885 Launching the Sun Shooter


The big hand suddenly pressed into the sea, setting off raging waves.

“You actually dared to kill someone right in front of me.
Do you think you can get away?”

The Monster Cult sect master’s expression was ugly after failing to kill Chu Yunfan with one strike.
Chu Yunfan had killed two people in a row and managed to escape his attack.
It was simply an embarrassment.

“I thought the Jiang Great Ancestor would be the one to make an appearance.
I didn’t expect it to be you.
But it doesn’t matter.
Killing you is more meaningful than killing the Jiang Great Ancestor,” Chu Yunfan said indifferently.
He didn’t feel like he had just escaped death.

The thunder wings on his back flapped continuously, bringing with them the sound of wind and thunder.

“You? You want to defy the Heavens?” the Monster Cult sect master said with a sneer.
His smile became colder and colder, and he didn’t take Chu Yunfan to heart at all.

“That’s right, Chu Yunfan, you won’t be able to escape today!”

At this time, the experts of the Deep Sea Crocodiles and the Wei clan surrounded Chu Yunfan on his left and right.
Their faces were also unsightly.
Five people had surrounded Chu Yunfan, and he had managed to kill two of them.
It was simply a great humiliation.

At this time, Chu Yunfan fished out a long bronze bow that was even taller than him.

“Chu Yunfan, have you run out of tricks? You plan on using a bow that doesn’t even have a bowstring? You’re really courting death!” The Wei clan expert said loudly as if he could see Chu Yunfan being cut down from his horse.

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“The Wei clan probably doesn’t understand that you’re the mortal enemy of the Federation when you get involved with the Monster Cult.
You should be prepared to become an enemy of the Federation.” Chu Yunfan sneered at the Wei clan expert.

“As long as you die here today, no one will find out,” the Wei clan expert said with a sneer.

The Wei clan came from the holy land and was different from the citizens of the Federation.
They did not have a deep hatred for the Monster Cult, so they did not even have the unique sense of crisis that the Federation had.

The Federation had been rebuilt on top of the ruins.
In the battle against countless demons, the Federation had gained living space bit by bit.
It could be said that there was a deep blood feud between the humans of the Federation and the demon race.

It was because of this that they had an irreconcilable hatred for the Monster Cult which advocated for demons to rule over the world.
Anyone in the Federation who dared to cooperate with the Monster Cult would inevitably be boycotted by countless people.

Though some people did cooperate with the Monster Cult in secret, they did not dare to have any contact with the Monster Cult in the open.
Even the Great Eights could not bear the blowback of colluding with the Monster Cult.

If someone got hold of irrefutable evidence, everything would be over.
Even if they had a Divine expert, the faction would still fall apart overnight.

However, it was completely different for the humans of the holy land.
There was no unforgettable hatred between them and the demons, so they did not reject to cooperating with the Monster Cult as long as it was not known.

They had completely different ways of thinking.

As long as Chu Yunfan was dead, no one would know about this.

“Hmph!” Chu Yunfan snorted coldly.
He grabbed at the air with his fingers, and a bowstring formed by flames suddenly extended from both ends of the longbow.

Countless True Energy poured into it, and the Sun Shooter began to emit a burst of light.
A powerful energy fluctuation was emitted from it.

“What?” The Monster Cult sect master frowned.
He suddenly felt that something was wrong.
The bow in Chu Yunfan’s hand was emitting an aura that made him feel a little scared.

The Monster Cult sect master instantly made a decision.
He absolutely couldn’t let Chu Yunfan continue.
No matter what kind of trump card he used, it could actually make him feel a sense of danger.

“Go to hell!”

The Monster Cult sect master snorted coldly.
A terrifying force spread out from his body.
A massive surge of magical power roared and boiled, turning into a huge monster.

It was an extremely huge monster.
Its entire body was covered in a layer of scales, and it looked as if it could collapse the entire world.

The Monster Cult sect master threw out a punch, and the huge monster pounced toward Chu Yunfan.
In the blink of an eye, it had already crossed the sky and was swarming toward Chu Yunfan.

At the same time, Chu Yunfan had fully drawn the flaming bowstring.

Countless rays of light turned into flames and began to condense on the bow.
What condensed was not a long arrow, but a huge three-legged golden crow.

The golden crow burst out with a huge light as if it had illuminated the whole world.

“Die, Monster Cult sect master!”

Chu Yunfan let loose and the golden crow gave out a loud cry.
It then spread its wings and flew away.


The golden crow flapped its wings and flew high into the sky.
Wherever it passed, it turned into a sea of fire.
The terrifying power contained in it burned everything.
In an instant, it pierced through the huge monster that was pouncing toward it and burned it into nothingness.

Then, with an even more astonishing speed, it headed toward the Monster Cult sect master.


The Monster Cult sect master finally understood what had made him feel so fearful at the beginning.
This was the formation process of the three-legged golden crow.

“What is that thing?!”

The Monster Cult sect master couldn’t believe it.
With his cultivation, he was one of the few top existences in the world, but there was actually a magic weapon that could threaten his existence.
He could feel that the real horror was not Chu Yunfan, but the bronze bow.

He conjured a barrier formation in front of him, but the golden crow instantly broke through it.


The golden crow crashed into the Monster Cult sect master.
Half of his body was shattered, or it should be said that half of his body had evaporated.


The Monster Cult sect master screamed again and again.
This blow was too terrifying.
If he hadn’t dodged it at the last second, it wouldn’t have been just half of his body that had evaporated, but his entire being.

The terrifying flames burned everything in their path.

The Monster Cult sect master looked at Chu Yunfan with hatred and didn’t dare to stay any longer.
He turned into a beam of light and fled into the distance.
At this time, he was already on the verge of death and didn’t dare to stay.
He didn’t trust the experts of the Deep Sea Crocodiles and the Wei clan.

The last two experts were completely immersed in shock.
Chu Yunfan put away the bow and then disappeared into the lightning field.

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