The space was still that space, the gray sky and the earthy brown earth.
If it was really the soil, maybe Su Yunxi would be happier, but unfortunately these earthy brown things were all gravel, which was the same as dead. 


    The cup of hot water that he put in last night was still steaming.
After a few hours of experimentation, it could probably be seen that this space still had no problem in keeping freshness. 


    After entering this space, timers such as electronic watches would fail, giving people the illusion that time would pause when entering this space.
After all, in the novel, the time for planting crops on the land of this space was not suspended but rapidly shortened. 


    As a five-year-old nurse who was not a schoolmaster, almost all the knowledge learned in the strongest stage of brainstorming in the third year of high school had been returned to the teacher.
For those who didn't even understand the high numbers, didn't waste time and energy here trying to figure out various theories about time and space. 


    In short, just knew that the things here were growing fast. 


    Su Yunxi walked to the only one-square-meter piece of soil in the space, and after comparing with the surroundings, he could clearly perceive that this was the only place where things could be planted. 


    Su's parents didn't live at home now.
Su Yunxi himself either ate in the hospital cafeteria or called for takeaway.
It was really difficult to get some seeds or something temporarily.
Fortunately, there was still garlic in the refrigerator that he didn’t know when he put it in, which could be used as a seed.


    Peeled the garlic into one clove, and planted ten 'seeds' on the soil.
To be honest, the area of ​​one square meter was definitely not small for garlic cloves, and it was not a problem to plant intensively and planted dozens of garlic cloves. 


    But when Su Yunxi was planting something on it, a secret feeling told him that the maximum limit for such a small thing was ten, and the things beyond ten couldn't be planted. 


    There were such magical things as the portable space, and something it showed, Su Yunxi accepted it very smoothly without any stumbling. 


    After planting the clove of garlics, Su Yunxi squatted aside to count.
The timer was no longer available, but the mouth could still be used.
One, two, three, four, and five count slowly at the speed of one second per second.
In about two minutes, the clove of garlics seeds started to grow became seedlings.


    Su Yunxi continued to count, and in about ten minutes, ten tender and green garlic seedlings had matured. 


    Speaking of it, Su Yunxi had always thought that garlic grew out of onions, but now he had answered the doubts in his heart after experimentation. 


    After a while, the garlic sprouts tended to be older.
Su Yunxi sacked all the garlic plants, and there were already round garlics underneath. 


    someone planted a clove of garlic in the fall, and harvested a bit of bitterness in the coming year.
he was much better than the farmer's uncle.
He planted a clove of garlic ten minutes ago, and after ten minutes he harvested not only a handful of garlic seedlings but a round of garlic. 


    Anyway, he was idle today, Su Yunxi sat down on the ground and began to work hard to grow garlics.
By the time he yawned and tears came out, there were already more than 30 catties of garlic sprouts and a lot of garlics on the ground beside him.


    After all, he hadn't slept for a long time, and he was still a mortal child.
Su Yunxi had tried some spiritual power for planting.
The facts had proved that he didn't have the legendary spiritual power. 


    Covered your face. 


    After harvesting another batch, the instructions appeared again in his mind.
The square of land where only ten seeds could be planted before could already be planted with fifteen seeds after upgrading the fertile land. 


    ? ? ? The so-called upgrade the fertile land, was it to constantly improved the proficiency? 


    he couldn't do fertilization, hoeing and plowing, but he could use the proficiency! Su Yunxi's whole person was excited, was there anything more happier than this? 


    After the proficiency was brushed up, the planting yield of a single field would also increase.
At the end, you might be able to upgrade the adjacent soil to plantable fields, then continued to upgrade your proficiency, and then continued to cultivate. 


    Although he wasn't holding a mature script, he could use his own efforts to brush this initial script into the mature script of the future Niaoyuhuaxiang Liangtian Qianhe! 

