e one I wanted.


  “Uhh… ‘Please find Navi’?”


  “It’s about finding a missing cat.”


  “Hmm… the reward is 40 silver coins, but isn’t it too unpredictable?”


  It was a mission with a difficult rank of Grade 5 that was about finding a missing cat.
There were 40 silver coins on the line which was higher than Alicia’s, but there was no way finding a cat who had been missing for 3 days would be an easy task.


  “It’s alright.
I’m very good at finding missing animals.”


  “Hmm… You gave me an amazing piece of information so I would love to help, but I’m really short of money so…”


  “Ah~ You don’t need to worry about it.”


  Leaving Alicia behind, I walked past the main entrance of the Academy as the security guard, Mr.
Will spoke to me.


  “A mission already? What a diligent young man.”


  “Thank you, Mr.

  “Nn? How did you know my…”


  “You have a name badge right there.”


  “Aha I see~.
Good luck on your mission, Student Korin.”


  Walking past Mr.
Will, I headed to the client’s house.


  “Knight Uncle.
Please find Navi! Please!”


  “…It’s oppa – oppa.
Anna? You can call me Knight-oppa.”


  “Knight Uncle! Good luck!!”


  “Hey Anna! I’m sorry Mr.
Knight, and thank you.
Please have this as a snack.”


  “A sandwich~! Thank you very much.”


  Although I heard a few things about Navi from the client, Anna, including Navi’s favorite streets, that was just an act of formality.


  I already knew where Navi was.


  The reason I picked this mission was because of my Precept. 


  The result of this quest leads Anna to misfortune.
It was a seemingly trivial misfortune compared to the ones of the main scenario, but it would be a shocking event for a child that was depressing enough to make her cry for 3 days and 3 nights straight.


  This was the chance to find out how exactly my Precept worked.




  The sewers which were barely ever visited by the maintainers of the city were filled with a disgusting odor and a dirty stream of water.


  “Navi~ Here’s some sausage for you~”


  The side quest, 「Please find Navi」 was a simple mission given to rookie knights and mages.
It appeared in the game as well, and was one with a fair bit of story.


  ‘It is possible to find the cat, but the problem is that it will already be dead by then.’


  According to the original story, 2 days after asking around the favorite streets of Navi, the player would finally discover that Navi had entered the sewers.


  “Navi~ Hurry up and come outside!”


  The only things you could find in the game were cat bones with everything else digested and a name badge… It was quite a horrible story.


  Why the hell was the quest so brutal even though the client was such a cute child? It was like a savage fairy tale.


  In any case, in the game, it was a quest that only left the player feeling uncomfortable due to the phrase that the dung including the bones were still warm, which meant that the cat was eaten recently but…






  It seemed that the cat really did adore the smell of vienna sausages.
It was remarkable how it managed to smell this in this damn sewer. 


Come here~”


  Even though it was too dark to see properly, I could see the dirty furs of the cat as well as a necklace and a name badge… It was perfect.


I won’t hurt you.
Come on~.
Here is your favorite sausage~”


  I didn’t know how to deal with cats, because I used to have a cat allergy back on Earth.






  Did it sense my killing intent? Navi turned away from the sausage and dashed into the sewers.


  “Where are you running! You damn little cat!!”


  I knew it! I quickly dashed after it.


  However, it was too dark to see what was a meter ahead in the sewers and the only things I could feel were the disgusting odor of the water and a cold gust of wind.


  It was hard for human eyes to get used to the darkness like that of beasts, but there was a way around it


〚ᛞ〛- Dagaz



  In an instant, I etched the rune letter onto my skin.
It led to a momentary improvement of vision – to be exact, it was something that slightly helped with night vision.


  “Come here!”




  But that was more than enough to let me catch a running cat in the sewers.


  “You are nothing but a damn beast.”


  I was still a superhuman even though I was at the bottom.
Catching Navi was nothing difficult.




  “Got ya!”


  I snatched Navi into my arms.
It gave a somewhat menacing growl but soon turned calm after having sausage.


  “There will be no misfortune for Little Anna now.” 


