Rosina made a lot of noise to dispel her displeasure.


Until Celie, who was next to her, patted her on the side.


She had already drunk five more glasses of champagne, thus she didn’t immediately notice that the Marquis Leguier was approaching.


How far did he hear?


She felt a momentary chill as if ice water had been poured over her.


The heat of the drink, which had just risen to the top of her head, slammed her to the floor with acceleration.


“Bring the brat and stay in the carriage.”


Kassel approached Rosina as the man who seemed to be an escort took the child away from the sound of a drop of cold air.


There was obviously nothing in Kassel’s hand, yet in Rosina’s eyes, there was an illusion that he was holding a cigar or a nice weapon.


The guys who were with Rosina and Celie shook their legs.


Tsk, Rosina was annoyed.


You’re all guys too, so why are you shaking that much?


Even the height difference between them was so noticeable that they looked up at Kassel obliquely, giving an unsightly look.


She thought it was okay as when they drank champagne together.


As she met Kassel’s face closely, Rosina realized that she had been greatly mistaken.


However, Kassel in front of her looked angry in anyone’s sight.


‘What should I do? He didn’t hear everything, did he?’


Even though she was afraid of him, she raised the corner of her lips and smiled, thinking that at least she was a close friend of his, so she would have to deal with it somehow.


Wouldn’t it be okay if she apologized?


Even in view of their friendship… Ah, he laughs.


Kassel let out a short laugh, as if he, who faced the four of them, was dumbfounded.


“Just keep talking about me.”


Rosina’s smiling face was quickly shattered.




What did she hear just now?


Rosina blinked her eyes.


“All the snouts that were chattering excitedly are suddenly quiet, why.”


“H-How could you say such vulgar words…”


Rosina unknowingly covered her mouth, losing all strength in her body.


It was the first time she had heard such words in her life.


She had heard that the Marquis Leguier was unstoppable, yet she never imagined that she would hear it herself.


“Is it okay to put my baby in your snout?”


(baby, child, similar to that)


Even though she knew it wasn’t true when he said ‘my baby’, Rosina was startled.


“No, I never said it with bad intentions.
W-Why would I do something to displease the Marquis? I was just worried because the Lady was still young… I was still trying to stop it, but…”


Rosina was terrified.
She didn’t even know what she was talking about.


Facing him as close as she had been in her mind for a long time, he was a very cool man.


No, even saying he was cool wasn’t enough.


As he was the man who taught her what a splendid face was just by looking at his.


However, she was afraid of the ferocious force, and her heart was pounding so that it seemed like it would stop at any moment.


“You’re worried.”


“Yes, I was just worried…”


Everything about the Marquis Leguier was perfect.


Except for his fiery personality…


“Because you feel sorry for my baby? Or is it because the jerk you raised is anxious?”






Everyone was busy keeping an eye on each other.


The people who were gathered around them also held their breath and began to watch that spot.


“You should be able to answer well.”


Rosina’s face turned pale as white as a sheet of paper at the meaningful words he uttered without a filter.


It seemed he wouldn’t listen no matter what she said.


It wasn’t the appearance of him, who listened to whatever the child said lazily.


Was it just an illusion?


“I-I think there is a misunderstanding, I never meant to say that…”


“I apologize.
I really didn’t mean that.”


“I apologize if I offended you.”


Everyone rushed to apologize.


Kassel gritted his teeth as he glared at them who lowered their heads.


Even if he listened to the end of it, he could figure out what the conversation was going on at once.


What’s wrong with my baby, then what?


Kassel, whose blood had already started to boil upside down, was so enraged he was about to go blind.


However, Kassel didn’t even feel it was worth talking about as they looked like they were about to pee.


Just like leftovers.


His chin went up crookedly


He had the appearance of being arrogant, yet it suited him very well.


Kassel looked at them as if he was chewing on the four trembling faces one by one.


Rosina Green, Celie Ritz, James Bolden, Tommy Dimito.


Kassel despised backstabbing, so he tended to memorize people from families that had anything to do with the business.


