Chapter 79: What Kind of Strange Strength Was This


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“Yunfan, be careful.
That’s Li Guohao from Class 1.
He’s very strong.
Be careful!” Gao Hongzhi reminded Chu Yunfan from behind.

Chu Yunfan was not paying much attention to these people because they were too ordinary.
These people’s levels were very far from his.

But Gao Hongzhi was different.
These people were all his future competitors, especially for the limited number of places in focus universities.
Their standards were about the same, so they were definitely competitors, so they would all have to pay attention.
Li Guohao was one such character.
He was a famous figure in the school.

When Li Guohao heard Gao Hongzhi’s words, he only raised his eyebrows and then looked at Chu Yunfan provocatively.
Chu Yunfan, on the other hand, looked at Li Guchao with some interest.
Outsiders thought that he was talented, but in fact, he was not.
Because Chu Yunfan cultivated the Mighty
Eternal Emperor Method, his physical fitness could be said to be several times that of someone in the same realm.
That was why he gave people the impression that he was gifted.

If one’s boundless strength was created after birth, then Li Guohao was innate boundless strength.
It was also the kind that ordinary people envied the most.
The physical fitness that others had painstakingly cultivated, as long as they grew up normally, they would be able to have it.
Chu Yunfan understood the meaning in Li Guohao’s eyes.
It was probably because Li Guohao felt that Chu Yunfan was also gifted and had boundless strength that he wanted to challenge Chu Yunfan.

Chu Yunfan looked at Li Guohao.
The mace in his hand looked extremely heavy.
Most weapons were extremely light.
Otherwise, it would consume too much of the user’s physical strength.
However, a mace was the complete opposite, they walked the path of great strength.
It was suitable for those with

extraordinary talent who were able to completely unleash their strength.

Li Guohao slammed the ground with his mace.
Immediately, a loud collision sound was heard.
Everyone jumped.
They could not help but be shocked.
What great strength.
Previously, Chu Yunfan had also displayed great strength, but it was far from being as direct as Li Guohao.

“You rest first.
I won’t take advantage of you!” Li Guohao looked at Chu Yunfan provocatively and said.
His voice was somewhat rough.

“No need.
It won’t take much physical strength to deal with you!” Chu Yunfan said bluntly.

On the other hand, Feng Deying was so angry that his jaw was sore.
Chu Yunfan was clearly looking down on Li Guohao.
However, as a loser, he had no choice but to pray in his heart that Li Guohao would teach Chu Yunfan a harsh lesson.
“Good, this is interesting.
Receive my strike then!” Li Guohao roared and launched an attack.
He waved the mace in his hand like a tiger.
Then, he smashed it down toward Chu Yunfan at lightning speed.

Many students cried out in surprise.
Usually, when they encountered such a strong type, they could only dodge and not face the opponent head-on.
However, Chu Yunfan clearly did not think so.
He did not even dodge.
He held his saber in one hand and still did not unsheathe it.
Instead, he used the
scabbard to meet the attack.

“You’re courting death.
You dare accept my strike with only one hand.
When the time comes, don’t blame me if your arm is broken! Li Guohao thought to himself.

It was as if he could already see his victory and Chu Yunfan’s face when his arm broke.


Just as everyone expected, another shocking collision occurred.
However, it was completely different from what everyone had expected.

Everyone’s initial thoughts were similar to Li Guohao’s.
Although Chu Yunfan seemed to be very strong, he was holding a saber in one hand against Li Guohao who held a mace in both hands.
Even if his arm was not broken by the huge force, he would still be at a great disadvantage.
However, the truth was that Chu Yunfan raised his scabbard to block the mace’s strike.
Although everyone could not feel it, they could guess it from the loud collision.

Chu Yunfan’s figure was as steady as a mountain—like an old tree rooted to the ground.
He did not retreat nor did his arm falter.

“What? How is this possible?!”

Li Guohao’s eyes widened.
He had smashed down his mace with full strength, but not only did it not break Chu Yunfan’s arm, but it did not even make Chu Yunfan move.

In the next moment, Li Guohao felt a terrifying force coming from the other end of his mace, almost making him lose his grip on his weapon.
The effects of force were mutual.
He had always been one to bully others with his strength.
Now that he had encountered someone with the same strength, he was
completely unprepared and almost suffered a small loss.

“Interesting!” Chu Yunfan looked at Li Guohao and said with a smile.

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Chu Yunfan could feel that his own physical fitness was very strong, but there he did not know how strong it was.
Now that there was such a person he could test on, it was a good time to give it a try.
“I took your strike.
Now you take mine!”

Chu Yunfan shouted loudly, and then his saber swung down.

Interesting? Li Guohao suddenly felt that he had been underestimated.
Then, he waved the mace in his hand and directly smashed it against the scabbard.

Although he had suffered a little loss just now, he felt that it was purely due to his carelessness.
He did not think he was no match for Chu Yunfan.


Another shocking collision.
The entire field was filled with this shocking collision.

‘When the other students saw this collision, they felt a little powerless.
If they closed their eyes, it would sound like two monsters were colliding.
At the same time, they were envious.
The body was the foundation of all martial arts.
The better one’s physical fitness was, the further one would go in the
Everyone understood this principle, which was why they were even more envious of such talented people.

Another collision.
The scene seemed to be a draw, but everyone could see that Li Guohao was using both hands and a powerful weapon like the mace, while Chu Yunfan only used one hand, and the saber he used was not very heavy, the difference was very obvious.
However, it was clear that the two people in the arena did not care about what the others were thinking, especially Li Guohao.
While he was shocked by Chu Yunfan’s terrifying strange strength, he did not have the time to think too much about it.

Chu Yunfan did not seem to need any rest as he slashed down with his scabbard again.




They clashed again and again.
There were not any fancy techniques, and both sides were using pure strength to defeat the other, especially Li Guohao.
This was his specialty.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan’s desire to win was also aroused, he gave up on the gorgeous saber moves and used pure strength to
meet Li Guohao’s blows.

Although this kind of battle style did not have any gorgeous and dazzling moves, it was the most exciting to watch.
After the two sides exchanged ten moves in a row, there was a clanging sound, and the mace fell to the ground.
Li Guohao’s thumb and forefinger were bleeding, and his arms were trembling slightly.
He could not hold his weapon any longer.
Victory and defeat had been decided!

Everyone looked at Chu Yunfan in shock..
What kind of strange strength was this?

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