Chapter 77: Chu Yunfan’s Attack, Terrifying Power

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Compared to the battle between Feng Deying and Wang Lie, the battle between Feng Deying and Gao Hongzhi was much more intense.

The strength of these two was more evenly matched.
Feng Deying had already stepped into the second level of the Qi Sea Stage, and Gao Hongzhi was also at the second level of the Qi Sea Stage.

For a moment, the weapons of the two sides made clanging sounds that rang through the air.
The two people did not seem much different in all aspects.
Both parties exchanged dozens of moves in a short period of time.
Many people held their breath and concentrated, afraid that they would miss out on any
The two of them were definitely the elites of two different classes.
These two who had chances of getting into a focus university in the future were already different from before.

Feng Deying’s sword techniques were sharp and ruthless, but Gao Hongzhi’s spear techniques were unrestrained.
They were both good, and each had their advantages.
Chu Yunfan looked down.
It seemed that both sides were about the same, but he soon realized that something was wrong!

At this moment, his eyes were like a scanner—scanning both sides into his mind and then reassembling and recreating their battle.
Chu Yunfan relied on this method to absorb battle experience like a sponge.
In this regard, even Liu Yushu praised Chu Yunfan’s rapid growth in actual combat experience,
which was simply astonishing.

However, Chu Yunfan realized that the battle between the two sides was different from the battle model that he had constructed in his mind.
He instinctively chose to believe the battle model that he had automatically constructed in his mind.
That was because he had never made a mistake before.

After a few breaths, Chu Yunfan immediately understood what the problem was.
Feng Deying was holding back!

Sure enough, Chu Yunfan had just figured it out when the victor was decided between the two.
Gao Hongzhi was careless and was pushed back by Feng Deying.
He staggered and was about to fall out of the battlefield.
However, Feng Deying refused to give up.
He thrust his sword directly at Gao Hongzhis ribs.
A sinister smile appeared on Feng Deying’s face.
He had been suppressing it all this while.
He had been waiting for an opening.
Now, his opportunity had finally arrived.
He had to vent all the anger he had felt for the past few years in one breath.

“Damm it!” Gao Hongzhi also realized this.
Feng Deying was too cunning, Feng Deying did just want to defeat him, he wanted to severely injure him.
When the time came, he would have to pass the buck.
Who could blame him?!

It was true that the school did not allow students to fight in private, but this kind of sparring that both sides were willing to have, as long as no one died and there were no serious consequences, they would usually turn a blind eye.

Just as he thought that he would not be able to dodge the incoming strike, he heard a clang, and Feng Deying’s sword was blocked.
Unknown to him, Chu Yunfan had stepped onto the stage.
Chu Yunfan used his Shadowless Saber—which was now out of its scabbard—to block the strike.
At this moment, Gao Hongzhi had just stabilized himself!

‘Chu Yunfan, you dare to interfere in our battle?!” Feng Deying saw that his sword had not pierced Gao Hongzhi’s body and immediately roared furiously.

“Since the battle has already been decided, is there a need to go all out?” Chu Yunfan said coldly.
“You hid your true strength and held back because you wanted to make this strike!”

At this time, the others reacted one by one.
Only then did they know Feng Deying’s goal.
Even many of the people in Class 1 looked at Feng Deying differently.
They all had the intention to fight for victory, and in order to win, it was normal to use a reserved tactic.
However, they were still schoolmates and
were not enemies who would fight to the death.
Feng Deying had been reserving his strength not to win, but to heavily injure the other party.
This caused many people to feel contempt in their hearts.

When he saw the surrounding students looking at him in a different light, Feng Deying immediately became furious.
He said, “You dare to criticize me when you interrupted our sparring without permission? What do you want me to do on the field? Is this the behavior of all the people in Class 2? Two going
against one?”

Feng Deying’s ridicule also caused many of the students from Class 2 to become displeased.
Even Ou Yang frowned slightly.
suddenly, Zhang Teng opened his mouth and said, “Meddling in a sparring session without permission isn’t right.
And you want to talk about rules? Ou Yang, do all of your people from Class 2 have this kind of behavior? I’m very disappointed in you!”
“Zhang Teng, you have the nerve to talk about rules.
Who doesn’t know about that little thing of yours? If you have any objections, let’s go!” Ou Yang said coldly and retorted without any restraint.

Zhang Teng’s face flushed red and a malicious expression flashed across his face.

“Since it’s a sparring session, I’ll be the next one.
As for Gao Hongzhi, I’ll admit defeat on his behalf.
Feng Deying, do you dare fight me?” Chu Yunfan said.

He had seen through Feng Deying’s plan, but he did not open his mouth to warn Gao Hongzhi because this was a spar.
However, since Gao Hongzhi had already lost, he could not let Feng Deying seriously injure Gao Hongzhi.
If that strike had struck its target, the healing mist would have been useless.
Hongzhi would probably have had to go to the hospital to recuperate.
He would definitely miss this session’s actual combat.
At that time, the gap between Gao Hongzhi and the others would probably widen and this was Feng Deying’s goal.

“A royal rumble? Class 2 really is something!” Feng Deying sneered and said.

“A royal rumble? Against you? There’s no need for that.
Just rest and recover your True Energy.
I won’t take advantage of you!” Chu Yunfan said, his eyes flashing with anger.
After knowing Feng Deying’s goal, he could not hold back the anger in his heart.

Behind him, Gao Hongzhi grasped his long spear tightly.
He had not expected that he would be defeated by Feng Deying and that he was almost heavily injured and could not participate in the actual combat session.
He was really looking forward to the battle!

You’re still decent!”

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Feng Deying sneered and sat down cross-legged.
After a while, he recovered the True Energy that he had consumed.
Then, he stood up and looked at Chu Yunfan.

Feng Deying called out, “Draw your sword.
This time, I’ll take back what you owe me, including interest!”

“Draw my sword? Against you? There’s no need!” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

“How dare you!”

Feng Deying could feel the disdain in Chu Yunfan’s words.
As soon as he finished speaking, he took a step forward and instantly ran toward Chu Yunfan.
The flash of light from his sword was like mercury pouring down from the ground, sweeping directly toward Chu Yunfan’s neck.
“Three moves are enough to deal with you!”

As soon as Chu Yunfan finished speaking, the saber that was sealed in its scabbard in his hand leaped out.
It was not unsheathed, but its speed was fast.


Feng Deying’s sword collided with Chu Yunfan’s scabbard.
Although it was only a scabbard, it was forged from the same material as the blade.
Otherwise, it would not be able to seal such a sharp saber.


Feng Deying immediately felt a terrifying and strange force come from the place where the collision happened, affecting his sword.
It almost made him drop the sword in his hand.
He could not even stabilize his body.
He could not help but take a step back to dispel this strange force.
‘How could his strength be so great?!”

Feng Deying felt a storm brewing in his heart.

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