855 Tang Siyu’s Promotion to the Head of the Tangs

The moment Chu Yunfan killed the vice-sect master, it instantly caused a great uproar within the Federation.
Not just higher-ups of the Federation, but even the ordinary citizens of the Federation were paying full attention to this battle.

Because of the live broadcast, they saw the incident at the first moment.
The impact of this matter was undoubtedly on the level of a nuclear explosion.

It completely exploded.
Everyone understood that from today onwards, the situation of the Federation would change because of Chu Yunfan’s existence.

Any Divine expert, whether they stayed in the Federation or established a sect or a clan overseas, would undoubtedly become one of the few giants of the Federation.

Unlike Innate experts, if Innate experts were only ordinary weapons, then Divine experts were equivalent to nuclear weapons.

“Let’s go!”

At this moment, Jiang Xuanlei hurriedly called the other Jiang experts and began to flee frantically.

The Jiang experts seemed to wake up from a dream.
They thought that the vice-sect master would be able to kill Chu Yunfan, so they were not prepared at all.

Who would have thought that Chu Yunfan would kill the vice-sect master so quickly, catching them off guard and only leaving them with the thought of fleeing.

Chu Yunfan’s combat strength was truly terrifying.
Even Divine experts were no match for him, let alone ordinary Innate experts.

“Going somewhere?” Chu Yunfan sneered.

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The Jiangs had wanted to deal with him several times, and had set up countless killing traps.
Now, the situation had finally reversed.

He grabbed at the void with his big hand, and the true essence in his body instantly boiled up, turning into infinite thunder energy.

The energy in his hand turned into a thunderbolt.


The thunderbolt carried endless power of wind and thunder.
It swept out and headed straight toward Jiang Xuanlei.


Jiang Xuanlei didn’t even have the time to escape and was instantly struck by the bolt.
However, he didn’t have the strength of the vice-sect master.
The bolt didn’t just leave a big hole.
More than half of his body instantly exploded, turning into a cloud of blood mist.




Chu Yunfan kept grabbing lightning energy and turning them into thunderbolts.
He kept throwing them out, and they were like rain, covering the sky and covering the earth as they flew toward the Jiangs experts.

Within moments, all of the Jiangs’s experts were already dead.

“Chu Yunfan, you’re evil.
You actually dared to kill our vice-sect master.
You’re dead.
The Fluttering Blooms will not let this go!” an elder of the Fluttering Blooms said angrily as he pointed at Chu Yunfan.

Only now did he finally realize that Chu Yunfan had actually dared to kill their vice-sect master.
Even in the holy lands, Divine experts were high and mighty figures.
The death of one of them would cause a great uproar.

And now, their vice-sect master had just been born, and had died before he could complete his mission.

“You talk to much.”

Chu Yunfan directly grabbed another thunderbolt and killed this Fluttering Blooms’ elder with a single blow.

His eyes flickered with a cold light as he said, “Only the Fluttering Blooms are allowed to kill? Other people can’t kill the people of your sect? What a great rule.

“If your sect wants to take revenge, then come.
I’ll be waiting for you.”

When he killed the vice-sect master, he already knew that the grudge between him and the Fluttering Blooms could no longer be resolved.
The loss of a Divine expert was enough to make them enemies for life.

Since that was the case, there was no point in him holding back.
As long as his strength continued to rise, even if the other experts of the Fluttering Blooms rushed over, so what?

Everyone was intimidated by Chu Yunfan’s aura.
The others didn’t have the right to say this, but he did, because he had just killed a Divine expert.
He was now undoubtedly at the peak of his momentum.
No one dared to provoke him.

The news of Chu Yunfan killing the vice-sect master spread quickly spread throughout the Federation.
And the shock that it caused was only the beginning.

Needless to say, those who were on Chu Yunfan’s side were all celebrating, and those who were against him were considering whether they should continue to offend such a master with a bright future.

Chu Yunfan was only in his twenties.
Even if there was a so-called “what if” and he never entered the Divine Abilities Stage, just based on the strength he currently had, it was enough for him to run amuck in the world.

In a sense, it wasn’t very important whether or not he could step into that level.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chu Yunfan hadn’t truly entered the Divine Abilities Stage, the top experts and representatives of all parties would have come to pay their respects to Chu Yunfan.
This was basic etiquette and also a customary agreement between all parties in the Federation.

In front of Chu Yunfan, all of this seemed insignificant.
He was young, but he was strong.

