onsequences would be unimaginable.

If they had were not forced to do so, they would not choose to use nuclear weapons.

They could only look at these three people in silence.
One of them was a hunchbacked old woman.
She was known as Ghost Granny and was well-known in the Federation.
In her early years, she had killed people like flies.
No one knew how many experts she had killed.
No one knew how many experts had been scared to death when they heard her name.

She was also a famous mercenary.
As long as she was paid, she would even dare to attack the president of the Federation.
It could be said that she was lawless.
This time, she was hired by someone to besiege the Tangs’ ancestral home.

The other one was a muscular man with a long saber in his hand.
The saber light that he released covered half the sky.
The missiles could not pose any threat to him at all.

With a casual slash of his saber, a huge crack appeared on the barrier set up by the Tang Great Ancestor.
As his attacks increased, the barrier began to shake.

He was Wei Hai, an elder of the Wei clan who was the number one clan of the holy land.
His cultivation level was extremely high.

The people from the Tang clan were in despair.
The holy land’s number one family was too strong.
Just one of their elders was already a Divine expert.
Even as one of the eight great families of the Federation, the Tangs didn’t have a single Divine expert to keep watch.

On the other side, there was a handsome middle-aged man with a slender figure.
He emitted a terrifying light and he held a sword in one hand.
The sword’s light swept out one after another, shaking the world.

He was the Fluttering Blooms’ vice-sect master, Qingyan.

Compared to the Fluttering Blooms vice-sect master who had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands, he was much stronger.

The entire Tang clan was extremely aggrieved.
They had once thought that even without the protection of their Great Ancestor, they would not be afraid of anyone as they had high-end weapons in their hands.

However, they realized how indispensable a true top-tier expert was.
There were all sorts of restrictions to the use of high-end weapons.
Divine experts were different.
Not only were they powerful, but they could also adapt to all kinds of battles.
They were the real trump cards.

The effect of a top-tier expert was truly reflected at this time.

“We’re not here to destroy your home, but you must hand over Tang Siyu.
Once she’s dead, we’ll let the Tang clan go,” Wei Hai said after he destroyed more than a dozen missiles that had flown toward him.

“That’s right.
We’re only here to kill Tang Siyu.
It has nothing to do with anyone else.
Are you going to let your clan be destroyed because of one person? ” Qingyan also said loudly, trying to shake the Tangs’ determination.

“Hehe, if you don’t surrender, that’s fine too.
I will kill all of you!” Ghost Granny’s laughter was as unpleasant as an owl’s and made one’s hairs stand on end.

“We can’t listen to them.
The clan leader’s breakthrough has entered the final stage, and she’ll break through to the Divine Abilities Stage very soon.
At that time, our clan’s foundation will become powerful again.
We can’t compromise now.

“We’ve already bowed and kneeled to the Jiangs once.
Are you telling me that we will allow such a thing to happen again?!” Tang Bailu, the current first elder of the Tangs, shouted.

“If we hand over our leader, even if we struggle on whilst at death’s door, do you think we will have the face to survive in the Federation?!”

“That’s right.
We’ve already lost our dignity once.
We can’t lose it again!

“Let’s fight them to the death.
In their eyes, we are nothing but ants.
It’s not a loss even if we die if we can drag three Divine experts to death with our lives!”

“I’ll fight it out! I’d rather die than submit!”

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