870 A Great Increase in Strength in Three Months

For three months, Special Ops did not issue any new orders.
Even some of the original cases were put on hold because Chu Yunfan had summoned those in charge of these cases to the base at Kunlun City.

The news that Special Ops was on the verge of collapse spread like wildfire in the outside world.
In the face of such provocation, Special Ops did not respond.
This inevitably made people wonder if the strength of Special Ops was really going downhill.

Even within the government, there were big shots who asked if Special Ops was really lacking in combat power to this extent.
If necessary, they could loan out some experts.

Whether it was their true strength or their intention, this was undoubtedly a major test for the current Special Ops.

The Special Operations Department laid low for three whole months.
In a place as large as the Federation, it could be said that the limelight had long passed.

Many had forgotten about the edict that Chu Yunfan had issued before.
Most thought that he was just testing the waters.
In reality, Special Ops didn’t dare to offend so many sects and clans at the same time.

According to the statistics, there were more than a hundred small and medium-sized forces whom Chu Yunfan had summoned.
There were more than a dozen large forces.
And many of these forces even had the support of the Eight Greats and other super sects.

These sorts of relationships were complicated.
It was normal for Special Ops to be a little restrained, and there seemed to be nothing wrong with it.

On this day, at the edge of Kunlun City, the doors to Special Ops’ special training base finally opened.
More than three thousand middle and high-level officers of Special Ops who had been locked up for three months were finally released.

They turned around to look at Chu Yunfan, who was standing near the wall.
They couldn’t help but shiver as they thought of how Chu Yunfan had tormented them for the past three months.

In these three months, Chu Yunfan had really given them special training.
Among these thousands, the weakest of them was at least at the seventh-Acquired Stage.
It was not uncommon to see experts at the seventh or eighth-Innate Stage.

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To train so many people in one go was not something an ordinary person could do, but Chu Yunfan had actually done it.

They were given all kinds of extreme training and the latest training equipment developed through technology.
Every day, they had to start their special training as soon as they opened their eyes.
They would only be released when all their energy was squeezed out.
And that was not the end.
They had to continue with meditation and more training.

As he whipped these people into shape, Chu Yunfan also mobilized the power of the entire department to concoct all kinds of high-level pills refined by the department’s alchemists to supplement their consumption.

After squeezing them dry, he used all kinds of medicinal pills to supplement their consumption and improve their strength.

These were nothing because these were the conditions of Special Ops itself.
Although it consumed a lot of resources and money, it was all circulated within Special Ops.

What really shocked them was that Chu Yunfan was able to point out the problems in each and every one of them—whether it was in their training method or their technique.

They had many questions as to how to improve their cultivation but had never gotten the answers.
But Chu Yunfan was able to point out their problems with just a few words as if he himself had already practiced these techniques thousands of times.

As the saying goes, the master leads the way, but the cultivation is up to the individual.
However, this law had lost its effect on Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan was able to point out all the problems in their cultivation, and even some hidden dangers that they themselves had never thought of.
Every time they listened to Chu Yunfan, they felt that listening to his words was better than reading ten years worth of books.

In particular, Chu Yunfan’s summary of the key points of the Acquired Stage and Innate Stage was like a treasure to them.

It was as if someone had paved a golden path.
As long as you walked through it, your future would be boundless.

This feeling made everyone feel like they were going crazy.

This was especially true for those Acquired officers.
The method Chu Yunfan had given them to break through to the Innate Stage was a version that everyone could use.

Many would be stuck at the peak-Acquired Stage their entire lives.
It was not without reason.
Many times, one had to rely on their own luck to break through to the Innate Stage.

And Chu Yunfan had turned this situation of relying on luck and talent into a path that could be naturally crossed as long as one followed the established method.

In just three months, hundreds of ninth-Acquired Stage experts had broken through to the Innate Stage.
Chu Yunfan’s words had become the truth.

Although they were just at the beginning of the Innate Stage, they were still at the Innate Stage.
The increase of several hundred Innate Stage experts greatly increased the strength of the department.

In addition to this group, the other Acquired Stage experts had also made great progress.
The weakest of them had stepped into the ninth-Acquired Stage and even the peak-Acquired Stage.

The overall increase in strength was not just a little bit, and the speed of progress of those Innate experts was not slow either.
The weakest had advanced by a level, and the talented ones had even advanced by more than two.

And in the past three months, the number of upper Innate Stage experts had increased by more than seventy.
They were all experts who had been stuck at the fifth or sixth Innate Stage for a long time and had accumulated enough strength.
Now, they were forced to break out under Chu Yunfan’s extreme training.

The only peak-Innate expert within the department had been the deputy chief, Huo Ruonan.
However, in the past three months, another four more people who were originally at the ninth Innate Stage joined her.

Chu Yunfan had given them special treatment and released their full potential, allowing them to step into the peak-Innate Stage.
He promoted these people to the position of deputy chief to share Huo Ruonan’s workload.

After these three months, the strength of the middle and high-level members of Special Ops increased by at least fifty percent.
The vitality that was lost previously had been replenished in one breath.

In the beginning, they had all kinds of doubts about Chu Yunfan.
But now, they no longer had any doubts.
They respected Chu Yunfan like he was a god.

If he wasn’t a god, who could be as omniscient and omnipotent as Chu Yunfan?

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