833 A Person You Can’t Afford to Offend

“Dad, why did you hit me?”

Wang Yuan didn’t dare to say anything in the tense atmosphere earlier, but after Chu Yunfan left, he finally spoke up.

Previously, Chu Yunfan forced him to kneel at the foot of the mountain in front of everyone.
It could be said that he had lost all his face.

He wanted to ask his father to back him up and help him regain his honor.
Who knew that his father’s first reaction when he saw the other party was to give him a hard slap and make him kneel and apologize to the other party?

This left him completely dumbfounded.
However, his father’s many years of accumulated prestige made him not dare to resist.
Now, he could finally ask.

“Beat you? In fact, I want to kick you to death!

Lieutenant General Wang was outraged, but he didn’t dare to vent it out on Chu Yunfan, so he kicked his son instead.

The surrounding guests finally believed that Lieutenant General Wang had a fiery temper.
He wanted to kick his son to death without giving a single word in explanation.

“Dad! Dad! I’m your son!” Wang Yuan let out a blood-curdling screech.

He didn’t dare to stay any longer and quickly ran out of the hall.
Lieutenant General Wang immediately chased after him.

Lieutenant General Wang felt a little better after giving his son a good beating.

“Dad, who is that guy? Even if Marshal Yang is his grandfather, you don’t have to be so cautious.”

Wang Yuan glanced at his father.
He wanted to say “bow and kneel,” but considering his father’s temper, he decided to choose his words wisely.
Otherwise, he might land himself in the hospital.

You think I’m afraid of his grandfather? I’m afraid of him!” Lieutenant General Wang said.

“He himself?” Wang Yuan looked at his father with a strange expression.
“No matter how powerful he is, he’s only at the Innate Stage.
Dad, you’re at the seventh Innate Stage and also a Federation general.
No matter how powerful he is, you shouldn’t be afraid of him.”

“My position is meaningless.
The number of generals he has killed spans over more than ten fingers!” Lieutenant General Wang said.

Those experts from the Jiang and Huang families who Chu Yunfan had killed weren’t just martial arts experts.
They were all high-ranking officials in the Federation Government and the Federation Army.

Lieutenant General Wang had a prominent official status, but so what? Chu Yunfan would kill him without any hesitation.

Therefore, he didn’t dare to be all high and mighty.
What a joke.
This man killed people as easily as killing chickens.
If it was Marshal Yang, it would be easier to deal with.

Although Marshal Yang was his superior, he was not afraid because Marshal Yang wasn’t in charge of him.
At most, Marshal Yang would just make things difficult for him.
It was nothing.

However, he had no way to restrain Chu Yunfan who was a powerful person outside of the system.
Even the Jiangs had come knocking on his door.

He may be a lieutenant general and sounded majestic in name, but he was nothing to people like Chu Yunfan.

Hearing his father’s words, Wang Yuan finally realized the problem.
He hadn’t kicked a hornet’s nest.
He had kicked a mountain.

“Who is he?” Wang Yuan asked.

“Hmph, haven’t you figured it out? Who else but that Chu Yunfan could make me so afraid?” Lieutenant General Wang said slowly.

“What? That was him?” Wang Yuan felt his breath freeze in his lungs.
He suddenly felt as if he had just walked through the gates of Hell.

He had only dared to be so presumptuous before because he didn’t know who Chu Yunfan was.
Now that he knew, he was scared witless because he had heard his father mention that audacious guy before.

“Isn’t he already dead?” Wang Yuan quickly said.

What was most unbelievable was how did Chu Yunfan appear here when he had clearly died.

“What’s so strange about that? It’s not the first time the Jiangs have claimed to have killed him.”

Lieutenant General Wang sneered.
“Every time this kid appears, he always causes trouble.
I thought he wouldn’t live up to his name.
Now it seems that the rumors have underestimated him,”

Lieutenant General Wang recalled the feeling he had when he was talking to Chu Yunfan earlier.
Although Chu Yunfan looked very kind, he could feel that there was a fierce beast hiding inside him.

Even though he was a seventh-Innate Stage, if Chu Yunfan wanted to kill him, it would only take an instant.

This feeling was absurd.
With his cultivation level, Lieutenant General Wang could come and go freely on the human-monster battlefield.
But when facing Chu Yunfan, he felt an extreme sense of danger.
And he believed in his sixth sense.

On the battlefield, this sixth sense had saved him countless times.
Therefore, he believed in his intuition.

The sense of danger Chu Yunfan gave him was far more terrifying than what was written in the information.

“If you see him in the future, take a detour.
Otherwise, even I won’t be able to protect you.” Lieutenant General Wang warned his son.

Wang Yuan originally thought of getting revenge, but now he completely put them away.
Chu Yunfan was clearly not a person he could afford to offend.

Chu Yunfan was a guy who killed generals as if he were killing chickens.

At this moment, in the guest hall, Qin Yuyan was also a little stunned.
She hadn’t expected the final result to be like this.

She knew that Chu Yunfan was very powerful.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have used him as a shield.
Fortunately, Chu Yunfan wasn’t angry, but she never thought that Chu Yunfan would be this powerful.

A dignified Federation general had actually been so scared when he met Chu Yunfan.
And Chu Yunfan hadn’t given two hoots about Lieutenant General Wang.

Anyone who could sit in the position of a Federation general was no simple character.
Every single one of them was a veteran who had walked through mountains of corpses and seas of blood.

But now, Chu Yunfan has actually scared him.

This meant that Chu Yunfan might have a terrifying strength that even she didn’t know about.

She finally understood why Chu Yunfan hadn’t made a fuss after she had used him as a shield.
She thought it was because of her looks.

She had absolute confidence in herself and thought it was impossible for Chu Yunfan to not notice how pretty she was.
But now, she realized that Chu Yunfan did not care in the slightest about how she looked.
It was just that his status was too high.

It was like an adult watching two children playing—high, mighty, and condescending.

Thinking about what had transpired, she felt a chill down her spine.
Her sharp weapon which had always been successful in every endeavor was completely ineffective against Chu Yunfan.

Not only Qin Yuyan, but even Li Xuanbing was scared out of his wits.
Even a Federation general had to bow down to Chu Yunfan.

Li Xuanbing had almost dug his own grave.

He immediately gave up on the idea of looking for trouble with Chu Yunfan.
Although he was arrogant, it was not to the point where he did not know what was good for him.

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