hem prepared themselves, the crowd left the sparring zone.

“You said that my lower body is weak.
I’ll show you whether that’s true!” Mu Zhenfei smirked coldly and swiftly aimed a kick at Chu Yunnan’s face.


He did not just want to beat Chu Yunfan.
He also wanted to humiliate him.

“You idiot!”

Chu Yunfan smirked.
He did not expect that he would do that, despite saying that Mu Zhenfei had a weak lower body.

A faint golden glimmer appeared in Chu Yunfan’s eyes.
He merely lifted his arm and blocked Mu Zhenfei’s leg.

They heard the sound of the impact, and Mu Zhenfei felt as if he had struck a piece of metal.
The bones in his foot were in great pain.
On the other hand, Chu Yunfan remained standing, as if the kick had landed on a wall.

Everything happened so quickly.
Chu Yunfan merely took a step forward and threw a straight, simple punch.
It struck Mu Zhenfei’s chest directly.

The punch was incredible.
Mu Zhenfei was sent flying for over two meters before he crashed into the ground.

At that moment, it was so quiet that one could hear a needle drop.
Everyone was dumbstruck.
Mu Zhenfei was defeated just like that?

Mu Zhenfei fared better when he sparred against Di Ming earlier.
He may have been defeated, but he still felt respected.
At least they fought intensely for a little bit.
This time, the class could not understand what had just happened.

Chu Yunfan merely defended and attacked, but Mu Zhenfei was beaten just like that.

He was bested so soon, it was simply absurd!

Only Chu Yunfan knew that Mu Zhenfei had no chance of winning from the beginning.
None of his weaknesses could escape his eyes.
After he had reached Tier-6 Physical Stage, his physique was clearly several times stronger than Mu Zhenfei’s.

Therefore, from start to finish, Mu Zhenfei had no hope of winning.

“Damn, am I seeing things?”

“How did that happen? I feel like I just blinked and the battle was over!”

“I must be hallucinating.
I must be hallucinating!”

The people discussed among themselves.
They found it unbelievable.
Even Tang Siyu’s sparkling eyes stared at Chu Yunfan in surprise.


They all looked at Chu Yunfan differently.
They had more of an impression of Chu Yunfan on this day alone than the entirety of the previous two years.
When Chu Yunfan managed to answer Sir He’s questions so smoothly, it made their view of him change a little.
After this battle, they truly admired him.

After all, the world looked up to Martial Dao, so anyone with a significant Martial Dao cultivation base stood at the top of the world.

While everyone was dumbstruck, a majestic voice came from the classroom all of a sudden.

“What are you guys doing?” A straight figure had walked into the class.
It was their coach, Qin Wu.

He scanned the students as soon as he walked in.
In the sparring zone, he saw Chu Yunfan and Mu Zhenfei, who had been sent flying.

Initially, he was not interested in the sparring matches between students.
In this case, what intrigued him was that Mu Zhenfei, the one who had been defeated, was quite an exceptional student.
Conversely, he had always thought the victor, Chu Yunfan, had no talent.


As a coach, he had a basic understanding of all his students.
Although Chu Yunfan did his best when cultivating, he was not gifted.
The chances of him improving any further were slim.
It was cruel, but that was reality.

Be that as it may, he did not expect that Chu Yunfan would surprise him on this day.

Qin Wu stared at Chu Yunfan for a little bit before he asked, “You’ve broken through to Tier-6?”

Thinking to himself, Chu Yunfan felt it was no wonder Qin Wu was the school’s martial arts coach.
To be able to notice his breakthrough from a glance, he had to be quite capable.

As it was, since he had been exposed, there was no need for him to hide it.
Instead, he nodded.
“That’s right.
I’ve broken through to Joint Popping!”

“Not bad!” Qin Wu nodded and said nothing more.

At that moment, the students were thoroughly stirred.
They looked like they had come to a realization.

“Ah, no wonder.
So Chu Yunfan has broken through to Tier-6 as well!”

“It’s a shame that Mu Zhenfei was beaten.
He was careless, but Chu Yunfan was too sneaky.
He didn’t tell anyone that he had broken through.
Mu Zhenfei was defeated because he didn’t see it coming!”


“Mu Zhenfei definitely won’t lose if they were to fight again!”

The people were discussing among themselves.
It was not unusual given that Chu Yunfan was already at Tier-5, Inner Strengthening before.
He had merely broken through to Tier-6, Joint Popping.
It was considered a normal breakthrough.

It was just that they would not expect him to defeat Mu Zhenfei as soon as he broke through.
Mu Zhenfei had broken through a few months before.

At that moment, the corner of Gao Hongzhi’s lips raised a little bit.
He said in disdain, “Nah, Mu Zhenfei would undoubtedly lose if they were to fight again.
Whether strength, speed, or angle of attack, Yunfan is impeccable.
It’d be the same if they were to have a rematch.
It had nothing to do with whether he was prepared or not but with complete domination in ability!”

The people fell silent hearing what Gao Hongzhi said.
Apparently, they had to admit the earlier battle could not be explained as Mu Zhenfei being caught off guard.

Qin Wu clapped and said, “Settle down.
In today’s lesson, I’ll be teaching you guys a martial skill for use in real combat!”

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