(niǎo yǔ huā xiāng = lit.
birdsong and fragrant flowers (idiom); fig.
the intoxication of a beautiful spring day, liáng tián = good agricultural land fertile land, qiān hé = amiable)


    Thinking of this, the excited Su Yunxi decided to take a walk around the field to move his muscles and bones.
He had been brushing proficiency while sitting on the ground for more than an hour.
Even if he sat on the floor, his back pained and legs cramped. 


    While walking, Su Yunxi looked for it earnestly.
In the novel, the thing in the space that outsiders admired the most was the shortened growth cycle of crops that against the sky, but in Su Yunxi's view, the most important thing was actually the Lingquan.

(Lingquan = the spiritual spring)


    The thing that Yu Bai didn't say even if he was coaxed by Yu Jieyi's family of three at the beginning, the author just said that the thing could relieve fatigue and improved physical fitness after long-term use, and nothing else. 


    But as a reader, a novel with a brain of 300,000 words could make up for 3 million readers of the same humanities, Su Yunxi felt that the role of Lingquan was definitely more than that.
You must know that the protagonist in the novel was Yu Jieyi and his man, and the golden fingers that the author gave to those two people were even S-level potential. 


    And Yu Bai, the villain, for the sake of sustainable development, so he could be abused for a longer time and also gave him A-level potential.
As a result, he died due to 'major force' at the end, other time Yu Bai was all alone suppressing Yu Jieyi's pair of dog men. 


    Yu Jieyi was a healer, his man was a fire attribute, and Yu Bai was a thunder attribute.
Su Yunxi felt that it was unlikely to be suppressed by attributes. 


    After all, when two players were playing against each other, one of them with a nanny and the other without it was very awkward and unfair.
As a result, two S-potential people were still pressed and beaten by an A-level potential person, and the problem was very big.

(nanny = healer)


    Yu Bai was very strong, but the two on the opposite side were not weak.
Beside, it was the existence of the cheat by the author.
Su Yunxi wouldn't believe it if there was no other reason. 


    When the combination of various possibilities had no result, then only the most unlikely possibility remained.
The strength of the two parties and the external power they obtained were almost the same, the only difference was that Yu Bai had Lingquan and Yu Jieyi didn't. 


    Under such circumstances, Su Yunxi suspected that Lingquan had other effects, which was normal, wasn't it? 


    After all, a novel was a novel, and what the author hadn't written could be regarded as a non-existent.
But where he was now was the real world of the novel.
In this real world, many things that were not written in novels were automatically completed. 


    After all, this was a real world. 


    Oh, by the way, he forgot to say it.
Yu Jieyi's man was Huangfu Aotian, a name that was worthy of his domineering president status.

(aotian = the proud of the sky)




    Su Yunxi slowly measured the entire space step by step, and after walking for nearly an hour, he finally found traces of the suspected Lingquan on the 'boundary'. 


    It was a small grass, a small grass of indistinguishable variety.
Two long leaves on the branches no more than ten centimeters.
In the middle of the two leaves, there was a very small drop of dew. 


    There was nothing in common with the legendary Lingquan, but this was the only native green and liquid that Su Yunxi found after searching the entire space. 


    The roots of the grass were still a bit moist, and it should wet because of the last drop of the dew that just dropped.


    Lingquan was too important, and it was the key to whether Yu Bai could squeeze Yu Jieyi and Huangfu Aotian in the future, Su Yunxi didn't dare to despise it at all. 


    Dew like this was really hard to collect.
Su Yunxi went out again and found a nice glass in the house.
In fact, it just the kind of transparent 20 cm tall glass that you usually used to drink water. 


    But Su Yunxi just thought this kind of glass looked good.


    When he went out, Su Yunxi also glanced at the time by the way.
He had been tossing inside for almost three hours, and only three minutes had passed outside. 


