In the storage room on the first floor, Su Yunxi and Yu Bai stood at both ends of the room.
Su Yunxi stood at the innermost place against the wall, and Yu Bai seemed to stand with his back against the door and his arms around his chest inadvertently. 


    Su Yunxi was willing to go all out, telling everything about Yu Bai in the novel and in the memory of the original owner.
In the process of telling, Su Yunxi discovered that as long as he wanted to talk about the world process or about a major turning point, he would feel he was choked, as if his throat was pinched, so he couldn't say anything. 


    But if you only talked about Yu Bai, even the miserable and detailed fragments of Yu Bai being abused could be clearly expressed. 


    Su Yunxi was very suspicious that the world's will of this world still couldn't give up to abuse Yu Bai. 


    When talking about certain things, Su Yunxi felt choked and couldn't say anything, Yu Bai also looked in his eyes, and even reached out and pressed Su Yunxi's throat to check if he did it on purpose. 


    Yu Bai didn't say what the result of the examination was, but from the slightly narrowed eyes and the increasingly cold expression, it could be seen that Yu Bai was not indifferent. 


    Speaking for ten minutes in one breath, speaking faster than Hua Shao .
After speaking, Su Yunxi's throat was a little smokey.
“I know that you may not believe what I say now, but there is a very good way to prove it.
You should carry the Yupei that your mother left for you with you.
Now let's try to see if you can open the portable space.
It can prove whether what I said is true or not.” 


    Su Yunxi had a trace of anxiety in his eyes, and he persuaded Yu Bai sincerely.
The Yupei matter really needed to be resolved quickly.
Naturally, what kind of treasure was in the portable space couldn't be thrown directly.
However, it was absolutely impossible for the protagonist and others to discover the existence of Yupei like in the novel.


    As long as the protagonist and others didn't find out that Yu Bai had a personal space on him, then at least so many crimes in the early stage, he wouldn't have to suffer.
Even if those people later wanted to frame Yu Bai or something, they would naturally look for other excuses. 


    Without the 'Tang Monk Meat' of portable space, the protagonist's power for making excuses so that those people could find the yupei naturally decreased a lot.
Although in the novel, Yu Bai finally arrogantly overturned all those who were robbing things, and finally took control of a medium-sized base with millions of people in the military by relying on his own ability.

(Tang Monk from the journey to the west)


    But suffering was also a fact.
Su Yunxi couldn’t stop feeling distressed just thinking about it.
If he could make his cub, no, his male god suffered less sin, and it was okay to confess to the Lord in advance. 


    Yu Bai pulled out a black rope from the neckline, and a round jade pendant was indeed hung on the lower end of the rope.
He held the jade pendant in his hand and held it lightly with his fingertips, but there was no expression on his face.


    In fact, Yu Bai really believed a lot of what Su Yunxi said.
If he didn't know it, he would indeed go home as Su Yunxi said to save people. 


    Yu Jieyi's mother was Xiaosan, who killed his mother, and naturally he hated that woman.
Even the dad who couldn't control his belt, he was resentful.

(xiaosan = misstress aka the third party)


    But that kind of hatred was really not enough to make that man die.
After all, in his heart, there was still a little affection between father and son.
If the last days really broke out, he would indeed go back to save people. 


    There was also a metaphorical meaning…
He thought back about the kid who only reached his knee a dozen years ago, the kid who would happily call him brother even if he was cold. 


    Yu Bai always thought that he was too narrow-minded, not to tolerate an 'innocent' child.
But now… 


    heh, if everything Su Yunxi said was true, then it was really the mouse's son who would make the holes.
Sure enough, any rotten person could give birth to the rotten seeds! 


    Yu Bai forcefully pulled the Yupei off his neck.
There was a red mark on his dark skin.
One could imagine how hard he exerted his strength. 


    “How to recognize the Lord?” Yu Bai looked at Su Yunxi blankly. 


    Su Yunxi was so excited that he wanted to rub his hands, and it was the first step.
His little cute…cough cough, the male god could suffer less sin.
“According to what you said, blood on the tip of your tongue or blood on your fingertips will do.” 


    “Yeah.” With a cold word, Yu Bai raised his foot and reached out to draw a dagger from his army boots.
At the moment when Su Yunxi was about to witness this history, Yu Bai not only didn't shed his blood to recognize the Lord, but walked towards him with a dagger. 


    “Hey? Hey, hey? We are dead brothers, I won't…” Tell your secret… 


    Yu Bai grabbed Su Yunxi's wrist when Su Yunxi was so frightened that he was almost talking nonsense.
With a dagger, he cut open the fingertips of the five fingers of Su Yunxi's right hand.


    The palm of the hand was stiff, and bright red blood came out of the fingertips of all five fingers.
In Su Yunxi's startled gaze, Yu Bai directly pressed all the five fingers on the Yupei. 


    The next moment, Yupei flashed a light and disappeared.
The wound on Su Yunxi's finger healed quickly, and a beautiful pattern like a tattoo appeared on the back of his hand. 


    “…Ah…” With his mouth half open, he looked at Yu Bai blankly.
Su Yunxi raised his hand in a daze, and shook it in disbelief.
“Well, this is my hand, did you admit the wrong hand?” 


    “…” Yu Bai sneered coldly, and he showed a look of overlooking when he was only less than half the height of his head.
“I'm not that stupid.” 


    Such thing as acknowledging the wrong hand was also something that the other party could think of. 


    Su Yunxi was almost mad, holding his hair with both hands and wailing.
“Then what are you doing, this is the treasure your mother left for you.” 


    “Without this kind of thing, will I still not be able to live?” Yu Bai carelessly wiped off the blood stains on the dagger, The dagger was reinserted in the army boots. 


