886 Other’s Forbidden Land Is My Sacred Land of Cultivation

After countless years, the Sun Shooter had finally burst out its own light again.

With only one strike, it had severely injured the sect master of the Monster Cult who could shake the world, and almost killed him.

The terrifying power shook the world.
Even the experts of the Deep Sea Crocodiles and the Wei clan were frightened.
Yes, they quaked in fear.

What kind of existence was the Monster Cult sect master? Although they had never actually fought him, everyone knew that he was the stabilizing force of this operation.
Even if the others had joined forces, they were no match for him.

According to the Monster Cult sect master’s strength, some people even guessed that other than the president of the Federation, no one was a match for him.

Although this was only in terms of the experts of the Federation, it was already unimaginably powerful.

No one of them had expected that Chu Yunfan’s strike would evaporate half of the Monster Cult sect master’s body.
If he hadn’t quickly dodged, he would have been done for.

They were all scared silly!

How could the person who was just in the Innate Stage possess and wield such a terrifying magical weapon?!

And at this time, Chu Yunfan took advantage of this opening and entered the Thunderstorm Sea.

The remaining two experts finally reacted.

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“He must have used all his strength to launch that arrow just now.
He can’t counterattack now.
D*mn it! D*mn it!” the Deep Sea Crocodile expert said in anger.

The moment he reacted, he knew that Chu Yunfan had deceived him.
Everyone had been frightened by the attack just now.
Otherwise, they would have been able to stop Chu Yunfan in time.

The Wei clan expert was also furious, and his face was also unsightly.
He realized that Chu Yunfan would definitely not be able to make a second attack.
Otherwise, he could have come up earlier and killed them one by one.

However, Chu Yunfan didn’t do that.
It was obvious that he couldn’t launch a second attack as it might be a huge burden on his body.

However, it was too late for them to realize this now.
Chu Yunfan was too sneaky and didn’t give them any time to think or react.

“D*mn it! I want to see him die!”

The Deep Sea Crocodile expert fixed his eyes on the Thunderstorm Sea.
Countless thunderbolts roiled like deep sea dragons across its surface.

To the marine folks, this was a land of death.
No one dared to get close to it.
The marine folks were born with the water attribute, and the power of lightning in the Thunderstorm Sea was a powerful restraint to them.
To them, entering it was simply courting death.

Even someone as powerful as him would not dare to take a step further.

The Wei clan expert didn’t dare to get close.
Although they weren’t members of the marine folks, they could still feel that if this terrifying thunderstorm swept down, it would be enough to devour and kill them all.

Even the power of a Divine was too weak in the face of nature’s power.

“Guard this place.
If he runs out, we’ll kill him.
If he can’t escape from that place, then he can just die inside.” The Wei clan expert made the decision as he stared in the direction of the Thunderstorm Sea.

He wasn’t worried that Chu Yunfan would be able to escape through another route.
The Thunderstorm Sea was boundless, and it covered at least a million square kilometers of sea area.
Even someone as powerful as him couldn’t cross the Thunderstorm Sea, not to mention Chu Yunfan who was obviously not in good condition.

As long as he locked this place down, Chu Yunfan would not be able to escape.

However, the difficulty in dealing with Chu Yunfan still left him with a lingering fear.
No wonder the Jiangs and the Huangs couldn’t do anything to Chu Yunfan even though they had tried to encircle and suppress him so many times.

Now, he finally understood how Chu Yunfan had escaped.

This jinx had to be eliminated.
Otherwise, it would be a great threat to the Wei clan.

At this time, Chu Yunfan, who had barged into the Thunderstorm Sea, was indeed in a bad situation just as the two experts had guessed.

Cracks had appeared all over his body after the attack.
Even an attack from a third-tier Divine expert wouldn’t be able to cause a crack on him.

Now, Chu Yunfan had only shot one arrow, and it had caused cracks to appear on his body.
One could only imagine how strong that shot had been.

Moreover, all the True Energy in his body had been depleted.
Not long after he entered the Thunderstorm Sea, the thunder wings on his back could no longer support him and he fell.

After all, he wasn’t a Divine expert.
For experts at that level, flying was an instinct and they didn’t need the help of external objects.

‘As expected, that was much!’ Chu Yunfan thought.

Even with his level of strength, it was difficult to launch the Sun Shooter.
No wonder no one had used it and had left it in the Federation Treasury for so many years.
Besides him, who else could use the Sun Shooter?

There were cracks on the Sun Shooter, and after Chu Yunfan used it, the cracks deepened and looked even more broken.
The Sun Shooter had suffered heavy damage in the past.

Chu Yunfan felt that it was a pity that he had failed to kill the Monster Cult sect master.
He had initially planned to deal with the Jiang Great Ancestor with this bow, but who knew that it would be the Monster Cult sect master?

However, to him, the Monster Cult sect master deserved to die even more than the Jiang Great Ancestor.
His biggest regret was not being able to kill the Monster Cult sect master this time around.

By the time Chu Yunfan hit the sea, he had already recovered a part of his power.
It allowed him to float on the sea’s surface.

Suddenly, he discovered a shocking fact.
After being bombarded by thunder for countless years, the seawater in the Thunderstorm Sea had slowly turned into lightning liquid, which was the result of the liquification of thunder power.

Suddenly, a terrifying electric current surged through his body, and he was immediately charred black.

Even Chu Yunfan was shocked.
He possessed the Thunderclap Physique, and he had a natural affinity with thunder.
Yet, he was still injured to this extent.
No wonder the Thunderstorm Sea was the marine folks’ forbidden area.
If they entered, they would surely one by one.

At this time, countless lightning bolts seemed to have eyes and struck down at Chu Yunfan.
The speed of the bolts was too fast.
In the blink of an eye, all of them had fallen, and Chu Yunfan had no way to avoid them.

The lightning dissipated, and Chu Yunfan, who was in the middle of it, seemed to have experienced a baptism.
All the cracks on his body had healed over, and his body began to recover.

To others, this place was simply a forbidden area, but Chu Yunfan discovered that this place was simply a sacred land of cultivation for him.

He was able to absorb a large portion of the lightning and turn it into his own power.

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