2 respectively.
It was a competition in itself.

The comparison between the two classes was actually a comparison between the two of them.
Now that their Class 1 had lost, and after he listened to the development of this matter, he was even more furious.
It was fine if they had lost, but his class had even been forced by the other party to act like
cowardly turtles, not daring to stand out.
He glanced at Chu Yunfan.
This student was unfamiliar.
He had not noticed Chu Yunfan before, but he had suddenly appeared.

Qin Wu was clearly in a much better mood.
Sparring between students was very common, but Chu Yunfan had gained a complete victory, so he was naturally in a very good mood.
However, he could not show it on his face.

However, he was surprised in his heart.
The first time he had noticed Chu Yunfan was two months ago.
At that time, Chu Yunfan had only made an initial appearance and displayed an astonishing talent in martial arts, however, that was all.
He had not expected that in just two months, Chu Yunfan would

be able to single-handedly defeat two Class 1 experts.
He had forced Class 1 to the point that no one dares to come out and accept the challenge.
Although the average class monitor, Zhang Teng, did not enter the fight, Chu Yunfan’s results were already shocking enough.

On the other hand, the young soldier only had a slight smile on his face.
He was not surprised at all.
No matter how brave and fierce these students were, could they compare to the people in their army?
In his eyes, if they were not killed, then they were just children playing house!

“Interesting, all of you are very energetic.
It seems that you should all have the strength to fight the monsters later!”

At this moment, everyone’s gaze focused on this young soldier.

That young soldier did not have stage fright, instead, he opened his mouth and said, “Hello, everyone.
This is the first time we’re meeting.
Let me introduce myself.
My name is Xue Bailong.
I am currently on active duty in the military region of Donghua City.
My military rank is Lieutenant Colonel.
Tl be in charge of your school’s combat session!”

Many students cried out in surprise, especially those who paid attention to the military.
They all knew that it was not easy for one in the Federation Army to be promoted.
From the looks of it, this young soldier was only slightly older than them, yet he was already a lieutenant colonel.
Generally speaking,
for someone of his age to be able to leave the ranks of a sergeant and become a second lieutenant was already considered pretty good.
A person who was already in a high position at such a young age was either capable or had a powerful background.
Otherwise, it would be a combination of both.

Chu Yunfan’s gaze was fixed on Xue Bailong.
His intuition told him that this Xue Bailong was extremely dangerous and terrifying, even surpassing his homeroom teacher, Qin Wu.
He was the most terrifying person he had ever met.
Ever since the Godhead had appeared in Chu Yunfan’s mind, his intuition in this aspect had never been wrong.
No matter how well the other party tried to hide it, it could not be hidden from him.

“Lsee that you guys are still in the mood to spar before the combat.
That’s pretty good.
Very energetic.
When you guys fight the monsters later, you guys will have plenty of time to vent your excess energy!” Xue Bailong said.
“However, you guys don’t have to worry.
Our Federation Army will do the most
dangerous job.
You guys shouldn’t encounter any monsters that are too powerful!”

“But sir, if we encounter a powerful monster, what should we do? Fight to the death?”
A student suddenly raised his hand and asked.
“Then you should keep your eyes wide open and stare at it.
This way, you will die with more dignity!”

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Xue Bailong said with a straight face, but it caused a burst of laughter from the students.

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