Chapter 812: The Final Battle in Three Days

After killing Jiang Dan with a single strike, Chu Yunfan slowly put away his staff.
How could Jiang Dan possibly be a match for him?

Chu Yunfan could even beat a peak Innate expert, let alone Jiang Dan, who was only at the ninth Innate stage.

As for the Jiang experts who had come down the mountain, they had witnessed Chu Yunfan kill Jiang Dan with a single strike, and they were all going mad.

The Jiangs had met a lot of trouble lately.
A few top figures with the potential to be the next clan leader had died one after another.
Among the Jiangs, though Jiang Dan’s evaluation was not as good as Jiang Lingxiao’s, who had a high chance of entering the Divine Abilities Stage on his own, he would still be able to survive.

However, these two were far from being comparable to ordinary people.
Both of them had possessed the strength to win the college entrance examination of their time.
At the very least, they were ranked among the top ten students of their time.

Even with the strength the major families possessed, geniuses of this level were still rare.
Such people only appeared once every few years.
They were the true seeds of the entire family and the core strength of the future family.

And recently, at least three young masters of this level had died.
If the peak Innate experts and ninth Innate expert who Chu Yunfan killed represented the current state of the Jiangs, then these young masters of the Jiangs were the future.

Both the Jiangs’ current and future backbones had been massacred.
Even with the Jiangs’ strength, they had suffered serious injuries.

However, none of them the Jiang experts dared to step forward.
They all knew Jiang Dan’s strength very well.
He had already entered the ninth Innate Stage.

Only a short time passed from the moment he left the mountain peak till the moment he was killed.
From this, it was clear that the strength of the Mask Master was far beyond their imagination.
He was at least at the ninth Innate Stage and was much more terrifying than what everyone had initially expected.

Previously, very few people had thought this way because ninth Innate experts were not like cabbages in the market.
Masters of this level did not appear out of nowhere.
Even if they were not of the Federation, with the Federation’s intelligence-gathering ability, as long as they appeared, there would be traces.

This level of mastery, whether it was human or demons, as long as they appeared, it would definitely be reported to the intelligence department of the Federation.
And, after comparing this Masked Master with all the ninth Innate experts who wielded staff techniques, no one could find any master like him.

Therefore, they didn’t think that Chu Yunfan had already reached that stage.
But they now knew that they had clearly been wrong.

“No matter who you are, only death awaits you for making an enemy out of our family!” one of the Jiang experts said while gritting his teeth.

He had also stepped into the ninth Innate Stage, but he didn’t dare to step forward.
He could feel an extreme sense of danger from Chu Yunfan, and it had the power to tear him apart.

Chu Yunfan sneered as he looked at the Jiang experts.
“You Jiangs are so overbearing.
Come at me if you can.
It will give Huang Yueqing and Wei Zixiong time to prepare themselves before I kill them!”

Of course, it would be best if Chu Yunfan caught them off guard.
But he knew that after he killed Jiang Dan, it would be impossible to sneak up on them.

Be it Huang Yueqing or Wei Zixiong, they would definitely be prepared, so it did not matter.

“If you anger our families, you won’t have a place in the world,” the Jiang expert continued.

Chu Yunfan could immediately tell that this fellow was trying to stall and was waiting for the Jiangs’ reinforcements to arrive.

The Jiangs had extraordinary power on this Island.
Although they were all located in the depths of the island, they couldn’t be underestimated.

Chu Yunfan didn’t bother to talk to the man anymore.
After killing Jiang Dan, he turned around and left as soon as he had achieved his goal.
In a few leaps, he had already disappeared.

The Jiang expert gritted his teeth in hatred.
In the distance, there were already many mechas flying through the air, but the Masked Master had left without any hesitation.

“D*mn it! Report this to the higher-ups and tell them that we must kill this b*stard.
Otherwise, he’ll turn into someone like Chu Yunfan.
We have to get rid of him by joining forces with the other families!”

The news that Chu Yunfan had killed Jiang Dan couldn’t be suppressed and it quickly spread on the Internet.
For a moment, the entire Internet was in an uproar.
No one had expected that Chu Yunfan would actually dare to kill Jiang Dan.

There was no need to doubt the high status of the Jiang young master.
He was on a completely different level from killing a few ordinary Jiang experts.

There might still be a possibility of reconciliation if he had killed just a few ordinary experts, but after killing the Jiang young master, he had completely fallen out with the Jiangs.
The two sides would not rest until one of them was dead, and there would be no room for compromise.

