e of.


  – Click!


  He clicked his fingers and created a pop of air which opened the documents that were installed on the board.


He added Condensed Aura into his fingers right? Did you see that, Mr.


  “I did.”


  Professor Fermack was popular among the students for showing such attention-grabbing tricks. 


Have a look at this paper.”


  The papers he prepared had large drawings of human figures and appeared like they were explaining certain moves one by one.
They were diagrams that you would find from martial art books related to knights and weaponry. 








  The movements on the papers were showing a set of spear moves.


  Several elementary spearmanship postures ranging from middle guard to high guard, advancing, walking, strafes and lunges were expressed in detail.
Considering how I had immersed myself into basic spearmanship like crazy before learning Six Ways of the Spear, they were a set of moves that I knew off by heart.


  ‘But why? Wasn’t it boxing in the last iteration?’


  Fermack Daman was someone who fought with bare fists.
He was a boxer known for controlling the gap, his dashes as well as his unique use of shadows.
He was a famous Grade 1 Knight from the Berkut Academy of the North with Rune Magic installed in his gauntlets. 


  He was also known for changing the bare-handed fight curriculum of the army, which was why he picked boxing in the last iteration but…


  ‘Is it because of me?’


  Did he notice something from the spearmanship I showed against Lunia Arden during the interim exam? In a way, I guess you could say Fermack Daman and I were the nephew and an uncle of a martial family.


  It was normal for him to be in doubt after seeing my spearmanship – not that it mattered though.


  “Why is it spear out of everything? No offense but don’t we have more students that are learning the sword?” 


  Fermack replied to the question raised by one of the students.


  “There are a bunch of other people that learn swords.”




  “Weapons each have their own profound secrets.
If you don’t know the secrets of these other weapons, you’re bound to lose in an interpersonal battle.”


  ‘Sword wrestling’ was a prime example.
This was something that was easily misunderstood, but the victor of a close combat fight with swords pushing against one another was not decided by pure strength.


  In fact, it was commonplace for those that overly trusted in their strength to allow a strike to their vitals instead.


  As one of the prime examples, in a sword wrestle, the victor could be decided in less than 0.5 seconds with one of them losing their heads.


  The only way to combat these techniques was to practice without an end. 


  “You’ll have plenty of chances to see swords in the future but as for the weapons that are less mainstream like spears and fists, you will have less chances of seeing their skills.
For example… Student Korin?”




  In this lecture room of about 40 students, there were only six spear-users including myself.
And out of those 6 people, it was natural for me to be chosen as someone who was rising in fame despite being a Grade 5 Knight.

  After all, my stock price was breaking through the ceiling after the even fight against Sword Master Lunia Arden.


  “What do you think are the advantages of a spear?”


  “I would say it’s the ability to pressure the opponent from a distance, as well as the destructiveness of a long weapon.”


  “That is correct.
Why is that the case?”


  “Because it is usually held with two hands, and it is easy to add weight and leverage into the spear.”


It’s something you can also see by comparing weapons like greatswords and one-handed swords, but weapons always become more powerful the longer and heavier they are.” After saying that, Fermack pointed at one of the students who had their hand up.
“Student Ranan.
Do you have a question?”


  Ranan replied, “Sir! Isn’t the sword still the strongest!? There are a lot of people learning it as well!”


  His comment brought about a fierce retaliation.


  “You’re saying that again! Long weapons are the best, okay?”


  “Nope! Have you never heard of swords being the king of weapons? The sword’s definitely going to win in a close distance!”


  “How about you try closing in the distance then~?”


There was never a conclusion to this long debate.
Which weapon was the real king of them all? 


  It was an important issue to young students.
Actually, it was very important to adults as well.


Then as someone who showed a wonderful fight against Sword Master Lunia Arden, how about you tell us, Student Korin?”


  Why was he calling me again? The sharp gaze behind Professor Fermack’s sunglasses headed towards me.


  “What do you think is the strongest weapon?”


