869 Doubts From the Outside World, Special Training

The clan leaders and sect masters rejected Chu Yunfan’s first order as the Special Ops chief.

This was undoubtedly a massive blow to Chu Yunfan, who had just taken up the position.

Faced with this blatant disregard, Chu Yunfan feigned ignorance and sneered.
Just perfect!”

The clans and sects’ disregard made Special Ops feel indignant.
Since their establishment, they had been dealing with special cases, and the people they had to face were primarily from these sects and clans.

The ordinary police could not handle these cases, and it would be a waste to mobilize the army.
This was the time for Special Ops to show their abilities.

When the president was still in power, Special Ops had a fierce reputation and dealt with countless powerhouses.

No one knew how many Innate Stage experts who ran amok had ultimately been felled by their hands.
Now, even small and medium-sized sects and clans dared not look down on them.

Chu Yunfan said nothing.
Even if he were angry, he could not do anything.

Since Jeang Yuanbin’s disappearance, the losses to Special Ops had been too great.
They lost dozens of seventh-Innate experts and above in one breath.

This caused the high-level forces of Special Ops to lose at least half of their manpower.
The loss of such top-tier experts was not something that could be rebuilt in a short time.

It was insufficient to suppress all parties, so these sects and clans had no respect for Special Ops.

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As time passed, Special Ops’s silence caused the outside world to speculate.
Many knew about the previous battle.
However, they had not expected Special Ops to be so fragile.

They couldn’t even control small and medium-sized forces.

Especially within the department, everyone began to panic.

On this day, Chu Yunfan’s order spread throughout Special Ops.
Seventh-Acquired Stage experts and above were ordered to gather., unless they were on a mission.

In the hall, more than three thousand top-tier experts were gathered in a huge hall.
It was a little noisy.
No one knew why the new chief had suddenly called them over.

“I’ve been really aggrieved recently.
There are rumors outside the department has become a soft-legged shrimp.”

“That’s right.
When have we ever been so weak?”

“Even if we can’t take care of everyone, we should at least pick a few to take care of.
How dare they go against us? They must be tired of living.”

“The new chief has shown his face just to be slapped this time.”

Many were discussing in low voices.
They were not really convinced by their new chief.
Chu Yunfan’s reputation was well-known, but he had not made any contributions.
He had never shown his strength to them.

At this time, two figures slowly walked in.
The one at the back was the deputy chief, Huo Ruonan, whom they were very familiar with.
The only person who dared to walk in front of her was undoubtedly the newly-appointed chief, Chu Yunfan.

The entire hall instantly quieted down.
Everyone looked toward Chu Yunfan, and many of them were shocked.
Although they knew that he was only in his twenties, they were still shocked to see him in person.

This young man in front of them was only in his twenties, but he had actually killed a Divine expert.
If it were the newcomers in their department, they might have just passed their internship and had not yet become full-time staff.

Chu Yunfan walked toward the podium at the front and looked at the thousands before him.
They were the elites of the entire department.
Among them were hundreds of Innate Masters.
In terms of strength, they were probably not inferior to behemoths like the Jiang and Chu clans.

They only lacked a strong leader.

“Some of you may know who I am, but there are even more of you who may not.
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Chu Yunfan,” he said with a smile.
“There are many rumors about me out there right now.
Some of them are true and some are false.
You can slowly ponder over them when you have time in the future.

“But right now, there are rumors that Special Ops is so weak that we can’t even control the small and medium-sized sects and clans,” Chu Yunfan slowly said.

Many people’s expressions changed when they heard this.
They had been receiving a lot of contemptuous looks because of this matter recently.
They were quite unaccustomed to it.

“Everyone is waiting for me to say something.
Do you know why I’m not saying anything? It’s because I know that it’s useless,” Chu Yunfan said, “They don’t want to give me respect? Then I’ll beat them up until they do! They want to be disobedient? Then I’ll beat them up until they’re obedient!

“Our department is a law enforcement agency, not the PR department.
We shouldn’t be responsible for such things.”

Chu Yunfan stood with his hands behind his back and continued, “Recently, vicious cases have been happening frequently.
This is a huge challenge for us.
However, no matter what, as a law enforcement agency, we must not tolerate this.

“I know that many are trying to guess which sects and clans I will make an example of, but I’m telling you now that I don’t intend to do so.
I’ll arrest all of them one by one.”

Chu Yunfan’s words immediately caused an uproar.
Everyone was dumbfounded as they stared at the chief.
He intended to arrest them and bring them all to justice.

Did he not know how many people there were?

Although Special Ops was very strong, it wasn’t strong enough to defeat all the forces.
Even the government would not be able to achieve this.

Not to mention that Special Ops had lost a lot of power.
Their high-end forces had suffered a huge blow.

“With our current strength, you feel that it is impossible.
This is the reason why I have gathered you here.
In the next three months, I will give you all special training.
In these three months, I want your strength to improve further,” Chu Yunfan proclaimed nonchalantly.
He had finally revealed his purpose.

This was his real purpose.
He wanted to use this time to improve the strength of these people.
Most of the cases needed these people to personally lead their own teams.
If they were not strong enough, the deterrent force and law enforcement ability of Special Ops would naturally be insufficient.

Suddenly, everyone was in an uproar.
They didn’t expect that Chu Yunfan would gather them together for special training.

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