Chu Yunfan’s actions undoubtedly triggered Marine Whale to the point where he was burning with anger.

Marine Whale had never met such an opponent before.
It was as if this person didn’t care about him at all, and even deliberately provoked him.

He swore that if he caught Chu Yunfan, he would skin him alive and tear him apart.

The other Deep Sea Whales on the island received the notice.
The young master of their tribe gave the order to find Chu Yunfan.
Those who caught him would be greatly rewarded.
The person who provided any information would also be rewarded.

Chu Yunfan quickly felt the pressure.
From time to time, he could see shadows in his surroundings.
There were aquatic monsters and even humans searching for him.

How could he not understand what had happened?

Soon, he learned what had happened.
It turned out that Marine Whale had ordered everyone on the island to help him find Chu Yunfan.
Anyone who could capture Chu Yunfan would be greatly rewarded.

The people who had appeared around him were naturally after the rewards.

Marine Whale had even posted a wanted poster on the Internet as if he was not afraid of anyone finding out about it.
Even if they knew, they would kill them.

If it was an ordinary person, this situation would be enough to scare them to death.
There was no doubt that this was not something that an ordinary person could deal with.

However, Marine Whale was wrong.
The person he was dealing with was Chu Yunfan.
Chu Yunfan had killed many peak Innate experts before, so why would he be afraid of Marine Whale?

“Hmph, you want my head?” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“Very well.
Since the island hasn’t been conquered yet, I’ll play with you guys.”

Chu Yunfan had checked and found that the experts of the major forces were still lingering around.
They hadn’t managed to conquer the medicinal garden yet, and the rogue cultivators were still waiting.
Everyone was waiting.

Right now, the entire medicinal garden on the island was roughly divided into three parts.
The core of the medicinal garden boosted the largest garden plot.
And there were rumors on the Internet that there were many divine herbs in that garden plot.

It was said that there were great herbs in there that could allow one to advance from the peak of the Innate Stage to the Divine Abilities Stage

The Huangs were defeated when they attacked this garden plot and were forced to flee.
This was the most dangerous place in the entire medicinal garden.

However, no one knew exactly what was inside.
The various powers had sealed off the area extremely tightly.
Unless one went deep into the medicinal garden, no one would be able to get any information from the outside.

Around this core garden plot were slightly inferior garden plots that contained many rare herbs.
Many of them were herbs that had only been seen in ancient books and were probably extinct.
Although they were not as effective as the divine herbs in the core garden plot, they were still extremely precious.

However, the core garden plot was surrounded by all the major powers.
Each of the major powers had a peak Innate Stage expert guarding it, so outsiders couldn’t interfere.
After all, any rogue cultivator would be too weak when facing these incomparably powerful behemoths.

Then, there were the garden plots at the edge of the island.
These garden plots were inferior.
But to ordinary Innate Stage experts, they were still unimaginably great.

There were herbs that could stimulate a person’s full potential.
This caused countless Innate experts to go crazy.

Many could step into the ninth Innate Stage, but they could not reach the peak of the Innate Stage.
That meant that their body’s potential had not been released.

The peak of the Innate Stage was the cultivation of the Innate Stage to an extremely perfect realm.
This required the person’s potential to be released in order to be able to step into that level.

This was something that was impossible for most Innate experts.
This was because the cultivation techniques they cultivated had flaws.
There were problems from the very beginning, so the path they could take was limited.

Although the Federation was gradually approaching perfection in the cultivation of the Innate Stage, it was still not complete.

The road ahead had been cut off, and now everyone was bravely moving forward, continuing the path for all the cultivators in the world.

Under the situation where there were flaws in the cultivation technique, only by consuming these heavenly treasures would one have the chance to step into the peak Innate Stage and unleash the full potential of their body.
Only then would one have the foundation to step into the Divine Abilities Stage.

Even the Innate Stage was not perfect, how could one break through to the Divine Abilities Stage?

Therefore, this was of utmost importance to Innate Stage experts.
And this was the place where the competition was the fiercest.
This was related to their future path of cultivation.
Even if they had to face the Eight Greats and various super sects, these rogue cultivators would never give in.

And even though the various great families already monopolized the island, they wouldn’t dare to go too far and swallow all the benefits.
One had to know that among the rogue cultivators, there were also unrivaled masters.
Although there were few of them, it wasn’t as if there weren’t any.

In terms of mid-level strength, rogue cultivators were several times more powerful than the experts of the various aristocratic families.
The Federation had achieved brilliant results in popularizing cultivation within the entire population.

However, right now, before the next garden plot was seized, Chu Yunfan still had quite a bit of time.

After he had made up his mind, those human and aquatic monster experts who wanted to target him were completely out of luck.

With the Mountain River Diagram, if Chu Yunfan wanted to hide, no one would be able to find him.

Under Marine Whale’s orders, many experts on the island began a thorough search.
However, they didn’t know that their search was meaningless because Chu Yunfan was hiding in the Mountain River Diagram.
Though they turned the place upside down, they still failed to find him.
They didn’t know about the diagram.

Under such circumstances, Chu Yunfan’s surprise attack caught them completely unprepared.
They were all killed in a single shot where they stood.

An expert passed by the place where Chu Yunfan was hiding.
Before they could react, an iron staff fell from the sky and smashed their head open.
This person died an instant death.

Chu Yunfan showed no mercy to these people.
He knew that these people wanted to exchange his life for benefits from the Deep Sea Whales.

Since that was the case, he naturally would not show any mercy.

Although these people were not weak, they were no match for Chu Yunfan.
They died before they could even react.

If these people were human experts, Chu Yunfan just took some of their valuables and left their corpses intact.
However, if they were aquatic monster experts, they would be in trouble.
Chu Yunfan would kill them and roast them.

After eating these aquatic monsters, he would upload some pictures onto the Internet.

In just three days, over a hundred experts had died at Chu Yunfan’s hands.
This caused a huge commotion on the Internet.

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