Those things that were once regarded as energy by the research institute now had been renamed as viruses.
The kind of thing that didn't exist in the earth's virus database, the result was very similar to the zombie virus in the film and television drama. 


    A living person was infected, and it took almost three days or more of close contact.
As for whether living people at long distances would be infected, it was currently under study. 


    However, the virus had a very fast rate of lesions on the corpse, basically it could cause lesions on the corpse in six hours.
In Gancheng where the No.
3 meteorite fell, a small number of corpses had already mutated. 


    Fortunately, the military responded in a timely manner, and everything was still under control. 


    The people in Yu Bai's team used the newly developed induction device to walk around the hospital.
The concentration of black energy here was not large, and it was almost the same as the air content outside.


    Under this concentration, there shouldn't be any variation for the time being.
However, Yu Bai strived for the best in doing things, so even if he had already asked the hospital management staff, he still wanted to ask a few more ordinary medical staff. 


    After all, these people may be people who were in closer contact with those who were sick. 


    The strange performance, the five words pulled Su Yunxi back from the nympho.
After immersed in the beauty of the other party, almost forgetting that this world was an apocalyptic novel. 


    Su Yunxi didn't find the button to 'return' to his original world.
Before no one knew whether he could return to the world before, life-saving was naturally the first place. 


    In the novel, the beginning of the end of the world was written like this-one day in May, a terrible thing happened suddenly in Haicheng. 


    The description in the back represented the apocalyptic eruption, the preceding sentence, one day in May, now made Su Yunxi scratched his head.
A sentence in the novel, but in reality this May had 31 days. 


    Although the 1st and 31st could be ruled out according to reason, there were still twenty-nine days at a dangerous time point. 


    Su Yunxi quickly glanced sideways at the electronic clock on the wall, and the time on it happened to skip 59 to 00.
The display of the date had also jumped to May 1st. 


    With a heartbeat, Su Yunxi almost didn't breathe nervously. 


    Damn, fortunately it was 'one'.
If it jumped to two, three, four, five, six, and onether day, Su Yunxi felt that he might be able to have heart attack. 


    “Well, if it's special, it really does.” Su Yunxi turned around and changed it.
The expression in Yu Bai's eyes became sharp in an instant, and even the few nurses who were only responsible for shouting handsome and handsome next to him were taken aback. 


    Although the dean's explanation tried to tell the truth as much as possible, he also expressed tactfully that he should not say it.
Su, this was…


    Su Yunxi's brain was rotating at a speed of 180 at this moment, and the overloaded operation was fast, combining the novel he saw last night and the memory of the original owner five years ago to find a breakthrough.


    When the Haicheng crisis broke out one day in May, the hospital where Su Yunxi was located was the top priority.
Fortunately, at that time, Su Yunxi escaped since he was not in the hospital because of vacation.
Yu Bai represented the special operations team.
If Yu Bai didn't find anything and left today, then he wouldn't see this person again before the end of the world broke out. 


    It didn't matter whether you see the male god or not (a deceit), Su Yunxi mainly cared about the hundreds of people in the hospital. 


    “A patient came to the emergency room before, and he lifted the table in the consulting room when he was in his fifties.
And he had a knife in his thigh, but he seemed to feel no pain at all.
His face was pale.
The corners of the eyes and the mouth were a little drooling.
At that time, the four security guards were called to control the person.” 


    Su Yunxi frowned slightly as if she was reminiscing, but he also felt lingering when he said it.
The little nurses were even more weird, after all, the patient was not hospitalized and treated the wound for a while and left. 


    On the contrary, Yu Bai's eyes became deeper.
“Which ward is that person?” 


    “No, he left on the spot without being hospitalized.” Su Yunxi's brain was running fast, and he felt that his heartbeat had accelerated a little.
“In fact, not only that person is weird, but there are also some patients who are in the white building.
The situation is very weird.”


The young nurses stared and didn't dare to speak anymore.
A young nurse who wanted to come forward and pulled Su Yunxi's clothes, after taking a look at Yu Bai who stood there in horror. 


    What Su Yunxi said was definitely not nonsense, the whole world was already very dangerous at this point in the world view.
But on a practical level, even people in the coalition government were now mostly precautionary, but they didn't expect it to be so serious that they would destroy the world. 


    For things that those insiders in the coalition government didn't expect, the dean of the hospital where Su Yunxi was located naturally couldn't realize the seriousness of the matter.
Therefore, the orders issued by the hospital's management at this time also carry a little negative sense of cooperation. 


    No one was to blame, everyone naturally had to think about the black hat on their head before the end of the world.


    “To be honest, there are only some patients who live in Bailou.
As a result, since two days ago, the physical condition of the patients there are getting better and better.
Within two days, even a few people who just arrived will be discharged from the hospital not long after”


The young nurses were already pale, looking at Su Yunxi's back, wishing to rush to take a bite.
Su Yunxi, this idiot, didn't want this job anymore. 


    Yu Bai's expression became more serious, and he nodded slightly and turned sideways.
“Please lead the way.”

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