Chapter 1




    “Little Wife in the Last Days” was an eschatological essay on the subject of the last days.
The little wife in the article referred to the protagonist in the article, a petite wife who had been labelled as cute by the author. 


    Even Su Yunxi was a one-meter-eighty master, but he really liked to read sweet pet story.
Like the little wife of the overbearing president, the pretty princess of the general, he would read it as long as it was a sweet pet. 


    The reality was already so hard, and he could eat some candy while reading, life was not too hard. 


    So when he first saw the title, Su Yunxi pressed the confirm button and directly purchased the full text and stayed up all night with his mobile phone in the bed in the middle of the night.
The literal description of Xiao Shou had a petite height of 1.6 meters among men, with red lips and white teeth, as cute as a doll.
Gong was naturally an overbearing president with a height of 188, long legs, strong waist and beautiful appearance. 


    At the beginning, Su Yunxi's mouth was slightly raised.
Although the protagonist's shou was a little different from what he thought was cute, with some pretentiousness, but the relationship with the protagonist gong was indeed staged according to the overbearing president's script. 


    Although some plots were a bit old-fashioned, as long as it was a sweet pet, even the old-fashioned plot Su Yunxi felt that he could read it. 


    Su Yunxi's tolerance for sweet pet texts was infinite, not to mention the strong and weak pairing of this standard template, he could accept it.
However, there was still a certain degree of rejection for the weak and strong option. 


    After all, as a twenty-seven adult single dog, he still hoped to have fun in the novel for certain unallowed pornographic/violent thoughts in reality. 


    Weak and strong were not addictive at all. 


    Taking a sip of water, Su Yunxi took advantage of the holiday in the next day to stay up all night and read the novel.


    The full text of 300,000 words was actually not too much, otherwise Su Yunxi wouldn't have read it all in one night.
For the protagonist at the front of the novel, the author directly wrote fifty to sixty thousand characters about when they got along with each other, and the squishy little love could be regarded as a sweet little love.
What little cute strayed into the bar and fated to meet the protagonist gong, the hero saved the beauty, what happened to love at the corner, what accidentally bumped into each other in the run, and then accidentally came to a sweet kiss? Su Yunxi who watched unconsciously revealed aunt's laughter. 


    But after all, the name of the text carried the words [The Last Days], so after fifty or sixty thousand characters, the zombie virus outbreak were rampant. 


    As a cool text with 300,000 words advertised as an upgrade stream, the upgrade was definitely necessary.
Things like cheats were naturally and also the indispensable villains. 


    At first, Su Yunxi felt that everything was quite normal.
After all, without this routine, the advancing plot without a villain would be a bit exaggerated, just to talk about love in 300,000 words. 


    Then, at the more than 70,000 words, the only villain in the text appeared. 


    Then, Su Yunxi realized that he seemed to have a rebellious intention. 


    Originally rushed to the little cutie and his overbearing president, but finally fell in love with the villain.
The novel author's writing style was still very good, and the main characters were written in flesh and blood. 


    Then, because of the author's good writing, Su Yunxi began to wonder if there was something wrong with his three views. 


    Under normal circumstances, reading novels, watching TV series, movies, etc., it was not strange to like villains.
After all, with the rampant of villain, the popular phrase on the market was-don't be afraid of the villain being bad, but afraid that the villain will be too handsome. 


    So liking a vicious and bad-hearted villain was nothing surprising.
What surprised Su Yunxi was that he seemed to have some misunderstanding of the word 'villain'.
In this eschatological novel, the only villain was called Yu Bai.
At the age of twenty-eight, he was tall, mighty, looked upright and handsome.
Why used such a strange adjective, because he was a special soldier.
In his handsome appearance, he brought the exclusive integrity and mighty attributes of the soldier brother.


    Before the outbreak of the virus, it was the kind of existence that was born and died for the country and for the people.
After the outbreak of virus, he also served as the country's sharp edge to complete various tasks to improve the survival rate of human beings and cleaned up what had been lost. 


    As a villain, he naturally had to deal with all kinds of problems with the protagonist.
In the text, the main contradiction between Yu Bai and the protagonist was – Yu jieyi referred to the child that Yu Bai's father had for cheated when Yu Bai's mother was pregnant with the second child.
The pregnant wife was Yu Bai's mother, who was finally killed one body and two lives, and the xiaosan (aka mistress) was taken into the door of Yu's house by the  Yu's father.


When he saw this, Su Yunxi was already full of small question marks.
Did the author greatly reversed the identities of the two people?


In fact, Yu Bai should be the child of Xiaosan?


A Xiaosan who was still the kind of Xiaosan who took the initiative to find things and eventually killed other people's mothers, if not, what was the reason to hate Yu Bai?


As a person who thought that his three views (the fundamental views or values of a person) were in jeopardy, in order to see the three-person group so that he could well accept it, Su Yunxi began to wonder if there was something wrong with his three Views at this moment.


The author's writing style was really good, and it made everyone felt it was written with flesh and blood.
What's more, Su Yunxi was also the person who bought the full text directly with the money, so naturally he just finished reading it directly.


After reading it, Su Yunxi was no longer had a small question mark but a big question mark.


