Chapter 826: It Would Be Hard to Say Who Would Despise Who.

‘Maternal grandfather?’ Chu Yunfan pondered for a moment.

He scanned his memories, but he could not recall anything of his maternal grandfather and grandmother’s family.
The only thing he remembered was being admonished every time he asked about them.

To avoid being scolded, he stopped asking such questions.
Although he felt that it was a little strange, since his mother didn’t want to talk about it, he didn’t ask.

And thus, he grew up without knowing about his maternal grandparents.
Although his mother had never told him about it, he could more or less guess what had happened.

Since young, he had only had relatives on his father’s side, he had only ever met one aunt from his mother’s side a few times.

He wasn’t stupid and could draw his own conclusions.
However, he didn’t take it to heart.
Since his parents didn’t want to talk about it, he didn’t ask, lest he made his mother sad.

“Yes, it’s your grandpa’s eightieth birthday tomorrow.
I couldn’t reach you, so I didn’t tell you about it earlier,” Yang Yayun said as she looked at Chu Yunfan, afraid that he would suddenly lose his temper and not say anything.

But it was obvious that Chu Yunfan wasn’t upset, which made her feel a little relieved.

As for Chu Yunfan, attending his grandad’s birthday wasn’t a problem.
He was no longer an angry teenager, and it was obvious that this matter involved the older generation.

To him, his maternal grandfather’s family were complete strangers.
There was no love or hate.

Chu Qingxuan did not seem to be shocked at all, so she must have known about the celebration long ago.

“If you hadn’t said anything, Mom, I wouldn’t have known that we even had a grandfather from your side,” Chu Qingxuan said as she stuck out her tongue.
“I was so shocked when I heard you actually have a father!”

Then, Chu Yunfan knocked her over the head and scolded her with a smile, “If Mom doesn’t have a father, where do you think she came from? Do you think she jumped out of a rock?”

Seeing that her two children didn’t show any signs of rejection, Yang Yayun let out a sigh of relief.

“But Mom, you have to tell me what kind of person our grandpa is,” Chu Yunfan said.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you!!” Chu Qingxuan quickly raised her hand, acting like a spoiled little girl.
“Our grandpa is Marshal Yang Feiyang!”

Yang Feiyang?

Chu Yunfan quickly opened his terminal and found the information.
Yang Feiyang was a marshal of the Federation.

According to the military ranks of the Federation, other than the Grand Marshal who was the president of the Federation, the highest position that ordinary soldiers could reach was of a marshal.

Below the marshals were the generals, followed by the lieutenant generals, major generals, and brigadier generals.
These posts made up the higher ranks of the Federation Army.

Although Chu Yunfan had made assumptions, he had not expected his grandpa to have such a powerful background.

Although the Federation Army was huge and there were many marshals, anyone who could reach the upper ranks of the military was undoubtedly a figure standing at the peak of the Federation.

In this regard, Chu Yunfan quickly made his own speculations.
And as expected, Yang Yayun slowly explained.

When Yang Yayun became a young woman ready to fall in love, she was targeted by Yang Feiyang’s enemies.
She was then saved by Chu Wencheng and fell in love with him.
At that time, although Yang Feiyang was not a marshal yet, he was already a general and was from a prestigious family.

And Chu Wencheng was just from an ordinary family.
Yang Feiyang looked down on Chu Wencheng’s family and rejected the match.

However, he didn’t expect Yang Yayun to be so stubborn.
She actually left the Yang family and married Chu Wencheng, making their relationship a fact.

This made Yang Feiyang very angry.
Since then, they hadn’t contacted each other.
Except for an aunt whom Chu Yunfan had met a few times when he was young, he had never met his mother’s family.

In the blink of an eye, almost thirty years had passed.

Recently, there had been a turn for the better.
Two years ago, her grandmother fell seriously ill and was about to pass away.
At this time, the Yangs finally got permission to inform Yang Yayun, asking her to come and see her mother for the last time.

Upon seeing her daughter who had been on her mind for a long time, the old lady got over everything that had happened in the past.
For the sake of his ailing wife, Yang Feiyang finally allowed his daughter to come home to visit.

That was why Chu Yunfan’s family was invited to the birthday celebration.

Chu Yunfan wasn’t too shocked.
He had already guessed it.
This was indeed another story of a rich young lady running away with a poor boy.
However, in terms of the Yang family’s status, it was not one of the Great Eights but it was still nonetheless an influential family.

Chu Wencheng didn’t know how to react.
After his son heard about the past, Chu Yunfan didn’t show any extreme resistance as he had expected.

Chu Yunfan simply gave his father a thumbs up and said, “Awesome, Dad.
You’re awesome.
This is a loser’s counterattack.
You can write an article and publish it online!”

“That’s right, Dad.
You’re amazing.
I was wondering why Mom would fall for you when she’s so good-looking.
Now I understand!” Chu Qingxuan chimed in as well.

Chu Wencheng’s face darkened.
He wished he could discipline these two children of his like back when they were younger.

“That’s enough, you two.
Otherwise, I’m going to get angry!”

Chu Wencheng pretended to be angry, but neither Chu Yunfan nor Chu Qingxuan were afraid of him and just laughed.

Chu Yunfan sighed.
He just wanted to ease his parents’ sadness.
As for why his parents and family had eased up, he didn’t really care.
His mother had been away from home for almost thirty years.
What could he say as her son when she missed home?

In the past, the Yangs thought that they were a prestigious family and looked down on the Chus.
But now that Chu Yunfan was around, the Chus would definitely become a prestigious family in the future, and he would definitely step into the Divine Abilities Stage.

At that time, it would be hard to say who would despise who.

“All right, you two stop messing around.
I’m not worried about others, but Xuan Xuan, you can’t mess around with others this time!” Yang Yayun said seriously as she looked at her daughter.

“Mom, I’ve said it before.
It was not I who wanted to make a scene.
It was Yang Manxin who wanted to spar with me.
When she lost, she reported it to her parents.
I hate people like her the most!” Chu Qingxuan said, pursing her lips.

“No matter what’s going on between you and her, you’re still cousins.
Do you want to ruin your grandpa’s birthday with such unpleasantness?” Yang Yayun said, pulling a long face.

“I know.
As long as she doesn’t provoke me, I won’t provoke her,” Chu Qingxuan said hurriedly when she saw her mother’s serious expression.

“All right, let’s get ready and board the shuttle,” Chu Wencheng said.

“Mm-hm, let’s go.” Yang Yayun nodded.

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