    Su Yunxi held the cup and gently shook the two leaves, but the dew in the middle didn't fall down.
After thinking about it, he tried to get it out with a straw, but he didn't succeed.
In the end, he even wanted to just drink it with a straw and tried to see if it was really Lingquan, but unfortunately it didn't work. 


    Before the dew reached its dripping state, it was in an invincible form, and Su Yunxi couldn't get it out no matter what methods he used. 


    As for directly cutting the grass and uprooting it, Su Yunxi was not crazy yet, so naturally he didn't dare to do that. 


    In desperation, he could only carefully connect the cup to the bottom of the leaves, which was where the ground was wet.
If it dropped, it should drop into the cup.


    The beautiful space became this horrible look now, and it was not impossible that the once lingquan became the dew or something. 


    Su Yunxi was immersed in the endless career of planting garlic and brushing his proficiency after being thoroughly energetic by this suspected Lingquan thing. 


    Time and time again, Su Yunxi didn't know how long he had been brushing, only that the garlics piled up next to him could be loaded with a tricycle, and there were a few sacks of garlics. 


    After careful calculation, the soil could be upgraded in a small amount every 100 times, and the number of plants planted after this small upgrade was five more.
There may also be a calculation result on the dew side, one drop per hour, one drop into the glass, and one drop was almost invisible if you didn't look at it carefully. 


    Fortunately, everything was developing for the better, so Su Yunxi could finally see hope. 


    Made garlic from clove of garlics and planted it in the soil.
When he really couldn't hold it, Su Yunxi lay down and fell asleep.
When he got a little bit more energy, he got up again to continue planting.
Wake up to work, tired then slept.
Not knowing how much time passed, Su Yunxi felt that his consciousness was about to blur.
The work of the hands had been based solely on the conditioned reflex that had been exercised during this period of time, not on the heart. 


    When that piece of soil could be planted twenty-five at a time and it was fully brushed by Su Yunxi a hundred times, there was like a white mist floating in front of him.


    Su Yunxi looked at the soil blankly, the soil had changed from yellowish brown to red.
The instructions in the dark also appeared again, just instructing Su Yunxi to grow fruits. 


    Well, the garlic before it belonged to the category of vegetables in the 'instructions for use'. 


    Su Yunxi couldn't hold on to it completely, and his thoughts turned out of the space.
After waiting for it, the first reaction was to look at the timer on the bedside, which showed that more than four thousand seconds had passed. 


    More than four thousand seconds, rounded to the nearest 67 minutes.
67 minutes was equal to 67 hours in the space, and it was almost three days! 


    No wonder he was so tired.
After two consecutive nights, he stayed up for three days.
Even the iron man should feel tired! 


    Su Yunxi entered the bathroom in a daze, originally wanted to put hot water in the bathub for a good soak before going to bed.
After seeing the bathtub, he felt that sleeping outside was a waste of time. 


    he found the wooden bathtub he bought for fun in the warehouse, filled it with hot water, and put it in the space.
People followed into the space, and then he took off his clothes and got ready to take a bath. 


    Then, his eyes were attracted by the glass not far away.
his eyes remained at the water on the glass whether the dew was a Lingquan or not.
The instructions for use of the space didn't say anything about that thing, but Su Yunxi perceived that the thing was harmless. 


    If he was more cautious, he should actually get some samples and go to the laboratory to test something.
But Su Yunxi just felt that time was pressing and he didn't want anyone to know the existence of Lingquan. 


    Well, except for Yu Bai. 


    Su Yunxi was just a small intern in the hospital.
His parents were bigwigs in scientific research but not management.
So if he insisted that he had any backstage in this hospital, there was no such a thing. 


    The difficulty of borrowing the laboratory was one, and the difficulty of using the equipment by himself was nine. 


    As a nurse, he hadn't learned any laboratory knowledge at all, okay? As for asking others to help with the test, wasn't it just telling the world that he had something terrible?


    After thinking about it, Su Yunxi decided to take a risk for the male god!

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