  It was an easy success – that was what I was thinking but the cat was in a strange state.
Navi was shivering, but coldness didn’t seem to be the reason.


  – Shhrkk…!


  The water rippled.
It was rather strange for it to be considered a current, and my hands quickly reacted.


– Kwajik!


– Bam!


  I pierced the spear into the water all the way to the ground with one arm, and felt something twitch before turning loose.
Raising the spear, I found a mysterious humanoid figure with a hole in the head.


  There was an immensely ill-tempered look on the face of the humanoid monster, and it was thin yet had a big bulge in its stomach.


  “Water demon.”


  It wasn’t too big of a surprise because water demons tended to be found quite often in sewers.
Armed guards cleaned up the sewers regularly and they were not that big of a threat.


  ‘The issue is that they travel together to make up for their weakness.’


  They were probably the ones that had eaten Navi the cat.
Looking back at how things transpired when it was a game, there were also water demons in the fields near the city, so it wasn’t strange for them to be here.




  “Gyaa! Gyaaa!”


  Two more water demons crawled out of the water.
They were actually quite clever in the real world.


  “Making sound on purpose to let another one attack, huh.”


  After getting rid of the water demon that was stuck on the spear, I thrusted the spear behind my back towards the ceiling.


– Pukangg!


  “G, gugeek…”


  There was no need to even turn around because the water demon that was crawling up the walls of the sewers for an ambush from behind had died immediately after a stab to the heart.


   “I mastered how to fight you guys at the Roteon River already.”


  Even though that damned Park broke the dam and wiped out most of the monsters alongside the villagers, it was still true that I had fought them a lot.


  “G, gyaaa!”


  I could see the water demon was trying to use its brain, but it was just a low graded monster and it was obvious what its best plan could be.


– Slam!


  Kicking the water demon that was trying to crawl up, I stabbed at the head of the other one that tried to grab onto my ankle.
The fallen water demon tried to stand back up but I thrusted the spear into its mouth and stabbed it deeper into the water.


– Uhpupu! Uhpp!


  “Funny how water demons can’t even breathe underwater.”


  Their skins turned dry unless they were in humid and wet areas, and that was the only reason they lived near sources of water.
The remaining water demon struggled but soon turned silent.


  “N, nyaa…”


  Navi seemed frightened after seeing how powerless the water demons were even though they were the predators in its eyes.


  “I saved you from becoming dung, you know that.”


  After safely sending Navi back to Miss Anna, a message soon appeared on the system window.



『Duty Fulfilled – Anna McMilan』

※ Difficulty: E

※ Reward: Even distribution of 5 points



  “…That’s tiny.”


  “Knight Uncle! Thank you for finding Navi!”


  “Girl, it’s oppa.
Can you call me Korin-oppa?”


  My mind was soon to be 30 but my body was that of a teenager, so I wasn’t asking for much was I?


  “Korin Uncle, would you like to have a meal with us? Mom’s an amazing cook!”




  It seemed that the smile of a wretched girl who would most certainly grow up to be a beauty was about 5 points.




  “This is not it!”


Yoon, who was running a small fried chicken store in Merkarva City, was spending another day enthusiastically coming up with a new menu.


  The store was smaller than 10 square meters.
Even though most of his sales were at night, the reason why Mr.
Yoon was here so early in the morning was because he had been searching for the right sauce to go with fried chicken for over 6 months.


  “This is not it either!”


  The sauce with over ten ingredients including garlic, carrot and chili peppers that he brought from his hometown were astonishingly good by itself, but when he actually fried it together with deep-fried chicken, it made the crust soggy in an instant.


  “Ugh… what’s the problem?”


  His goal was to make chicken that was delicious even when it turned cold.
That became his stubborn ambition which he had been delving into for the past 6 months.


Yoon changed the ratio one more time, and was just about ready to cook it again with chili powder and crushed garlic.


– Creak!


  “That’s not it.”




  A boy appeared after pushing the door wide open.


  “Corn syrup.
Put corn syrup in.”


  He was like a passing scholar.

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