  I could probably give the reply of a model student but I didn’t feel the need to do so.
Fermack was probably trying to see through me but… there was no need to bother hiding it from this bastard. 


  “Of course, the spear is the best and I am the strongest.”




  “He’s picking a fight with us!”


  Haha. The jeers and irritated gazes of young and energetic students were all on me. 


  What are you going to do huh? Fight me?




  I could also sense Hua Ran’s gaze in the mix.
Umm… she’s not going to say something about this later is she?


  Uhh… not you, of course.




  Professor Fermack announced at the end of the lesson that the group assignment will be about explaining a basic spearmanship posture.


  “In this assignment, you will form groups to freely choose a spearmanship style, research into it and demonstrate one skill.”


Wouldn’t that make it way too good for the ones that already use a spear?”


  “I will take that into account for the evaluation, by either extra marks or increasing their evaluation threshold.
Each group will have 4 people and we will decide the groups by drawing lots.”


  Fermack placed on the desk a box with numbered papers inside, and made the students take them out one by one. 


  There were 40 freshmen students of the Knight Department inside the lecture room.
It was four in one group so that would make about 10 groups, and Korin and the other spear-users had already been divided into separate groups.


  “I’m in Group 3.
What’s yours, Korin?”


  “Group 3.”


  “Ohh, nice~.”


Korin is Group 3.”


  After listening to the conversation between Jaeger and Korin, Alicia walked towards the box of lots.
There was a 10% chance, and she hoped that the goddess of fate would be standing on her side.


  Going up to the front desk, she lined up behind Hua Ran in her chained nun clothes who had just finished picking a number.


  “Student Hua Ran.
What group are you in?” asked Professor Fermack.


  “Group 3.”


Korin Lork, Hua Ran and Jaeger Hinzpeter in Group 3.”


  ‘T, there’s only one left now!’


  Wouldn’t that lower the chance significantly? Alicia nervously threw her hand into the box of lots.


  ‘Group 3! Group 3! Group 3…!’


  She immediately took a paper out which read…


  “Alicia Arden.
Group 8.”




  The goddess of fate wasn’t standing on her side.
And immediately after that…


  “Dorron Warsky, Group 3.”




  Her lament reached the ears of Dorron who had just pulled his lot.
He looked back and forth between his paper and Alicia before giving her a seemingly gentle suggestion. 


  “Do you want to swap?”


  “C, can we please?!”


  “Well, it will be a slight loss for me, but it’s not like I can’t.”


Dorron… You were a nice person!”


  Alicia walked up to Dorron’s paper with sparkling eyes but Dorron retrieved it in the blink of an eye.




  “20 silver coins.”


  “A, are you charging money for that?!”


  “There’s nothing free in this world, Lady Arden.”


  “That’s too expensive!”


  “Well… if you think about the opportunity cost, I’d say I’m making a loss.”


  “What do you mean?”


  “What I mean, is that you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.”


  He cold-heartedly turned around so Alicia rapidly grabbed on the end of his clothes.
She was so fast that even the veteran mercenary Dorron could not react in time.


  “I, I will give you the money.”


  The purse of the poor girl opened with a shiver.


「Group Assignment, Group 3」

Hua Ran

Korin Lork

Alicia Arden

Jaeger Hinzpeter


  There was a bit of corruption and a secret negotiation but the members of the Group Assignment were thus decided.


  “The assignment will be due 2 weeks later during this lesson.
On the weekdays, you can study by borrowing some books from the library and you can practice at the training rooms or the festival hall.”


  With that, the lesson ended ahead of time for the groups to each discuss their plans.


  “First off.
Who should we choose for our group leader?”








  Korin’s words were like an own goal because the three of them all turned to him at the same time as if they had promised on it beforehand. 


  It was going just like every other group assignment of modern Earth.


Translator’s Note:


  Group assignments in Korea are infamous for having uncooperative members (it’s used like a meme at this point), and the group leader usually shoulders the blame if something goes wrong. 

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