Chapter 10 – Humiliation

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Content warnings: Gory stuff


Wen ‎Qingling was very angry.
Was he being treated as if he was dead? 

That zombie herd out of nowhere—the Blood Corpse actually dared to command his little brothers1Meaning the zombies.
Did it forget who was the true boss of South City?

The roaring of the zombies could be heard from the clinic.

Jiang Lan poked her head out the door, looking around.
The sound was coming from the south.
“What kind of large-scale activity are your little brothers doing? ‎Did they not inform you?”

Wen Qingling: “There’s a wild zombie that stole my authority and is attacking ‎humans.”

Jiang Lan replied, “Then hurry up and snatch it back.
We are morally upright and socially responsible zombies and don’t ever attack humans.”

Wen Qingling raised his head and looked at his mother.

“Yeah, we don’t take the initiative to attack humans.” 

But if humans were the first to attack, and they did not retaliate, wouldn’t they be fools?

Jiang Lan nodded, asking, “Has the zombie who stole your authority been dealt with?”

Wen Qingling rested his cheek against his hand and spoke.

“I’ll drive it out of South City.
East City, North City, West City—it’s free to go anywhere, as long as it doesn’t bother my zombie little brothers.”

Wen Zheng, holding a cup of tea made from the blood anemone’s tentacles, slowly ambled over.

“Business is too bleak.
I was wondering when you would be able to step up as Ling City’s big boss, but in one moment of carelessness, even your authority in South City was lost.
Sure enough, we can’t not work.
We must have a source of income.”

Wen Zheng drank a mouthful of tea that looked like blood.

“Why don’t you give me a blood anemone, I will be a travelling doctor.
I’m sure I will meet humans who are infected and require urgent help.”

Wen Qingling covered his face and said, “Dear Dad, please stop dreaming.
With your condition, I’ll be eternally grateful if you don’t pounce onto a living human and take a bite out of them, much less help them.”

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Wen Zheng got angry.

“As long as I’m not hungry, I won’t want to eat people.”

Wen Qingling: “Yes, yes, you have already cultivated yourself back to a human.”

Right as they were discussing the lack of business, a business opportunity came up to the door.
There was another zombie who wanted to regain consciousness. 

This type of treatment was very simple, so Wen Qingling always left it to his parents to do.
All he needed to do was provide blood anemones.

Wen Qingling checked the whereabouts of the four people ‎once again.

There were so many zombies eyeing them that they had no choice but to leave.

Up till they left South City, the zombie horde was still standing at the edge of the city staring at them.

Only when they drove even further away did the zombie horde finally disperse, some heading back and some continuing to forage for‎‎ food.

Ji Rong stopped the car.
His hands were full of cold sweat.
He had driven out of the city with a horde of zombies packed around them, almost like escorts in a parade.
If not for his ability to withstand stress, he would have collapsed long ago.

A medical kit appeared in Xiao Hen’s hand, which was handed over to Shi Chong in the back ‎seat.

Shi Chong took the kit.
He first injected He Lin with a special hemostatic, then bandaged him to stop the bleeding.
One of He Lin’s legs had been crushed underneath the car and almost became a pile of unrecognisable flesh.
It was bleeding non-stop.

Ji Rong: “Boss, what ‎now?” ‎

Xiao Hen: “How’s Ol’ He?” 

Shi Chong: “Excessive blood loss, he’s already unconscious.”

Ji Rong slammed his hand on the steering wheel.

“What the hell was that?! High attack ability, high speed, able to create zombie hordes, and it can even talk! It can actually talk! Is this still a fucking zombie?”

Without pausing his movements, Shi Chong continued, “The worst case is that a new type of evolved zombie has appeared.” ‎

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Xiao Hen remained silent.
He was thinking.

‎In the rearview mirror, a car suddenly appeared and slowly stopped in front of them.

Wen Qingling lowered the car window and spoke.

“Need‎ help?” 

The gears in Ji Rong’s mind turned slowly.

What the fuck! The target who they were tailing earlier had managed to shake them off, but now he actually sent himself right over!

‎Xiao Hen had already left their car.
Using his long knife, he rapped at Wen Qingling’s car window.

“Come out.”

Wen Qingling got out of the car.
In order to earn a treatment fee, he was giving it his all.
He could not ask his father to be a travelling doctor.
Though he could restrain himself when facing humans, his parents would frequently lose control.

‎With eyes filled with suspicion, Xiao Hen asked, “You’re a healer?” 

Wen Qingling: “Kinda.”

Xiao Hen cocked his head.

“Treat him.”

Wen Qingling stood unmoving.

“Treatment within the clinic costs 100 ordinary crystal nuclei.
Treatment outside the clinic requires double the fee, 200 ordinary crystal nuclei.” 

Xiao Hen: ”…”

A sealed bag appeared in his hand and he threw it to Wen Qingling.

“There’s definitely more than 200 inside, go treat him.”

Wen Qingling scanned the bag with his spiritual power.
There were indeed more than 200 crystal nuclei in the bag.

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Wen Qingling: “Move the person out, place him on the ground.” 

Xiao Hen stared at him, unmoving.

Wen Qingling: “Do you not want to move him, or do you not want to place him on the ground? I only perform treatment, there are no additional services.
Additional help requires payment.”

Shi Chong and Ji Rong had already carried the unconscious He Lin off the car, and placed him flat on the ground.

Wen Qingling glanced over.
“Remove the bandage.” ‎

Shi Chong had no choice but to remove the bandages that he’d spent a lot of effort wrapping.

‎A green light slowly condensed within Wen Qingling’s palm.
By the time he got to He Lin’s side, it was fully condensed.
Squatting down, he pressed the green ball of energy into He Lin’s broken leg. ‎

On the thigh that looked more like a shapeless pile of flesh, blood vessels connected, muscles formed and bones regrew at an astounding speed.

The three other squad members were people who had experienced many things before, yet they had never seen anyone with such a strong healing ability.

Wen Qingling stood up.


Just‎‎ as he turned around, a long knife was placed against his neck.

Xiao Hen had a cold look on his face.

“Who the hell are you? You have enough time to say it now, don’t you?”

Wen Qingling’s expression did not change, and his reply did not change either.

“Just a survivor.” 

Xiao Hen affirmed: “You don’t look like one.”

Wen Qingling thought for a moment, then said, “I am a survivor with special abilities.” ‎

Xiao Hen shook his head.

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“Not just that.”

Wen Qingling glanced at the knife around his neck.

“You want to repay goodwill with revenge?” ‎

Ji Rong also felt that the boss’s approach was inappropriate.
Wen Qingling had just saved Ol’ He and his attitude immediately turned a 180.
It was too much.

‎Ji Rong: “Boss, let’s talk nicely.”

Xiao Hen: “He should be the one talking nicely.”

Ji Rong hurriedly advised Wen Qingling, “The boss is Three-Strike Xiao.
He’s incredibly fast with his knives and there’s no way you can escape from him, so why don’t we talk nicely?”

‎Wen Qingling gave him a side-eye.

“Who are you insulting?” ‎

Ji Rong: “???”

Wen Qingling thought: Even that bloody creature could escape from this man’s knife, so why couldn’t ‎he? Don’t look down on people! 

Xiao Hen’s eyelids suddenly felt heavy.
His subconscious reaction was faster than his conscious response and he struck out with a knife, yet his attack fell short.

When he woke up in alarm, he could only see a small black dot rushing towards South City.
A voice sounded beside his ear.

“Why don’t we see if I can escape?”

Xiao Hen: “…”‎

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Meaning the zombies

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