875 If I Said I’ll Exterminate You, I Will Do It

The Fire Acolytes’ headquarters at the Outskirt Territories was filled with high-rise buildings.
It looked like a Federation city.
However, instead of being filled with civilians, this place was filled with the sect’s fanatical disciples.

The Fire Acolytes’ flame patterns were engraved throughout the place.
From a distance, one could see many large-caliber cannons aiming at the sky.
From time to time, the cannons would fire, bringing down the surrounding flying monsters or driving them away.

The disciples were already used to this and were not surprised by this sight.
There was a fanatical aura on their persons.
This was the Fire Acolytes’ headquarters, the safe haven of the sect’s disciples.

At this moment, within the main hall of the Fire Acolytes’ headquarters stood three men.
The leader was a middle-aged man who looked to be in his fifties or sixties.
Although he was just sitting there, he had a mighty aura about him.

An old man in the Fire Acolytes’ unique robe was standing to his right.
On his other side was a man in a hood.
No one could see who he was.

“After this task is completed, you will gain the benefits.” the man in the hood said as he looked at the middle-aged man.
Although the middle-aged man was the Fire Acolytes’s sect master, the hooded man didn’t seem perturbed.

After saying that, the hooded man turned around and left the guest hall.

After a long time, the old man next to the sect master, the Fire Acolytes’ first elder, finally said, “Master, it’s obvious that those people want to use us.
You have to tread carefully.”

“Of course, I know that.” The sect master sneered.
“Those people are smart.
Their current attitude shows that they’re close to death.”

The sect master stood up and said, “I’m going to teach that Chu Yunfan a lesson.
I’ll teach him what he can and can not do.
The younger generation doesn’t know the rules.
So, as his seniors, we have to teach him what the rules are.”

“That’s true.
Many of the Monster Cult’s bases have been destroyed recently, and their vitality has been greatly damaged.
Even we have been implicated.
The new chief of Special Ops is really arrogant.
Does he think that he can fight against the entire world all by himself?” the first elder said.

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“That’s right.
Chu Yunfan is only familiar with small clans and sects.
He doesn’t understand the rules that we have to follow at this level,” the sect master said.

“It isn’t easy for anyone to get me to make a move.”

The sect master looked calm.
He was unperturbed by this issue.
He had already intended to teach the new kid from Special Ops a lesson.
Now that all the clans were rushing to give him various benefits, he might as well reap the rewards.

However, his calm expression was soon destroyed because he received an order from Special Ops.
Chu Yunfan, who he had never taken seriously, actually wanted him to go to Kunlun City to explain the matter.
Otherwise, Chu Yunfan would exterminate the Fire Acolytes.

“D*mn it! Who does he think he is?! He’s courting death!” the sect master was furious.
The terrifying aura he emitted made the first elder not dare to get close.

“He’s a stupid child.
Even the president of the Federation wouldn’t dare to talk to me like that.
This punk is too bold.”

The sect master crushed the air with his hand, creating a series of explosions.

“Annihilate the Fire Acolytes? I’d like to see if he has the ability to do so.
Pass on my order to mobilize all the experts.
I’m going to exterminate all of Special Ops’ tentacles within the Outskirt Territories!”

The first elder had no idea what kind of decree Special Ops had sent to anger his master to this extent.
However, he understood that the Fire Acolytes were going to start an all-out war with Special Ops.
This was not just a probing battle like before.

Soon, the news that Special Ops had issued an edict to the Fire Acolytes spread among the higher-ups of the Federation.
Everyone was a little confused as to what Chu Yunfan’s intentions were.

After Chu Yunfan’s purge, Special Ops established its prestige within the Federation.
However, the Fire Acolytes were not part of the Federation.
Moreover, the Fire Acolytes were one of the strongest sects in the Outskirt Territories.
In comparison, it was on par with the old forces like the Heavenly Dragon Villa.

The sect master of the Fire Acolytes was a veteran Divine expert, and Chu Yunfan had ordered the sect master to meet him personally.
Did Chu Yunfan think he was the president of the Federation?

Even the president could not do such a thing.

“Is he out of his mind? Does he really think that he’s a god and that whoever he wants to see will obey his commands?”

“He’s so arrogant.
The sect master of the Fire Acolytes is different from the Third Crocodile Prince he killed previously.
The sect master is a veteran Divine expert.
Even the president couldn’t do anything to him.”

“Chu Yunfan has gone mad.
This time, he really is going to be slapped in the face!”

Everyone thought that Chu Yunfan had gone crazy.
Otherwise, he would definitely not do such a thing.
In many people’s eyes, he was in over his head.

Divine experts were high and mighty figures.
This had been the case for many, many years, especially those experts in the Outskirt Territories.
They were all unruly and even the Federation found it difficult to control them.

The sect master even shouted that Chu Yunfan should never leave Kunlun City for the rest of his life.
Otherwise, he would definitely break open Chu Yunfan’s skull.

“That kid barely has any hairs on him.
He killed a newbie Divine who just entered the Divine Abilities Stage, and he already thinks he’s invincible?”

The words of the sect master spread throughout the Federation.

The Fire Acolytes’ attacks on Special Ops became more and more frequent, and it seemed that these two behemoths were about to go to war.

This fire was finally ignited, and it caused a huge wave of public opinion on the Internet.
With the help of various forces, Chu Yunfan was once again pushed to the forefront of the storm.

In the face of all kinds of doubts, the main character did not say anything.

Three days after Chu Yunfan issued the edict, a large army charged toward the Fire Acolytes’ headquarters with lightning speed.

Dozens of battleships and thousands of mechas swarmed over.

At this moment, everyone finally realized that Chu Yunfan wasn’t joking when he said that he meant to exterminate the Fire Acolytes.
He really intended to exterminate the entire sect.

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