Chapter 86: A Battle Record of No Injuries


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In these ten days, there were a few people who stood out from the rest.
Their performance had surpassed the others.

Among them were the class monitors of two classes, Zhang Teng and Ou Yang.
As the most influential people in the school, the two of them were outstanding, Their cultivations were obviously much stronger than the others.

Besides them, there were two other people whose performance was also very eye-catching.
One of them was the first beauty of Class 2, Tang Siyu.
The performance of the goddess in the hearts of many boys in Class 2, and even Class 1, was outstanding.
Within ten days, she had killed more than fifteen
monsters and had gained only a few injuries.

The other person who stood above the rest was Chu Yunfan.
This was because he had not been injured once, and he had successively killed more than twenty monsters—five more than Tang Siyu.
If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would not have believed it.
Such killing efficiency was almost
on par with Zhang Teng and Ou Yang.
However, Zhang Teng and Ou Yang were obviously stronger than Chu Yunfan.
This was what everyone was most amazed about.

Besides them, the strongest among them had only killed eight monsters.
Not a single person had killed more than ten.
Elites like Gao Hongzhi and Feng Deying had only killed six monsters each in the past ten days, while most had only killed two or three.
This was because not every monster they found

would be killed by them.
Many of them only injured the monsters and were unable to chase after them after the monsters ran away.
Or perhaps they were injured and could not kill the monsters in the end.

The reason why Chu Yunfan was able to attract everyone’s attention was not only because of the number of monsters he had killed, which was comparable to the kill number of the class monitors.
Most importantly, none of the monsters that he faced had managed to escape him.

Chu Yunfan’s battle had been very well-paced.
He would not return to the tent behind the electromagnetic curtain wall after each battle to rest like an ordinary person.
Instead, he would meditate in front of the electromagnetic curtain wall, using this as a substitute for rest.
When he got up, he would once
again join the battle.
This went on for several days and nights.
It was as if there was not a single moment that could stop him.
He would only retreat behind the electromagnetic curtain wall to eat and drink.

This was something that an ordinary student would dare to do.
It was simply too dangerous, especially during the night.
Some cunning monsters would even lurk near the electromagnetic curtain wall waiting to strike.
A few students thought that there would be no dangers near the electromagnetic
curtain wall and ended up being ambushed by monsters and almost lost their lives.
The person who saved them was Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan had also been ambushed.
But even when he was meditating, he would spring to his feet immediately.
Many people felt that he had the instincts of a monster.

Therefore, he did not go looking for monsters many times, but without exception, he did not miss even a single one.
One had to know that even Ou Yang, Zhang Teng, and Tang Siyu had missed more than once and had let several monsters escape, not to mention that they were injured by the monsters.

Zhang Teng was slashed by a monster in the chest.
It had left behind a huge bloody gash.

On the other hand, Chu Yunfan’s battles were different.
His battles were continuous, and in each strike, the Earth Splitting Saber Technique would be fully unleashed.
After a barrage of strikes, the monsters would not be able to fight back and their power would falter, which was why Chu Yunfan did not
get injured at all.

In the words of the two teachers, Chu Yunfan’s battles looked violent and disorderly, but they were actually controlled.
After meeting Chu Yunfan, those monsters would be completely under his control.
As time passed, this pattern became more and more obvious.
Just like when Chu Yunfan had killed the
Armored Saber-tooth Tiger the first time.
The speed and strength of that monster were actually above Chu Yunfan’s, But in the end, he had killed it without suffering a single wound.
His method of fighting required high physical stamina.
It looked simple, but in fact, no one could replicate it.

And Chu Yunfan went on in this way.
Search for a monster, kill it, then meditate to recover his strength.
Then, he would go out to search for the next monster, kill that one, and then meditate again.
This process was repeated over and over again.
Before he knew it, more than twenty monsters had died by
his hands.

During these ten days, he had gained a lot.
This kind of near-death combat experience was not something he could obtain in school.
Even though his previous fight with Liu Yushu could be considered intense, it did not count because he knew that Liu Yushu would not kill him, and he would not kill Liu

Yushu either.
Under this mentality, he had held back his strength during that so-called all-out battle.
Only here did he use all of his strength to kill the monsters.
This was because he knew that if he did not use all of his strength, the monsters would bite off his head.

Although his strength had not reached the level of Zhang Teng and Ou Yang, after his Roaring Winds Saber Technique and the Earth Splitting Saber Technique had both reached the Perfection Stage, he could seamlessly switch between the two saber techniques.
Each strike had looked the same, but in
reality, the strikes that he slashed out were completely different.
Some were extremely fast, while others were powerful and heavy.
The power of each strike was endless and each was different.

Every monster had its own rhythm, and it could even change its rhythm according to the opponent it was facing.
However, facing Chu Yunfan’s battle method, which was sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes light, and sometimes heavy, the monsters were all completely caught off guard.
This was also Chu Yunfan’s battle method that had been tried and tested repeatedly.
With this kind of battle method, he had killed over twenty monsters within ten days without sustaining any injuries.

After just ten days of actual combat, Chu Yunfan felt that he had undergone a transformation.
People who had seen blood were completely different from those who had never seen blood.
It was as if he, a flower that had been raised in a greenhouse, had been placed under violent winds for ten days.
If he
did not die, he would transform.

Chu Yunfan woke up from his meditation once again.
He let out a long breath.
This time, he had not broken through to the third level of the Qi Sea Stage.
However, he was in no hurry.
He could already feel it.
That last barrier was like a layer of paper.
It was only a matter of time before it was broken.

“There’s only one more day left.
Let’s see if I can break through!”

Chu Yunfan gripped his Shadowless Saber tightly.

Ten days of actual combat had passed in a flash.
He had gained a lot, but he still wanted to try and see if he could make another breakthrough at the last moment.

Chu Yunfan suddenly stomped his foot.
His body was like a floating feather.
He instantly flew over ten meters and entered the battlefield.

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During this period of time, not only had his saber technique improved, but his actual combat experience had also improved.
His movements were also much better than before.
Previously, he could not have covered this distance.
He had not been able to exert this much force as easily as he currently could.

Last day, here I come!

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