Like either the head of the household or the successor.


At least considering the fact that they had attended this banquet and that they were faces he had seen at least once, it meant that they weren’t even noble families stuck in a remote corner of the country.


Ah, although nobody knows what the future holds.


“You will have to take care of your wallet well from now on.
You need to get at least one dress out before there’s a hole in it.”


His bloody, smiling face was like a reaper.


After those words, Kassel left the seat without leaving any regrets.




As the overwhelming energy disappeared, Tommy hiccupped.


Rosina, who belatedly came to her senses after staring blankly at him walking away, hurriedly followed him.


“E-Excuse me, Marquis! W-What on earth are you talking about…!”


But after a while, she stopped walking.


It was because the rapidly disappearing figure and her voice overlapped.


It was just a threat, yet a chill ran down her spine.


“H-He seems to be very angry… W-Will we be okay?”


Celie soon followed Rosina.


“It’s a small slip of the tongue.
We didn’t say anything, it’ll be fine.
Even if the Marquis has a fiery temper, he won’t cause problems like this.”


“Then that’s a relief…”


Why do I feel chill like being hit by frost?


Rosina stood fidgeting with an anxious expression on her face, then turned her body around.




I followed Gerard out of the banquet hall first.


However, I couldn’t go to the carriage, that’s why I waited for Uncle in the hallway at the entrance to the banquet hall.


Perhaps, he’s not beating people up, is he?


I had never seen anything like that.


But Uncle’s face was really scary.


I only thought that Uncle shouldn’t be in danger, but I didn’t think that he would endanger others.


Oh, isn’t that more dangerous?


Yet I don’t think I can stop him now.


As soon as I remembered Uncle’s expression earlier, my body trembled.


It was then.


With blazing momentum, Uncle passed me and headed for the carriage.


I was going to follow, but Uncle’s aura was so fierce that I hesitated without even realizing it.


Uncle, who had been moving away quickly on his long legs, suddenly turned around.


“Short legs, you ain’t quickly coming?”


He stretched out his hand as if telling me to come quickly.


“I-I’m coming now!”


I ran quickly, fearing that Uncle would change his mind.


And as if it was a goal, I arrived in Uncle’s arms.


I burst out laughing without even realizing it.


As the tension disappeared only after Uncle called.


I guess he’s not very angry with me.


Gerard kept saying sorry to Uncle instead of me.


I stopped Gerard.


“I told you to protect the child.
I thought you knew how to go and slap them in the head.”


“I’ll take any punishment.”


“Peanut, what did you do well that made you smile? If you heard such a thing, wouldn’t you have to hit them in the head with a fork or kick them?”


…Uncle, I’m not so eccentric like you.


But it seemed like I was going to get scolded for saying that.


“Hehe, because I like Uncle.”


Then he stood tall and raised his eyebrows crookedly.


In an instant, the fire-like aura was extinguished.


“Only words?”


Seeing Uncle’s suspicious look, I shook my head.


With all my heart, really! I like Uncle the most.”


Yet Uncle looked at me disgustingly and, instead of hugging me, tried to take me by my side.


“U-Uaakh A-Aika d-d-dying…”


I deliberately acted as if I was being rude while being tucked into Uncle’s side.


In fact, my side hurt a little.


Then Uncle walked away and stopped.


After a lot of hard work, I succeeded in being embraced by Uncle again.


“And Uncle, I’m really fine.”


“Fine you say, what’s fine.”


“Mom said so.”




“She said people who curse others for no reason are people with hell inside them.”




“They feel so sick and hellish that they think they have to harm others.
Their stomachs are noisy and twisted, you know? She said that.
So let us just let them off the hook!”


“What do you mean letting them off the hook.”


“Because we’re cooler!”


The sound of air escaping came from Uncle’s mouth.


“Yeah, you’re good.”


“Uncle, have you liked me a little better now?”


“Why all of a sudden?”


“You just complimented me.”


Then Uncle looked at me with bewildered eyes.




Why are you looking at me like that, though.

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