829 Hope of Entering the Divine Abilities Stage on a Large Scale? Chu Yunfan’s Trump Card!

Even during the extremely prosperous Ancient Zenith Civilization, cross-dimensional warfare was an extremely difficult thing to do, and the consumption was huge.

In the modern era, even with the current space technology the Federation had, they were still at their wit’s end.
They could not even create a space-folding device, let alone open a spatial channel.

Even the Federation could only maintain the spatial channel between Earth and the Kunlun Realm.
There was no way to expand it further.
Space technology had been a problem since ancient times.

Judging from the actions of the holy land, Chu Yunfan determined that they couldn’t send people to the Kunlun Realm on a large scale now.
However, from the initial emergence of Acquired experts to Innate experts, and then to Divine experts, it was probably not far away from the day when the holy land would move into the Kunlun Realm on a large scale.

“A few holy land sects have come to our family hoping to form an alliance with us.
The higher-ups of our family are considering it,” Chu Haoyue said.

Right now, the alliance between the Jiangs, the Tangs, and the Fluttering Blooms had stimulated the other superpowers to the point that they were also beginning to consider launching a comprehensive alliance and cooperation.

“And many of the benefits they offered were very attractive.
Compared to the incomplete inheritance that we have, the inheritances the holy land possesses are more complete.
We would be able to break through the Divine Abilities Stage.
It will no longer be as difficult as it once was.
It is indeed an enticing proposal,” Chu Haoyue said, “Currently, there are many elders in the family who are inclined to cooperate with them.”

Chu Yunfan nodded.
He could understand how big of a temptation this was for them, especially for those elders who many were at the peak of the ninth Innate Stage.
According to the normal cultivation process, they would never have the opportunity to go further in their lifetime.

However, they would be able to if they were to work with the holy land’s sects and families.
How could they let go of such an opportunity?

“I’m afraid that forming alliances is already the trend.
If our family doesn’t join in this wave, I’m afraid it will be difficult for us to continue supporting ourselves,” Chu Haoyue said worriedly, “The marine folks out at sea are also getting restless.
The Federation is facing troubled times.”

However, Chu Yunfan simply smiled and said, “It’s precisely because of these troubled times that men make a name for themselves.
No matter what other people have done, you’ve helped me a lot.
I’ll help you enter the Divine Abilities Stage.”

To Chu Haoyue, although extending his help had been as easy as lifting a finger, to Chu Yunfan, the safety of his parents was more important than anything else.

Furthermore, the Chus was his pillar and foundation.
The stronger they were, the more help they would be to him in the future.

Hearing this, Chu Haoyue’s spirit was shaken.
It was impossible for someone who had cultivated to his level to not want to reach the Divine Abilities Stage.

However, he was curious about how Chu Yunfan planned to do it.

“I have a pill formula in my hands.
With the inner core of a Divine monster and with some precious medicinal herbs, there’s a high chance it will help you in breaking through.”

Chu Yunfan was referring to the Divinity Nourishment Pill that he had concocted for his instructor, Jeang Yuanbin.

To enter the Divine Abilities Stage, the most important thing was to master the method of stimulating divine powers, which was what the Federation lacked at present.
The Divine experts of the Federation had some fortuitous encounters that outsiders could not replicate, so they could not be produced in large quantities.

Chu Haoyue’s eyes suddenly lit up, and a thought flashed through his mind.
He exclaimed, “Jeang Yuanbin’s breakthrough was related to you?”

He had never thought about it in this way before.
He just thought that Jeang Yuanbin had another fortuitous encounter.
He was envious, but he not had thought much about it

Who would have thought that this was related to Chu Yunfan?

“That’s right.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

In the past, he wouldn’t have dared to say it out loud.
The consequences of doing so were unpredictable.
However, with his current strength, he had no scruples.

It was just a pill formula after all.

In fact, if the Federation managed to obtain a complete inheritance, there would have gotten a complete cultivation system and a complete record of how to gain divine powers.
Although the probability was not high, it would not be like now, where the path forward was almost completely cut off.

Chu Yunfan had many methods to achieve this in his mind, and using alchemy was only one of them.
He could help humanity to make a breakthrough in their strength.

How many peak Innate experts were there in the current human race? Even if only one-tenth of them could reach the Divine Abilities Stage, how much more powerful would the human race be?

However, he wouldn’t do that for the time being—just like how he chose not to announce the existence of the Divinity Nourishment Pill back then.
He would only consider announcing this matter when he had enough power to protect himself.

He was not noble enough to sacrifice all his interests for the Federation.
Once he was not in any danger, he wouldn’t mind promoting the great leap in the Martial Dao of mankind.