After that, it was even exposed that Chu Yunfan had announced that Huang Yueqing from the Huangs and Wei Zixiong from the Weis should prepare themselves and wait for their deaths.

For a time, it was like a tornado had stirred up a thousand waves.
Chu Yunfan’s insolence caused a great uproar on the Internet.
Many felt that Chu Yunfan was simply seeking his own death.
Chu Yunfan had already thoroughly offended the Jiangs, the Huangs, the Weis, and the Deep Sea Whales.

The discussion about Chu Yunfan’s background was also very lively.
With the strength that he had displayed, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to make him an elder of any of the ordinary large forces—barring super-large forces like the Eight Greats.

No one believed that this person had no roots.
Thus, many people were discussing his true origins.
However, nobody could find any trace of Chu Yunfan.

And in the midst of this discussion, someone pointed out, “F*ck, this style of doing things looks a lot like Chu Yunfan!”

However, this theory was quickly drowned out, because everyone knew that Chu Yunfan had already fallen.
Though their personalities were similar, that was an impossibility.

While the discussions on the Internet were happening, everyone thought that the Huangs, the Jiangs, the Weis, and the Deep Sea Whales would not let Chu Yunfan off easily.
But after a few days, there was no news from these families.

Unexpectedly, there was not a single peep.

It was as if they had given up on him.
Just when everyone was in disbelief, an even more shocking piece of news came.

The barrier of the most important garden plot in the depths of the island was finally about to be breached.
This garden plot, which had once caused the Huangs to return in defeat, was finally about to reveal its mysteries to everyone.

Three days from now, the major forces would join hands and use nuclear bombs to break the barrier.
The barrier was too strong and complicated.
Even with the combined power of the major forces, they could not break it.

In that case, there was only one way, which was to break it by force.

The words “nuclear bomb” were enough to explain everything.
The major forces had lost all their patience and were even willing to use nuclear bombs.
Generally speaking, in the exploration of Ancient Zenith Civilization ruins, even hot weapons were rarely used, let alone nuclear bombs.

It was to preserve the ruins to the greatest extent.
But now, it had actually reached the stage of a nuclear bomb.
It could be imagined how intense the situation in the depths of the island had become.

Soon, more news was spread.
Although the major forces didn’t return in defeat like the Huangs, they still couldn’t breach the garden plot.

And according to their observations, this island would sink beneath the waves again soon.
At that time, even if they had the ability to reach the Heavens, they would not be able to do anything.

In that garden plot was a great herb that could allow people to break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.
Compared to that, a mere Chu Yunfan was nothing.

Every family was pulling back their forces in preparation for the final battle three days from now.
How many harvests they would get from the island’s garden plot would all depend on the final battle.

At this time, in a valley, a tall and upright young man with a sharp face held a staff in his hand.
As he waved it casually, the Spirit Energy of nature danced along with it, as if it had formed a huge tornado.

After a long time, the tornado finally stopped, revealing the figure of the young man within it.
Who else could it be but Chu Yunfan?

His whole body was covered in sweat, but the next moment, the sweat was covered by a formation of True Energy, forming a white fog around him.

“In three days?” Chu Yunfan said slowly.
He had a look of extreme determination, and there was a deep look in his eyes.

He was now at the peak of the sixth Innate Stage, and it would be very difficult for him to make any further progress at the moment.
It was mainly because it would be difficult to make a breakthrough in his combat strength.
Going against Heaven’s will and breaking through forcefully as he had was something no one had ever been able to achieve.

He had only been able to achieve such a feat with the help of the legendary herbs from the garden plot.
Although this whole island was shrouded in mystery, there were some photos and videos circulating around.

Chu Yunfan had also been watching them for the past few days.
Many of the herbs were rare and precious, but only a few of them were the most precious.
And the most precious of them all was called the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit.

He had seen this herb in the Alchemy Emperor’s memories.
The Mystic Hate Separation Fruit could stimulate the human brain to the greatest extent, and the brain was the root of all divine powers.

Generally, the brain of a peak Innate master would be stimulated by the fruit, and that would in turn give one divine power.
This was one of the few herbs that could be consumed directly without the need to refine them into pills to help people break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

The Mystic Hate Separation Fruit was one of the most important factors in the major factions’ frenzied attack on the garden plot.

And if one wanted to break through the limits of his body and gain the combat prowess of the Divine Abilities Stage, one would need this fruit.

Chu Yunfan was determined to get the Mystic Hate Separation Fruit three days from now.

At the thought of this, he began to swing his staff again and continued to hone his Mad Demon Staff technique.

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