Although everyone was still in shock, there were some who suggested that under such circumstances, whether it was the Fluttering Blooms or the Jiang Great Ancestor who was about to return, neither of them would let Chu Yunfan off easily.

Chu Yunfan’s future was bleak after offending these two giants in one go.

After all, even though his combat strength had also crossed that level, there were still differences in strength within that level.
Compared to the Jiang Great Ancestor, who was a veteran expert, Chu Yunfan was still far from it.

However, even those who dared to question Chu Yunfan were quickly drowned out by the comments left by everyone.
No one cared about this because everyone was immersed in the joy of having another expert in the Federation.

Although Chu Yunfan was far away from ordinary people, everyone knew that the Federation was not as dominant as it used to be.
It could be said that it was almost invincible.

To the current Federation, it was still full of crisis.
The establishment of each city was accompanied by the blood of countless predecessors.
These people used their own blood to expand the territory of the Federation.

The strength of humans was far from being powerful.
It could even be said that they were still in a weak state.
Under such circumstances, the strength of the human race would naturally increase with every additional expert.

This was a good thing!

Especially from the strength Chu Yunfan had displayed, his future was limitless.

For the Federation, this was also a promising future.

While everyone was discussing spiritedly, the next day, the Tangs announced to the public that all the contracts signed with the Jiangs and the Fluttering Blooms under Jiang Siying’s leadership were invalid.

Moreover, the Tangs was now without a leader, so they had pushed the daughter of the ex-clan head, Tang Siyu, to become the new clan head..

This news immediately set off a huge uproar among the higher-ups of the Federation.
At present, the true power of the Federation was still the experts of the middle generation.
The younger generation could only lie low for now.
It was already very impressive for them to be able to become the higher-ups of their families.

In many people’s opinion, it would take at least twenty to thirty years for a person to become a great figure at the level of the clan leader.
The new generation would only slowly begin to replace the old.

For example, although Chu Haoyue’s strength was no weaker than his father’s, he could only be considered the leader of the new generation.
It was impossible for him to take over Chu Yan’s position now.

Therefore, Tang Siyu becoming the head of the Tangs had undoubtedly opened up a new atmosphere.

Many people did not know who Tang Siyu was, so they were naturally not convinced by her.
In particular, many people in the Tangs were ambitious and wanted to be the clan head in this chaotic time.
And now, Tang Siyu had actually snatched the position they wanted.

This was the biggest joke in the world.
The so-called daughter of Tang Tianluo was even more ridiculous.
If that was the case, why didn’t Tang Tianluo choose someone else when he had so many children?

But everyone quickly understood that the Tangs did this because they were determined to suck up to Chu Yunfan.

There was no doubt that Chu Yunfan had just appeared out of nowhere and had not yet established his own power.
Although the Chus was his main family, his relationship with the Chus was not completely close, so it was still possible to win them over at this time.

Moreover, the relationship between Tang Siyu and Chu Yunfan was well-known.
Chu Yunfan’s attack on the Jiang family for Tang Siyu had shocked the Federation back then, and the incident was still vivid in their minds.

Now that the Tangs had pushed Tang Siyu to the position of the clan leader, it was obvious that they wanted to ride on Chu Yunfan’s coattails.

It was obvious that Chu Yunfan was very supporting of this.
After Tang Siyu became the head of the Tangs, he quickly sent out a congratulatory declaration and warned the people inside and outside the Tangs who were ready to make trouble.
If they wanted to cause trouble for Tang Siyu, he would consider taking action.

This declaration quickly frightened those ambitious people who were ready to make a move.
No one dared to ignore the words of an expert who had display the combat power of a Divine.

However, all kinds of rumors began to spread throughout the Tangs.
They said that Tang Siyu had only become the head of the Tangs because of Chu Yunfan’s support and that it was not her through own ability.

There were even rumors that Chu Yunfan was actually the mastermind behind the scenes, and Tang Siyu was just a puppet.
Before this, the Tangs were controlled by the Jiangs.
Now, they were controlled by the Chus.

And this rumor quickly made the Tangs uneasy.

In order to deal with this rumor, Tang Siyu declared that anyone who doubted her strength could come and challenge her.
If she was defeated, she would step down and give up her position.

However, something that made everyone’s jaw drop happened.
Tang Siyu won ten battles and defeated ten experts—all of whom were the top experts within the Tang family.

The weakest was a master of the ninth Innate Stage, and several of them were even peak-Innate experts.
However, none of them were a match for her and they were all defeated.

Only then did the absurd rumor dissipate.


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