846 Appearing at the Alliance Ceremony

The Kunlun Realm, Mount Tang City, the Tang family home.

It was an extremely lively day.
The Tangs, the Jiangs, and the Fluttering Blooms had formed an alliance.
This was the first time in history that the holy land had directly cooperated with the Federation.

If it was when the president of the Federation was still around, that would have been impossible.

The three factions had sent out invitations, inviting all the major forces inside and outside the Federation to witness this historical moment.

All of a sudden, the number of foreign flights in Mount Tang City greatly increased.
Many had come by private planes, causing the city’s huge airport to be full of people.

On the Internet, the discussion about Chu Yunfan was finally suppressed by the alliance of the three forces.

Originally, the alliance had attracted a lot of attention, but Chu Yunfan’s powerful comeback some time ago had stolen some of the limelight.

All kinds of live broadcasts emerged one after another, and various broadcasting platforms also sent out various popular live streamers to broadcast the momentous occasion.

The Tangs tried to make the alliance ceremony a golden age for the entire Federation.

All kinds of discussions emerged on the Internet.
Whether they were in favor of the alliance or not, they were all paying attention to the ceremony.

[The holy land clearly has ill intentions.
Cooperating with them is no different from working with a fox!]

This view had always been quite popular on the Internet.

[We need to be strong to forge iron.
If we are strong enough, why do we need to ask them for help?]

[There’s no way to stop the alliance now!]

[If Chu Yunfan come today, do you think he could stop this alliance?]

Suddenly, someone’s imagination ran wild and left a message.

[How is that possible? Wouldn’t he be courting death by coming here?]

[That’s right.
A large number of experts from the Jiangs, the Tangs, and the Fluttering Blooms have gathered.
How could he contend with them with his strength alone? Most importantly, the Fluttering Blooms are sending a Divine expert to attend the alliance ceremony.
If Chu Yunfan were to rush over, wouldn’t he be courting death?]

[That’s right.
If Chu Yunfan comes at this time, he’ll definitely die!]

The discussion about Chu Yunfan on the Internet was only a short one, because everyone felt that Chu Yunfan wouldn’t come here to die like this.

[What I’m looking forward to now is to see the vice-sect master of the Fluttering Blooms.
It’s said that he’s a Divine expert, and it’s said that the holy land cultivates ancient techniques from the Ancient Zenith Civilization.
I wonder what the difference is between him and the Divine experts under our cultivation system.]

[I’ve never in my life seen a Divine other than in videos.
Please broadcast it!]

On the Internet, all sorts of livestreaming were happening.

There was a sea of people outside the Tangs’ ancestral home.

“My dear babies, I’m Tiny He.
I’m at the outskirts of the Tang ancestral home in Mount Tang City.
I’m here to bring to you guys a live broadcast of the event! As you can see, there are countless guests behind me.
I’ll bring you the live broadcast of the alliance ceremony later!”

In the crowd, Tiny He’s delicate face revealed a sweet smile.
In front of her was a spherical flying camera.

[You look so good today, Tiny He!]

[Tiny He is the most beautiful in the world!]

[Stop your yapping, you monkey!]

[I’m begging for a look at the face of the Divine expert!]

Looking at the various comments on the virtual screen, Tiny He smiled.
Just as she was about to reply, she suddenly saw a figure slowly walking over and could not help but be stunned.

[Tiny He, what did you see? Requesting a live broadcast!]

[Do you even need to ask? She’s clearly infatuated.
She must have seen a handsome guy.
Please livestream!]

[Oh no, my goddess!]

“That’s all for this livestream.
I’ll continue in a moment!”

Tiny He immediately turned off the livestream because she saw a familiar figure.
It was Chu Yunfan.

She knew that there were endless discussions about him on the Internet.
She also knew that both the Jiangs and the Huangs hated him to the core and could not wait for him to die.
That was why she quickly turned off the live broadcast.

However, she never expected Chu Yunfan to actually appear.
She knew that once Chu Yunfan appeared, the Jiangs would definitely not let him off.

“Long time no see!”

Chu Yunfan waved at her.
He still remembered this food friend of his sister who was also an internet streamer.
Although they had not seen each other for a few years, her appearance had not changed much, so Chu Yunfan recognized her at a glance.

“Long time no see!”

Tiny He looked at Chu Yunfan and said, ” “Why are you here? I heard that there are many experts here.
It’s dangerous for you to be here!”

Chu Yunfan saw that she was a little nervous and concerned about him, so he couldn’t help but smile and say, “Experts? The more the merrier!”

Tiny He could not understand why Chu Yunfan dared to appear here when everyone else was already running for their lives.

All of a sudden, there was a commotion in the distance, and countless musical sounds rang out.
The alliance ceremony had begun.

“It seems that I have something to do.
Let’s meet again in the future.”

Chu Yunfan patted Tiny He’s little head, then suddenly stomped the ground and quickly rushed toward the depths of the Tang ancestral home.

Chu Yunfan’s strange movement was noticed by the Tang experts almost immediately, and they immediately sounded the alarm.

“Alert, alert! An unknown expert has invaded!”

All the tourists and guests began to panic.
They watched as the mechas hidden in the dark flew into the air and began to intercept Chu Yunfan.

“Who’s that? Is he really trying to cause trouble at today’s alliance ceremony?”

Everyone was a little shocked.
They knew how strict the security was today.
To dare to barge in so casually, wasn’t that just seeking death?

“Halt, or we won’t be polite!”

In a short time, hundreds of mechas had surrounded Chu Yunfan.
In the distance, more mechas were coming.
Looking at the logo of those mechas, some belonged to the Tangs while some belonged to the Jiangs.

One could only imagine how powerful the Tangs and the Jiangs would be if they joined forces.

Chu Yunfan looked at the mechas that surrounded him.

“He’s trying to stir up trouble!”

Suddenly, someone recognized him.
“That’s Chu Yunfan!”

“That’s right, it’s him.
It’s no mistake!”

“Some people on the Internet swore that Chu Yunfan wouldn’t show up.
I didn’t expect him to show up like this!”

“It seems like we won’t be able to appreciate the ceremony today.
I’m afraid Chu Yunfan is going to turn the world upside down!”

Many people saw Chu Yunfan and immediately recognized him.
Many people who were livestreaming also took photos of Chu Yunfan at the same time.
In an instant, the news of Chu Yunfan’s appearance at the alliance ceremony was spread throughout the entire Internet.

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