Chapter 75: Feng Deying Again

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Three days, like a white horse galloping by, passed in the blink of an eye.

Outside No.
13 High School, it was very lively.
These students were armed with weapons.
Without even looking, it was obvious that these were students from the martial arts stream’s focus classes.
This had almost become a symbol.
The other students looked at them with some reverence, which
represented some sort of identity and strength.

Among these people, there was a young man who looked about 16 or 17 years old.
He wore a black martial arts uniform looking clean and neat.
There was a battle saber on his back.
However, this battle saber was sealed in its scabbard, making it impossible for people to see its true appearance.
However, there were still sharp-eyed students who recognized it at once.
The symbol on the scabbard was not hidden.

“Is that the Shadowless Saber? I’ve only read about it in magazines.
I didn’t expect that there were people in our school who could afford it!” Some students recognized it when they saw the symbol and could not help but exclaim.

“It really is the Shadowless Saber.
Per saber costs three million.
Since its conception, it has been the favorite of countless Monster Hunters! It has also caused countless people to go bankrupt!”

“Although our school is not a noble school, there are still quite a number of rich people.
However, this senior looks very unfamiliar.
He’s not one of those rich seniors that I know!”

“It’s normal that you low-ranking students do not know him.
This is Chu Yunfan.
He has just started making a name for himself in the past two months.
However, he’s very strong.
A month ago, he had already stepped into the Qi Sea Stage during the class allocation assessment.
Now, he’s an elite student
of the Focus Class 2 of the martial arts stream!”

Some of the students had sharp eyes and recognized Chu Yunfan.
After all, during this period of time, Chu Yunfan had started to become famous.
“So it’s him.
I’ve heard of him.
However, it’s rumored that he’s a commoner student.
How could he afford the Shadowless Saber? Even an ordinary rich man could not afford it.
How many Monster Hunters and explorers have gone bankrupt just to get a Shadowless Blade!”
Many students nodded one after another, looking as if they had suddenly realized something, Many commoner students, in particular, looked up to Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan was their role model and ultimate goal.

“Te also heard that he’s a commoner student, but it’s hard to say.
Who knows, he might have received funding from some big financial group.
That’s also possible!”

Many of the students responded with an “Oh.” They thought that they knew the truth, which was also the most likely reason.

Chu Yunfan carried his battle saber on his back as he shuttled through the crowd.
The surrounding students were all discussing the battle saber on his back.
The mighty, three-million-yuan Shadowless Battle Saber was a mythical existence to these students.

In fact, Chu Yunfan had only received the Shadowless Saber yesterday.
He had finally received it before the actual combat.
It was refined using high-tech combined with primordial adamantine which was unique to the Kunlun Realm.
Even the battle saber issued by the Federation Government weighed
forty pounds.
As for the Shadowless Battle Saber, its sharpness and hardness were far superior to ordinary battle sabers.
However, it only weighed twenty pounds.
With the same strength, a warrior’s combat endurance could be doubled.

Entering the class, what greeted his eyes were all kinds of weapons and the faces of slightly excited teenagers.
Chu Yunfan looked around.
Although there were few people like him who had brought weapons worth millions, almost all of them had changed to better weapons.
No one was using the weapons
issued by the Federation Government.
This was actual combat.
No one would joke about their own lives.
Even a commoner family would do their best to buy a weapon worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Chu Yunfan’s parents had also asked him about this, but he had rejected them because he had a
Not long after he sat down, he heard Gao Hongzhi’s voice.

“Wow, you really bought the Shadowless!”

Gao Hongzhi held a long spear in his hand.
The body of the spear emitted a metallic glow and the tip of the spear flickered with a sharp light.
At this moment, he looked at the battle saber on Chu Yunfan’s back and his eyes lit up.
He had heard Chu Yunfan say that he wanted to buy the Shadowless Saber,
but he only thought that Chu Yunfan was just saying it.
After all, he was very clear about Chu Yunfan’s family background, and Chu Yunfan had also refused his financial support.
He should not be able to afford it.

“It just arrived yesterday!” Chu Yunfan said with a smile.

‘Then Gao Hongzhi frowned and said, “Don’t tell me that you have signed a contract to sell yourself to those big companies? Although those big companies are willing to give you money, the work they want you to do is life-threatening.
It’s not worth three million!”

He knew that many big companies liked to sponsor some talented but very poor students so that they would sign a contract to sell themselves.
Although the conditions were generous, the things they wanted them to do were also very dangerous.
He did not want Chu Yunfan to go down this path.
“If you really lack money, you can tell me.
It’s not worth it to exchange your life for it!”

Chu Yunfan smiled and said, “Don’t worry.
I’m not stupid.
I have other ways to earn money!”


While they were talking, another figure appeared.
It was none other than Tang Siyu.
Tang Siyu nodded to the two of them.
They were both from Class 11, so they were definitely much closer to each other than the students.

Tang Siyu was holding a long sword.
Its style was quite simple and one could not tell the brand, but it was obviously not bad either.
However, Chu Yunfan noticed that Tang Siyu’s aura had changed again and she had become even stronger! If Chu Yunfan had not been much more sensitive to energy than

the average person, he would not have sensed it.
It seemed like she had broken through to the third level of the Qi Sea Stage! She was still one step ahead of Chu Yunfan!

However, Chu Yunfan immediately felt relieved.
During the class-dividing assessment a month ago, Tang Siyu was already at the second level of the Qi Sea Stage.
It was normal for her to make another breakthrough in a month.
However, he was still slightly surprised in his heart.
Tang Siyu was indeed
amazing, no wonder she was able to make the teacher look at her in a different light.
Not long after, Ou Yang also entered the classroom.
He was dressed in combat gear and held a thick long saber in his hand.
He was also walking the path of a heavy saber.

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The moment he entered, the students could not help but exclaim in surprise.
The long saber in his hand also had a great background.
Its price was not inferior to the Shadowless Saber.
It was in fact more than three million yuan.
The crowd talked for a while.
Not long after, the homeroom teacher, Qin Wu, walked in.
He glanced around and confirmed that everyone was present, then he said, “Since everyone is here, let’s get ready.
Let’s gather on the field and get ready to set off!”
Hearing Qin Wu’s words, many people clenched their weapons tightly.
The real combat was finally coming.
Whether it was a dragon or a worm, they would all see it in this battle.

Under the leadership of the class monitor, Ou Yang, everyone headed to the field to gather.
At this time, the students of the Focus Class 1 had already gathered here.
They were originally competing against each other, so they instinctively confronted each other.

Among them, Chu Yunfan also met the students of the previous Class 11, as well as an old acquaintance, Feng Deying..

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