873 Prestige Skyrocketing, Overnight Wealth

Everyone was shocked by the big move that Special Ops had made.
No one had expected them, who had been silent for so long, to make such a significant move.

There were so many forces involved.
Just the moves made in one city alone were enough to cause a massive wave of bloodshed.
Of course, the whole process was not smooth sailing.
Many forces tried to resist, hoping their backers would make a move.

However, to everyone’s surprise, Special Ops, which was rumored to have lost more than half of its high-end combatants, had recovered its strength, and many experts had emerged.

With absolute strength, Chu Yunfan suppressed these sects’ and clans’ resistance.
The Federation’s higher-ups were astounded, especially those related to these forces.
Layer by layer, they came looking for Chu Yunfan.

They exerted tremendous pressure on Chu Yunfan, but he was not perturbed in the slightest.
The Federation’s higher-ups looked like they had high positions and authority, but they were nothing compared to him.

He shook the Federation more as he disclosed more details.

Chu Yunfan ordered Huo Ruonan to disclose some information to the public on a daily basis.
The disclosure of these malicious cases caused an uproar within the Federation.
It was unknown how many people had committed heinous crimes.

There were many bloody cases, and the evidence was conclusive.
It was also a hard slap to the face of those higher-ups who had previously pressured Chu Yunfan to release the prisoners.

The implications of this matter were far-reaching, but no one dared to say that Chu Yunfan was overbearing.
Even if they had some opinions, they dared not say a thing.
Everyone knew that these forces were finished.

Among the many cases, the most serious among them were those that were discovered to be related to the Monster Cult.
They had infiltrated the higher-ups of these forces.
Some had already become part of the forces’ higher-ups and even deputy leaders.

“Chief Chu, these are the names of those involved with the Monster Cult.” Huo Ruonan handed Chu Yunfan a list of names.

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Chu Yunfan glanced at her and said, “We have to dig up the members from the Monster Cult and sentence them to death.
We will deal with the rest of them according to the laws.”

“If we follow those standards, at least ten thousand people will die.” Huo Ruonan looked at Chu Yunfan and continued, “The people involved are the higher-ups of the various forces.
It will cause a backlash.”

“It doesn’t matter.
Just do as I say.
Colluding with the Monster Cult is a capital crime and unforgivable,” Chu Yunfan said.

He knew there would be another uproar once he gave the order, but it was not enough to eradicate these criminals.
The oath he made in the past remained vivid in his mind when he had been helpless against the Monster Cult.

However, it was different now since he had great power and strength.

“Tracking the Monster Cult should be our top priority in the future.
It’s best if we can discover the leader’s whereabouts.
That demon has been a disaster for decades and has taken hundreds of millions of lives.
We can’t appease the public if we don’t kill that demon,” Chu Yunfan said.

He still remembered the time when he had witnessed the collision between the Heavenly Dragon Elder and the Monster Cult leader at the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
It was only one blow, but it left a profound impression on him who was still weak then.
But now, he finally stood on equal footing with them.

Huo Ruonan gasped in shock.

‘Chu Yunfan’s target is the cult’s leader.
That man even managed to escape the president’s pursuit.
In terms of strength, he was unfathomable.
Even the Divines of the world would not dare say they could defeat the cult leader.’

Chu Yunfan’s first intention was to target the Monster Cult’s leader, which made her feel like she was under tremendous pressure.

“I understand.” However, Huo Ruonan quickly returned to her senses.

In the end, Special Ops’ round of enforcement came to an end.
The result was that tens of thousands of people have been beheaded.
The remaining were sentenced to life imprisonment or exiled to cultivate the wastelands.
These severe punishments had been rare in recent years.

The assets of the seized clans and sects naturally fell into Special Ops’ hands, which made a fortune overnight.

Even Chu Yunfan clicked his tongue in wonder when he saw the final financial statement.
Indeed, a man can’t get rich without a windfall.

Previously, Chu Yunfan had squandered 300 billion yuan, which had almost caused Special Ops to collapse.
However, after auctioning off these sects and clans’ assets, they earned more than 500 billion yuan.
Not only had he made up for their previous deficit, but they had also become rich overnight.

Special Ops straightened their backs and swept away its decadence of the past few years.
It had the money to expand its workforce and deter the Federation’s ins and outs.

Special Ops resembled wolf cubs, howling, wanting to go out on missions again.
Since Chu Yunfan planned on stopping the Moster Cult, they could attack wantonly again.
After all, the Monster Cult had plenty of blood on their hands.

Previously, Special Ops lacked a strong leader, but Chu Yunfan’s strength gave it hope.

To Special Ops, it was like getting rich overnight.
But to the forces within the Federation, it was a disaster.
Since Chu Yunfan became the chief, Special Ops began to change and did not play by the rules.

Previously, even if Special Ops arrested people, they would arrest only a few people.
However, Chu Yunfan’s style of dealing with things was unprecedented, and many simply could not accept it.

However, Chu Yunfan had established prestige, and no one dared to underestimate the current Special Ops or join forces with Tianluo to fight against them.
Everyone knew the only outcome of fighting was extermination.
There was no other possibility.

Only now did everyone realize why Chu Yunfan had laid low during the previous months.
During the special training, the Special Ops’ strength had improved by leaps and bounds and simultaneously made the various clans drop their guard.

As for those who thought they were elites, they had underestimated Chu Yunfan from the get-go, and he had toyed with them.
Moreover, they thought too highly of the pressure their influence could put on him.

For a time, Chu Yunfan’s prestige was unparalleled.

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