e from, but now, there’s no need to look.
They must be experts from Fluttering Blooms,” Chu Haoyue said.

“Originally, with the strength the Tang higher-ups possessed, they wouldn’t have been captured so easily.
But an expert in the Divine Abilities Stage appeared and suppressed them all.”

“Was it the Jiangs’ Great Ancestor?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“It wasn’t him.” Chu Haoyue shook his head.
“I didn’t know his background at that time, but now I do.
He’s the vice sect leader of Fluttering Blooms.
It’s obvious that the three of them have been working together for a long time, and they collectively launched an attack.
They must’ve been prepared.
To think that the Tangs, one of the eight great aristocratic families, would be manipulated in such a way.
It’s simply ridiculous!”

Chu Yunfan was speechless.
This was the disadvantage of not having a top-tier expert.
Although the power of a nuclear bomb was no less than that of a Divine expert, it was impossible to use a nuclear bomb so casually, and it would harm everyone, regardless of whether they were friends or foes.
However, it was a different story for a Divine expert.

Without a Divine expert to hold the fort, they would easily be taken advantage of.
If the Tang Great Ancestor was still here, the family would not have been captured so easily.

“But even if those higher-ups were captured in one fell swoop, didn’t the family put up any resistance?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“The more troublesome Tang experts were dealt with as well, and the rest of them are nothing to be worried about.
Those who dared to stand out were all killed overnight.
Though the rest of them were dissatisfied, they didn’t dare to resist,” Chu Haoyue said, “Moreover, those higher-ups weren’t killed, but were instead locked up in a secret place that even we can’t find.
Even their direct descendants don’t dare to act rashly in consideration of the safety of these people, so it was only natural that that woman managed to seize control of the Tang family.

“Hehe, what a joke.
There are so many who believe that strength is useless and that as long as they have the most advanced technological weapons, they can be as stable as Mount Tai.
They don’t know that strength is the foundation of everything.
No matter how advanced a technological weapon is, it still needs to be controlled by someone.
When people get captured and locked up, all high-tech weapons become useless.” Chu Haoyue sneered.

“The alliance has already formed.
What ‘big gift’ do you plan on giving them?” Chu Haoyue asked as he looked at Chu Yunfan.

“The alliance will fall through,” Chu Yunfan said calmly.

“How do you know that?” Chu Haoyue asked in surprise.

“Because I won’t allow it,” Chu Yunfan said, “No matter how capable that woman is, the entire Tang family is only afraid of her because of the deterrence posed by the Fluttering Blooms’ vice sect leader.
Thus, they don’t dare to act rashly.
The entire Tang family is surely filled with resentment and anger.
Once she and that vice sect leader as dead, this bullsh*t alliance will crumble.”

The air in Chu Haoyue’s lungs froze.
He finally understood what Chu Yunfan meant to do.

Chu Yunfan wasn’t planning to play tricks to oppress others but instead got straight to the core of the matter.
If he killed the Tangs’ matriarch, the Tangs would naturally stand on the side that opposed this alliance.
Then, if he killed the vice sect leader, the power of the Fluttering Blooms would instantly collapse.

What would the Jiangs be able to do then?

The alliance would surely just crumble.

Chu Haoyue finally realized that the way he thought was completely different from Chu Yunfan.
He had been taught to look at things from the perspective of his family since he was young, and there were often many roadblocks to what he wanted to achieve.

He was unlike Chu Yunfan who was so direct that he went straight to the core of a matter.

“This plan of yours is reckless.
The Fluttering Blooms are not an ordinary sect.
They are very powerful.
And in terms of martial arts experts, they are even above our own family,” Chu Haoyue said, a little worried.

“But they can’t enter the Kunlun Realm all at once, can they?” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

“You know about that too?” Chu Haoyue said in surprise.

This was information that only a big family like theirs could obtain with their extremely terrifying intelligence network.

“It was an easy guess.
Judging from the holy land’s display of strength, if they could all come out in one go and play alliances with us, they would’ve probably already come with their army,” Chu Yunfan said.
“Nuclear weapons are scary but don’t rely on them too much.
If the holy land has enough experts, they can ambush the nuclear bases and destroy them all.”

Chu Haoyue pondered over this and suddenly felt cold sweat dripping down his back.
No one had thought about this before, because the Federation couldn’t gather that many Divine experts.
However, the holy land might have such strength.

Furthermore, nuclear weapons could only deter experts of this level, but it was very difficult to kill them.
Their sixth sense was too strong, so it was easier said than done to lock on to them.
The best way to kill them was to have an expert of the same level.

“The holy land is definitely not in the Kunlun Realm, but in another dimension.
Even if the different planes are connected, it’s still very difficult to stabilize the spatial channel.
That’s difficult to achieve even with the current technological strength of our Federation.
The holy land has to travel in small batches.
If the entire Fluttering Blooms sect comes, I might be a little afraid, but it’s just a vice sect master.
I’ll just kill him,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.

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