It was just that it was still too early, and he had a feeling that this would serve as a trump card.

After his initial shock, Chu Haoyue quickly calmed down.
He stood up and started pacing back and forth.
He was thinking about what Chu Yunfan had said.
A pill formula could allow people to enter the Divine Abilities Stage.

If it was before, he wouldn’t have believed it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t believe that such a pill formula existed.
He had read about them in ancient books.
He just didn’t believe that Chu Yunfan had such a thing.

However, after Jeang Yuanbin’s example, he believed that there were not so many coincidences in the world.

Even the Stellaris Sect could produce a Divine monster’s inner core, so how could the Chu family not?

Many people knew that a Divine inner core was very precious, but not many could make use of it.
The development of the Federation’s alchemy path was still in a stage of exploration.
Even the Alchemy King was still searching for ancient books everywhere, as well as researching how to use the inner core of a Divine monster.

As for who would make Chu Yunfan hand over the pill formula, Chu Haoyue didn’t even think about it.
Doing so would mean turning Chu Yunfan against them.
And with Chu Yunfan’s current strength, unless the Great Ancestor personally made a move, who could suppress Chu Yunfan?

Although the ingredients in the formula were priceless, it was still far from being comparable to a Divine expert.

Chu Haoyue quickly made a decision.
It was worth a try, but he still asked, “As long as you give us a list of the ingredients, we can prepare them all.
But how confident are you in making it?”

“One hundred percent,” Chu Yunfan said confidently.

Back when he had helped Jeang Yuanbin make this pill, he had not been completely confident.
But now, he dared to guarantee that he had the absolute confidence to make it.

“All right, let’s do it,” Chu Haoyue said, “If this succeeds, I guarantee that the Chu family will fully support you in the future.”

He dared to say this because he could see that Chu Yunfan’s future was bright, and it was not something that the Chus could restrict.
The Chus were just a backing for Chu Yunfan, and when Chu Yunfan soared, they would also be able to reap great benefits.

Putting everything else aside, wasn’t this single pill formula already the greatest advantage?

As long as they had Chu Yunfan’s support, the Chus would have a stable way to break through to the Divine Abilities Stage in the future.
They would have many Divine experts, and it would not be difficult for them to become the number one family within the Federation.

Chu Haoyue could envision the rise of the Chu family, and no one would be able to stop them.

“I’m also a part of the Chu family after all.
Of course, I wish the best for our family.” Chu Yunfan nodded.

In the future, when the situation became chaotic, the stronger the Chus were, the more beneficial it would be for him.

“All right, I’ll discuss this matter with the Great Ancestor immediately.
Whether we buy it from the outside world or track to Infinite Demon Mountain to kill a Divine monster, I’ll definitely find a way to get you a Divine monster’s inner core,” Chu Haoyue said as he gritted his teeth.

His expression was a little ferocious and terrifying, but it was because he was excited.
He couldn’t help but be excited when he thought about the opportunity to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.
He would be a true supreme existence within the Federation, and there would only be a few who could stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him.

Chu Yunfan nodded.
The Chus’ strength and heritage were indeed amazing.
If he hadn’t happened to have a Divine monster’s inner core, Jeang Yuanbin wouldn’t have had the chance to enter the Divine Abilities Stage.

However, the Chus were different.
Even if this opportunity did not belong to them, they could fight for it using their powerful strength.

“I’ll list out the ingredients later, and you can have someone prepare them,” Chu Yunfan said.
With the Chus’ strength, he didn’t need to worry about this matter.

“Thank you, Chu Yunfan.”

After coming back to his senses, Chu Haoyue gave Chu Yunfan a deep bow.
This was not only an acknowledgment of Chu Yunfan, but it also signaled that he had not been wrong to support CHu Yunfan in the past.

However, he hadn’t expected that Chu Yunfan’s fortuitous encounter would be so great that it could help the Chus produce a Divine expert.

“No need to thank me.
It’s a win-win situation for all of us,” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.
“Thank you for taking care of my parents for so long.
Otherwise, the Jiangs and the Huangs surely would have killed them.”

“A win-win.
I like this word, hahaha!” Chu Haoyue laughed heartily.

He didn’t stay for long.
In his excitement, he quickly bid farewell to Chu Yunfan and left in a hurry.

The only thing on Chu Haoyue’s mind right now was to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.

Looking at Chu Haoyue’s back, Chu Yunfan smiled.

The Chus needed Chu Yunfan’s ability, and he also needed the Chus’ strong funds and resources.
Not only did he want to enter the Divine Abilities Stage, but he also wanted to bring his family to that level.

In the future, his family’s cultivation would all require a huge amount of resources.
With the help of the Chus, everything would be much simpler.

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