    Looking at the things on the back of Su Yunxi's hands, and then at Su Yunxi's expression, there was even a rare smile on his face.
“Didn't you say that we are dead brothers? I'll give you my mother's relic.” 


    Yu Bai really didn't care about the portable space.
After all, for him, his own strength was more reliable.
If this Su Yunxi was telling the truth, then this kind of thing that was good in the eyes of others was a troublesome thing in his opinion, and there was nothing wrong with giving it to a good brother. 


    If this Su Yunxi was telling lies, let the other party recognized the master directly, and any side effects would also be on the other party. 


    After all, Yu Bai still resented in his heart.
Yu Jieyi's family wanted this thing so much, so he would just give it away and never gave it to them. 


    Su Yunxi wiped his face fiercely, what else could he say when looking at the pattern on the back of his hand slowly fading? “Okay, you just have to be happy.”


    Anyway, he had made up his mind to follow this person, and the benefits of the portable space would naturally be used for Yu Bai.
The big deal was that he treated himself as Yu Bai's gardener. 


    Learning the methods taught in the novel, Su Yunxi grabbed Yu Bai's hand.
“In order to prove that I didn't lie to others , I'll take you in and have a look.” Yu Bai wanted to refuse, and Su Yunxi thought that two people had already entered the space.
Yu Bai also swallowed the rejection that he was about to say, only looking at Su Yunxi with a deep gaze. 


    Su Yunxi stared at everything in front of him with wide eyes, and rubbed his face fiercely again.
But everything in front of him still hadn't changed in the slightest.
Su Yunxi squatted silently, burying his head in his knees with both hands. 


    “Isn't it said that there is a thousand hectares of flowers?” Yu Bai's tone was full of smiles. 


    What a thousand hectares of birds and flowers, that was a lie to ghosts.
The space in front of them was not too small, but it didn't exceed ten acres of land. 


    There was no such thing as the fragrance of birds and flowers, the gray sky and the lifeless space, the endless brown and the gravel-like ground under the feet.
A little bit ahead, there was a square piece of land that seemed to be able to grow things, with an area of ​​no more than one square meter. 


    Yu Bai chuckled and looked at his watch.
The watch stopped moving immediately after entering this space, and Yu Bai's gaze became a little deeper, but the relaxed tone didn't change. 


    “Okay, take me out first.
My mission hasn't been completed yet, and the team should have searched me.” 


    “Oh.” Su Yunxi lowered his head, and Yu Bai suspected that he had heard a little cry just now.
But before he took a closer look, Su Yunxi had grabbed him and swayed out of that weird space. 


    After entering the space, Yu Bai's originally guarded expression also relaxed a little.
He glanced at Su Yunxi with his head down, and unconsciously even wanted to reach out and rubbed the opponent's listless head.


    “Captain, something has been discovered.” Before Yu Bai could do anything, other people's voices could be heard over there.
After changing to the working status in one second, Yu Bai patted Su Yunxi on the shoulder, and then quickly rushed to the spot where they found something. 


    Su Yunxi didn't keep up because he couldn't keep up.
The masked special soldier who didn't know where he came from took him away directly. 


    The next thing was not something Su Yunxi could inquire about even if he wanted to.
The Bailou was sealed for one night, and everything returned to normal in the daytime the next day.
However, Yu Bai was gone. 


    Su Yunxi was crazy, he knew that the man was Yu Bai, and he was now the captain of a special forces team.
He didn't even have his contact, how could he get in touch? 


    After three hours of madness, life was still going on.
After the outbreak of the last day, their hospital was regarded as a place that the military focused on.
As long as he grasped the opportunity, he could still see the little cutie in advance…cough cough, male god. 


    The original owner had a father and a mother here, but Su Yunxi didn't intend to bother.
At this point in time, the couple were studying some secret medicine in a secret laboratory in the military.
If they didn't bother themselves, they would be well protected by the military according to the process of the previous life.
Not only they were not infected, they were brought directly to the safe zone. 


    Therefore, Su Yunxi shouldn't do this kind of interruption that might have an effect. 


    Before crossing over, Su Yunxi stayed up all night reading novels, and after coming over, he went directly to a 'night shift'.
When he got off work the next day, he felt dizzy and weak.
But even so, Su Yunxi dragged on for nearly two hours before leaving the hospital. 


    Sneakingly went to the Bailou to investigate, and found no clues.
Wandering at the nurse station for a while, except for being greeted with a fan fist by a few young nurses who were on duty together last night, he didn't get any valuable news. 


    In desperation, he had to go back to the dormitory first.
His parents were old employees of the hospital, or the kind of senior-level researcher, so the Su family naturally had an assigned house on the hospital side.


    A house with three bedrooms, one living room, one kitchen, two bathrooms, and a large balcony was definitely considered preferential treatment twenty years ago.
After returning home, Su Yunxi locked the door directly into his room, still unwilling to lie on the bed. 


    The portable space described in the novel was a thousand hectares of flowers, fragrant fields, rich in yield, and fresh air.
How could you changed so much when you get it here. 


    Su Yunxi didn't enter the space directly physically, but tried to enter with spirit.
In the description of the novel, the portable space could be manipulated with mental power.
Otherwise, Yu Bai could plant thousands of hectares of fertile land without any planting tools.
Wouldn't the flesh for planting be exhausted? 


    After trying a few times, he found the trick, and the spiritual power could indeed enter.
However, Su Yunxi was just an ordinary person after all, and his mental power was not much higher.
After only entering for a while, he feel tired. 


    In no way, he still chose the most basic operation-the whole person enters.

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