Chapter 85: Transformation After Ten Days of Actual Combat


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From the crack on its head, it could be seen that just now, Chu Yunfan’s strike had slashed into the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger’s head, turning its brain into mush.

Although the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger was armed to the teeth, its brain was still one of the weakest points.
It was no different compared to the brain of an ordinary human.
With a single slash, it could be chopped into pieces.

At this point, Chu Yunfan let out a sigh of relief.
If it was chopped in other places, this Armored Saber-tooth Tiger could have relied on its tenacious vitality to continue fighting.
The only way was to chop on its brain so that it would be impossible for it to continue jumping around.

Chu Yunfan’s breathing became labored.
His back felt cold.
This was his first life-and-death battle, and he had faced such a famous ferocious beast.
Although he had appeared very calm throughout the battle, he had been forcing himself to remain calm.
He was not like those battle veterans who were
already numb.
Therefore, immediately after the battle ended, he felt a little exhausted!

However, at this moment, his mind was still immersed in the breakthrough he had just made.
In that attack just now, he had finally broken through to the Perfection Stage of the Roaring Winds Saber Technique.
The Perfection Stage was a kind of comprehension—it was a feeling.
Chu Yunfan had been stuck at the Impeccable Stage for a very long time.
What he lacked was an opportunity.
And now, this Armored Saber-tooth Tiger had provided him with such an opportunity.

After a long time, Chu Yunfan finally completely digested the comprehension.
He was confident that his Roaring Winds Saber Technique was firmly in the Perfection Stage.
His combat strength had clearly increased by a lot.
Looking at the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger on the ground, his eyes could not help
but be a little pained.
This was all money.
He had checked on the Internet.
Even the corpse of a young Armored Saber-tooth Tiger could easily be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The scales on the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger’s body could be made into soft armor.
It was not considered heavy, but
its defensive level was very good.
Moreover, its sharp fangs were also good materials for forging swords.

The flesh of the Armored Saber-tooth Tiger was a favorite of many rich people.
The flesh of these monsters contained a large amount of spiritual energy.
Long-term consumption could subtly improve one’s physique.

Therefore, monster meat had always been an important part of the richest’ dining table.
The stronger the monster, the better the effect.
The children of the rich families grew up eating the flesh of these monsters.
When they became adults, even if their talents were similar, they would be much stronger
than the children of ordinary families.

This society seemed to be equal, but in fact, it had never been equal from the beginning.
The starting point of the people at the top of the pyramid was the endpoint of countless people’s lives.
And the corpses of these monsters were the spoils of the army.
Otherwise, why would the school let the army activate the electromagnetic curtain wall? The consumption of the wall was not small either.

Chu Yunfan sighed for a moment before he tossed this thought out of his mind.
He did not forget that this was still a battlefield that was fraught with danger.

Moreover, he believed that he could rely on his own hands to change the fate of himself and his family!

At this moment, he discovered that he did not know whether it was because of the bloody smell in the air, or because there was no crossfire between the fortresses, more and more monsters appeared in the distance.
Chu Yunfan knew that the actual battle had only just begun!

Thinking of this, he took a step forward and directly pounced toward another monster.

Inside a fortress, Xue Bailong looked through the windows and saw the students and monsters fighting on the battlefield, the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.
“They’re just a bunch of rookies, but it’s precisely because of the endless supply of such rookies that we humans have hope.
Can we really
survive this calamity?”

Immediately after, Xue Bailong instructed his subordinates, “All of you be careful.
Should those powerful monsters get, try to shoot them outside the battlefield.
If a few more people are killed or injured, the people from the Ministry of Education will definitely cause a ruckus!”

“Yes, sir!”

Time flew by very quickly on the battlefield.
In fact, more than half a day had passed before the end of the intense battle.

After the battle, they were completely exhausted.
They retreated behind the electromagnetic curtain wall and went to look for tents to sleep in.
When they woke up, they joined the battlefield again.

There was almost no time to stop.
And no one dared to stop.
There was no need for anyone to whip them from behind.
They all knew that this kind of opportunity for actual combat was rare.
Since the school had persuaded the army to open this backdoor for them, they would have to pay the price.
They could not possibly back down now!

Therefore, they all made full use of this opportunity.
In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed.

After ten days, the essence, energy, and spirit of the hundreds of students in the two classes had completely changed.
Being part of the army had transformed them.
No matter how well trained they were, they could only be called well-trained.
Only after experiencing a real bloody battle and surviving a
hundred battles could they be called elites.

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Ten days without a break, regardless of whether it was day or night, these students had already completed the initial transformation.
Ten days ago, most of the students were still flustered when facing monsters but after ten days, they were already able to face the monsters calmly.
Although some people were born with steadiness—calm and composed, unflustered and unhurried—most of the People’s Big Hearts were trained.
After experiencing a lot, this was nothing.

It was not that no one got injured during these ten days.
Facing powerful monsters, it was very normal to be injured.
The sharp claws of the monsters were not inferior to ordinary sharp weapons.
Some students even had their entire arm cut off.
If it were back in the Common Era, they would basically be

However, this was not a big deal now.
They entered the infirmary of the fortress to reattach the broken limbs.
Within two days, they were back on the battlefield, alive and kicking.

Under this kind of life-and-death training, the students’ strength increased very quickly.
Ten days ago, there were still quite a number of students who only had the cultivation of the Qi Nourishment Stage.
Now, the last Qi Nourishment Stage student had also stepped into the Qi Sea Stage three days ago,
achieving the basic threshold for the focus class.

Such a transformation was as if they had gone through some kind of baptism.
Everyone’s cultivation had improved.
Those who improved faster had broken through a stage on the spot, while the others, even if they had not broken through on the spot, they were not far away from breaking through.
would not be long before they would break through after the actual combat session.
It could be said that they had gained a great deal.

Ten days later, these students were more or less injured.
They were not as spotless as they were when they first arrived.
However, it was not the same for everyone.
There was one person who had not suffered a single injury from the beginning to the end!

That person was the focus of everyone’s attention—Chu Yunfan!

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