After all, the strange identity background that explained could also be explained by the reason that the child was an innocent protagonist without knowing the truth.
He could even pretend that he was a white lotus ignorant of his conscience, saying that his father and Xiaosan were true love, and Yu Bai's mother used to force others to break up.


Unfortunately, no.
The author almost gave all those backgrounds in one stroke, and he explained many things very clearly.
For example, Yu Bai's mother was the wife who Yu Bai's father asked to marry and he only met with xiaosan when Yu Bai was about four or five years old.


What was even more bizarre was the full text that followed.
The stepmother even taugh the protagonist to hate Yu Bai.
So the protagonist was not pleasing to the villain.


    Yu Bai's mother used to be the daughter of a wealthy family, and even if she died, she left a lot of money for Yu Bai.
Then, Yu Jieyi felt that the money should belong to him? 


    How did this come to this conclusion?


    In the novel, Yu Jieyi was five years younger than Yu Bai.
By the time Yu Jieyi was in his third year of high school, Yu Bai had already entered the military secret force to defend his home and country.
Then Yu Jieyi felt that he should get a place for a national defense student, and the country should allocate it to him?


    At this point, Su Yunxi was no longer full of question marks, but the whole person was not good.
The children of other martyrs only add 20 points to the college entrance examination, and there  were still many people who thought it was unfair. 


    They could even be regarded as someone who killed someone else mother and an enemy.
Why did you think you could enjoy the benefits that Yu Bai had obtained through desperate death? wasn't it excessive? 


    The matter was not finished here.
Although it was a love brain, it was the protagonist after all.
The author must have given a certain amount of gold finger, and his academic performance since childhood was still good. 


    However, it was not difficult to see from the three characters 'Little Jiao Wife' in the name that the protagonist was a delicate and easily overwhelming physique.
In Danmei essays, there was nothing wrong with this. 

(jiao = pampered, delicate, lovable)


    But if this kind of person insisted on taking the national defense candidate, the problem was a bit big. 


    Fortunately, the background situation in the article was still realistic, and the protagonist was naturally not admitted because he had failed the physical fitness test.
Then, Yu Jieyi hated Yu Bai even more. 


    Because from Yu Jieyi's point of view, how could he, such a good person failed to pass the exam.
It must be Yu Bai's jealousy that made him fell from the list! 


    How did you get this conclusion? Yu Bai was not a recruit, where did the energy come from to influence the national college entrance examination? 


    The protagonist became an art specialty student after he wasn't admitted to the national defense student.
This turning point was also confusing.
After all, the previous preparation was able to pass the Qinghua Daxue's grades, and you ended up becoming an art specialty student.
Was it pregnancy? 

(Qinghua Daxue = university in Beijing)


    The author's brain circuit was not what most people could imagine.


    The main reason was that the author used a semi-flashback writing technique.
At the beginning, it was a sweet love.
With the promotion of the plot, it was about to enter the last days before explaining some background. 


    Then these backgrounds caused Su Yunxi's dizziness and began to doubt life.
It was not until he read the complete article that Su Yunxi knew that he was still too young. 


    In the next 200,000 words, the author used her excellent writing style to create a pitiful full text—Yu Bai, a kind of blood and flesh, extremely miserable. 


    His mother was killed by his father and Xiaosan, and his father still treated him violently since he was young.
He (YB) didn't say anything else, because he was born and died for the country and the people, but all the glorious reputations were enjoyed by the little three family. 


    When it was turned into a ghost in the later stage, Xiaosan's family jumped out again to “motivate one's relatives” and smashed a wave of favorability through the crusade against Yu Bai.
The adventures he experienced and the things he found were all directly and indirectly made the wedding dresses for protagonist gong and shou.


    The belief that Su Yunxi had been holding on to continue reading was to wait for Yu Bai to become black.
After all, you were the villain.
If you didn't become black,  it was a sorry thing, sorry for human beings, society sorry for the world. 


    Then Su Yunxi saw that in the end Yu Bai was born and died to save people.


    Knowing that the more than 300,000 word were over, Yu Bai, as the villain in the article, would definitely burp his breath to death.
So in the finale, Yu Bai with the crystal core, he died with several zombie kings for the survival of mankind. 


    Su Yunxi turned the e-book back more than a dozen times with his mobile phone, and had to admit that this was the end just because he couldn't read it more.
He got up from the bed blankly and turned on the computer, trying to find some extra evidence in the web version. 


    As a result, the web version was also the end. 


    Su Yunxi's whole person was in chaos, what about the good villain, what about the bad guy? You loved the other party so diligently, loved the country and the people, protected your home and the country, regardless of your own self-righteousness, and ultimately, the result was giving up your life for the hope of all mankind? 


    Su Yunxi almost didn't recognize the two words [Villain].
Shouldn't the meaning of the two words villain meant that the morality was degenerate, the three views were not upright, the conscience was lost, and there was no humanity? 


He opened Du Niang (aka Baidu) and searched the definition of villain, “refers to those who are opposed to the positive characters, the representatives of evil images, or incompatible with the protagonist in the story”. 


    Seeing the last sentence, Su Yunxi felt like he had realized something, “I'm falling, so the so-called villain just because it doesn't deal with the protagonist, he has a reputation as a villain?”.

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