881 An Old Friend

Most of the magic weapons had lost their original brilliance.
Although their grades were there, they were only Divine magic weapons.
After years of merciless polishing, they had long lost their original power, and only a part of it was left.

As for the magic weapons that had lost their abilities, they had been moved out of this place and were being studied in the research institutes outside.

However, even if it was the most inferior magic weapon, it was still stronger than the Thunder Spear that Chu Yunfan had seized from Jiang Xuanlei.
After all, the Thunder Spear was only a pseudo-magic weapon, not a real one.

Chu Yunfan walked past them one by one.
There were all kinds of magic weapons.
There were eighteen types, and there were also many different kinds of functions.

As he was in no hurry to make a decision, he took a good long look at the weapons available.
Suddenly, he saw a strange-looking bow without a bowstring in the corner in front of him.

This strange bow was very large and more than six feet tall.
It was even taller than Chu Yunfan himself.
It was not something that an ordinary person could use.

The bow had a bronze sheen to it.
It was covered in rust.
If it wasn’t for the faint fluctuations of magic power that it emitted from time to time, people would have thought that it was an antique from the Bronze Age.

‘I know this bow!’

He suddenly recalled the origins of this bow as if a memory had been triggered.

During the Ancient Zenith Civilization, there had been an extremely powerful bow expert, the Bow Emperor.

It was said that the Bow Emperor could shoot down the Sun from the Sky.
He was extremely powerful, and no one could escape his arrows.
A single onne of his arrows could kill a powerful enemy from thousands of miles away.

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This bow was the one that the Bow Emperor had used before he had attained Dao.
It was called the Sun Shooter, and it had accompanied the Bow Emperor in his conquests against countless powerful enemies.
It had killed countless powerful enemies.

The Sun Shooter was only replaced after the Bow Emperor attained Dao and refined an even more powerful Dao weapon.
Although the Sun Shooter had been replaced, it had been enshrined in the Bow Emperor’s sect and passed down for generations.

Chu Yunfan had not expected to see the Sun Shooter here.
The reason why he knew so much about it was because of the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.

Back then, the Alchemy Emperor had a wide circle of friends, and many of the different emperors were his good friends, including the Bow Emperor.

The two of them had known each other before they attained Dao.
Therefore, the Alchemy Emperor was very familiar with the Sun Shooter.
It was because of this that Chu Yunfan was sure that it was not a counterfeit.

However, it was different from the Ancient Zenith Civilization era.
The Sun Shooter now seemed extremely weak.
It no longer possessed the same power it had in the past.
Even the most important part, the bowstring, was gone.

The countless memories of the Alchemy Emperor flooded his mind, and Chu Yunfan couldn’t help but mutter, “My old friend.”

All of a sudden, countless emotions welled up in his heart.
The passage of time washed away everything.
The only difficulty of the ages was longevity.

Chu Yunfan instantly decided to take the Sun Shooter.
It was not only because of the influence of the Alchemy Emperor’s memories but also because of the Sun Shooter’s functions.
Now, no one knew the power of the Sun Shooter, and they all treated it as an ordinary magical weapon and simply chucked it away into the Federation Treasury.
No one cared about it.

Based on the Federation’s usual practice, they must have tried all kinds of methods but had been unsuccessful in activating the Sun Shooter.
However, Chu Yunfan was different.
He found the corresponding martial skill in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
It was called the Sun Shot technique, which was the martial skill that the Bow Emperor had taught the Alchemy Emperor back then.

It was enough to activate the power of the Sun Shooter.

“The Jiang Great Ancestor.

Chu Yunfan sneered and broke the barrier around the bow with one hand.
He then grabbed the Sun Shooter.
As expected, it gave off only a faint fluctuation of magical power and then gave no more reaction.

When Chu Yunfan poured his True Energy into the bow according to the Sun Shot technique, he instantly felt the bow become active and it emitted a golden light.

Only then did he notice that there was a huge crack on the Sun Shooter.
There were bloodstains on it.
Although it had dried up, he could still feel the powerful aura of the person whom the blood had come from.

He could sense the Sun Shooter’s condition.
It must have been damaged in a great battle.
But for the current Chu Yunfan, it was enough for the time being.

After Chu Yunfan put the Sun Shooter away into the diagram, he left the place without looking back.

Not long after Chu Yunfan left, a piece of information was sent to the current clan leader of the Jiang clan, Jiang Hongyu.

“A broken bow?” Jiang Hongyu assessed the Sun Shooter’s condition.
It was just a broken bow that couldn’t be awakened.
Naturally, there was nothing to worry about.

“Let him be smug for now.
Let’s see how long he’ll be able to hold out.”

When Chu Yunfan returned to Kunlun City, the Internet was still immersed in the sensation of the first Divine ever being put on trial.

Chu Yunfan had not killed the Fire Acolytes’ sect master.
Instead, he had put the sect master on trial before he executed him.
He wanted to let the common folk feel the power of the Federation’s laws.
Even a god would be arrested and put on trial.

The people’s sentiment, which had gradually dispersed due to the president’s disappearance, began to gradually rise.

At this moment, a video began to spread on the Internet.
Overnight, it took over all the video websites.

In the video, there was a man in tattered clothes on the surface of the ocean.
He was severely injured and had a big hole in his chest.
One of his arms was broken.
He was in an extremely miserable state.
He was fleeing on a beam of light while experts were chasing after him with an overwhelming force.

The man had no choice but to charge into a raging thunderstorm.

The video was very short—only about ten seconds long—but it instantly took over the Internet.
It even replaced the news of the Fire Acolytes’ sect master’s execution and became the focus of everyone’s attention.

This was because this man was flying over the sea on a light beam.
This was the sign of a Divine expert, and people of that level had living god statuses.

When ordinary people looked upon these people, it was like they were looking upon high and mighty gods.
They had never seen any of them being chased by others in such a sorry state and were almost at the brink of death.

“I think I’ve seen that person before.
He’s Jeang Yuanbin who disappeared after reaching the Divine Abilities Stage.”

“You’re right.
It’s him!”

Soon, a Federation University instructor came out to testify that the person being hunted was indeed Jeang Yuanbin.


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