some first aid methods for treating illnesses and saving people.
The intern doctor basically wouldn't let to go to see a patient.
According to the memory of the original owner, it wouldn't be long before you enter the last days, and naturally there would be no chance to show conventional medical methods. 


    The original owner didn't have the awakening ability at the beginning of the last days, but the original owner had a pair of very good parents, who were strong in the field of medicine.
Under the protection of his parents, it was considered to have survived well.


    Two years after the end of the world, the original owner awakened the healing power, but unfortunately because the original owner's parents were not at ease at the beginning, and the original owner himself was a little timid, he didn't go to the battlefield so he upgraded the power very slowly.
In this world, all abilities except for adventures and explosions could only be upgraded with real proficiency.
Like healing abilities, you needed to help people to get the proficiency upgrade.
Two years after the end of the world, people would have thick skin.
Naturally, there was no way to find a doctor if they had a little broken skin.
The ability of a person with healing system could only heal a little broken skin at the very beginning.
It was said that life and death would be in the late stage.
If you had not upgraded your level, those were just distant dreams. 


    The turning point of the matter was in the third year when the original owner accidentally separated from his teammates and almost died in the hands of zombies.
It was Yu Bai who happened to pass by and rescued him. 


    At that time, Yu Bai still had some teammates injured and needed treatment.
But the original owner was just a junior healer who couldn't treat those people who were bitten by third-level zombies.
In the end, he could only watch those people got shoot and died.
People who was bitten by zombies could only chose to die with headshot if they couldn't be completely cured, or they would become zombies after they died. 


    That was the first time the original owner felt his incompetence and regret, so the original owner worked hard for the next two years and finally became the first healer of the base in the fifth year.


    In that year, the base had a mission to catch the traitor, with Yu Bai and others.
It was originally a slightly difficult escort mission, so only ten people were dispatched. 


    And those who wanted Yu Bai to die, not only directly dispatched more than a hundred high-level powerhouses, but also attracted three zombie kings in the end. 


    Originally, Yu Bai would definitely be able to run away by himself, but in order to create escape opportunities for other teammates and the original owner, he insisted on fighting to the end.
The most important thing was that they encountered a small safe base on their way to escape.
There were less than a thousand people in the base, but that was also human life. 


    Yu Bai, who had already been cut off, couldn't run away in advance. 


    The final result was that the original owner who wanted to repay his gratitude died with Yu Bai.


    The last days, supernatural powers, a strong man named Yu Bai.
Combined with some other memories of the original owner, what else could Su Yunxi fail to understand? He not only transmigrated, but also transmigrated into a book.
Not only a simple book, but the book that made him wanted to talk to the author in the end. 


    Su Yunxi no longer knew what expression to use to face the current situation.
The author just gave himself permission to write article to pet Yu Bai. 


    God sent himself directly to the world where Yu Bai was.
Was this to let himself fulfill his promise to spoil others? 


    He made a joke in his heart to adjust his mood, feeling that his arm was poked twice, Su Yunxi looked over naturally. 


    Memorization seemed to be fast, and it took only two or three seconds to say so much.
A few young nurses looked at the direction of the stairs with excitement, and someone pointed Su Yunxi at the stairs. 


    “Yunxi, take a look, they are so handsome!” 


    Su Yunxi heard the low screaming voice of the little nurses while turning his head to look and twitched the corner of his mouth.
Seeing that the original owner could be like little sisters with this group of little nurses.
It wasn't difficult to find that the original owner's sexuality should be the same as him. 


    Everyone was tacitly aware of the sexuality of a 27-year-old man who liked to read danmei essays on weekdays and who could make good sisters with the women around him. 


    Su Yunxi sighed with laughter in his heart, and he looked up and saw the person at the top of the stairs.
With the memory of the original owner, many things became clear.
Su Yunxi and the others were now on the third floor of the inpatient department. 


    At two o'clock in the middle of the night, the third floor, which was not fully occupied, was even more quiet.
Therefore, the sound of those people stepping on the ground with their army boots on the stairs was exceptionally clear. 


    Su Yunxi raised his head and looked in that direction, just to meet the person who looked up at the front.
At a glance, Su Yunxi couldn't help raising his hand to press his heart. 


    At this moment, Su Yunxi, who was single for twenty-seven years, felt that he was in love, although it was one-sided.


    This man has grown into his favorite look! 


    Really handsome!


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