872 The Federation Was Shaken

More than a dozen figures flew toward Chu Yunfan with a roar.
All of them exuded potent and dangerous auras, immediately blocking Special Ops’ path.
They were comprised of a peak-Innate expert and several ninth-Innate experts.

Chu Yunfan could quickly tell this was a group of formidable experts.
Each was a top expert who could shock a region.
They were the core and foundation of Tianluo.

“Chu Yunfan, what are you trying to do?” The middle-aged man in the lead glared at Chu Yunfan.
Besides anger, he also exuded hatred.

The middle-aged man was Tianluo’s sect master.
He had already discovered that Chu Yunfan was the one who killed his son.
However, Chu Yunfan disappeared two years afterward because of the war he had with the Jiangs.
Chu Yunfan reappeared but vanished again immediately after.

The last time he appeared, he had killed a Divine expert.
It made the sect master, who longed for revenge, grit his teeth and give up on looking for trouble with Chu Yunfan.

If the sect master were to find trouble with a Divine expert, he would not be a match even if they were ten of him.

No one expected Chu Yunfan not to die at the Third Crocodile Prince’s hand.
Instead, Chu Yunfan managed to kill him and became the new Special Ops chief.

All major clans and sects were against Special Ops this time.
Tianluo’s sect master was the one who had persuaded them to do so from behind the scenes.
Even if they could not do anything to Chu Yunfan, they would at least defy him.

The sect master did not believe Special Ops would dare take action without considering the consequences when so many clans and sects were involved.

‘Tianluo’s sect master!’ Chu Yunfan’s sensed the sect master’s evident killing intent.
After some thought, he could guess why.

“What am I trying to do?” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“I came to ask you what your sect is trying to do.
According to Special Ops’ investigation, your sect is involved in more than a hundred malicious cases.
How dare you refuse to come when we summoned you.
Do you think you can break the Federation’s laws?”

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“Do you dare, Chu Yunfan? It’s clear that you’re just here for revenge,” the sect master said through gritted teeth.
“Aren’t you afraid of stirring up the Federation?”

“Revenge?” A disdainful smile appeared on Chu Yunfan’s face as he continued, “You think too highly of yourselves.
Who do you think you are? Do you really think I’d bother to take revenge on you?”

The sect master gnashed his teeth so hard that he almost broke them.
The greatest insult was not contempt, but disregard.
He thought he was a big shot, but to Chu Yunfan, he did not even exist.

“According to our investigation over the past few years, there have been at least a thousand missing person cases related to Tianluo.
There have also been several murders, bullying, and many other cases.

“Those whose names I announce will cooperate with the investigation.
The rest of you will stay here and aren’t allowed to leave.
I will suspend all of Tianluo’s assets to cooperate with the investigation.”

When Chu Yunfan finished speaking, he read the names on the list aloud.

The expressions of Tianluo’s higher-ups changed as the names Chu Yunfan announced consisted of more than half of them.
In addition, Special Ops had sealed off their assets, which was a fatal blow to them.

More importantly, they knew what they had done all these years.
The matter of Chu Yunfan’s cousin—Chu Yunfei’s girlfriend—was well-known throughout the sect.

No one had dared to investigate before, but since Chu Yunfan had brought many elite experts here, it was impossible to hide it even if they wanted to.

“Start arresting people according to the list.
Make them talk!” Chu Yunfan said to Huo Ruonan.

“You wouldn’t dare!” the sect master exclaimed.

He charged madly at Huo Ruonan who was preparing to capture him.
Tianluo harbored too many secrets.
If others discovered what they had done, it would destroy the entire sect.

“You’re seeking death!”

“Hmph!” Chu Yunfan snorted coldly and waved.
Then a terrifying force burst out and swept toward the sect master.


The sect master flew backward at breakneck speed like a kite with a broken string.
Chu Yunfan’s attack sent him flying.

The sect master fell to the ground and could not get up.
The attack had broken his ribs, and this was Chu Yunfan showing mercy.
Otherwise, one blow would have taken his life.

Tianluo’s higher-ups wanted to make a move, but the attack instantly scared them out of their wits.
They knew what their sect master was thinking.
He intended to disobey the order and launch a wave of attacks to overthrow the Federation’s higher-ups.

Once their backers within the Federation’s higher-ups appeared, they could stop Special Ops.
However, Special Ops’ actions were too fast and caught them off guard.

Tianluo’s sect master attacked me with ill intentions.
I suspect he’s trying to rebel.
Seal the entire sect and take everyone into custody.
I’d like to see just how filthy things they’ve done.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

He had been waiting for the sect master to resist so that he could take the opportunity to wipe out the entire sect.

Tianluo’s elders and vice-sect masters were shocked, but they could no longer do a thing.
With a killer-god like Chu Yunfan at the helm, how could they dare to rebel?

The sect master, who had dared to resist, had already made himself an example to prove how big of a mistake it was to resist Special Ops.

No one dared to resist again.
Although the number of people in the sect was far greater than that of Special Ops, Chu Yunfan and Special Ops had suppressed and sealed the clan.

Special Ops mobilized on a large scale to attack the various sects and clans on the list.
For a time, it shocked the Federation’s higher-ups.

Special Ops sealed one large force, thirteen medium forces, and thirty-five small forces in just one day.
Chu Yunfan arrested tens of thousands involved in the case and sent them to the Special Ops base.

The number of people involved in these cases was so great that one would say it was unprecedented.
Over the past twenty years, Special Ops had never taken on such a big case.

Moreover, everyone thought Chu Yunfan had slipped up.
The sudden operation differed from what many had assumed would happen.
They thought Special Ops would just kill the chicken to warn the monkeys.
But instead, Special Ops had captured all of them.

Or rather, these forces were the chickens.
For a moment, the Federation was shocked.

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