Come here, we need to talk about your antidote.”

Fang Zhen stood still, “That’s fake. I don’t have any antidotes, so it’s useless for you to catch me.“

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“Fake?! We came all the way here and you f*cking tell me it’s fake?! You think I don’t dare blow your head open?!” Ji Rong was about to go crazy.
He couldn’t believe the boss really guessed it!

Fang Zhen felt quite bitter.
In order to cover up the “treasure” and boost his prestige, he accidentally exaggerated and even attracted people from other places.
That’s so f*ck up.

Fang Zhen: “if you kill me, you won’t get the information you want!”

Xiao Hen said coldly, “What useful information do you have?”

Fang Zhen said: “There are no people with antidotes, but there’s a ‘treasure’ that can cure the zombie virus.
I was indeed bitten by a zombie.
Thanks to that thing, I didn’t become a zombie.“

Xiao Hen: “What is it?”

Fang Zhen gestured: “An unknown organism, blood red, looks like a sea anemone.”

Xiao Hen’s expression changed, “Where’s that thing?”

Fang Zhen: “I was robbed.”

Xiao Hen: “By who?”

Fang Zhen shook his head: “I don’t know. He’s very strong.
He could control the vines and took my “treasure” away.“

The four all knew who he was.
There was only one person who could use vines and run amok in this zombie-ridden South City.

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