After Chu Yunfan’s battle was posted, it immediately became the hottest topic on the Internet.
It could even be said that it ignited public opinion of the Internet.

It was actually not a rare thing for the martial arts experts of the Federation to kill aquatic monsters.
There were many virtual videos that could be called teaching videos online.
The viewership rating on these hunting methods was very high.

These videos would even be treated as research.
Different monsters had different weaknesses.
Only by targeting these weaknesses, coupled with powerful martial techniques, could humans fight against these monsters and kill them.

However, there were very few who had a battle mode like Chu Yunfan’s.


His style was simply hot-blooded to the point of exploding.
It completely subverted the various steps that one was supposed to follow when dealing with monsters like not fighting monsters head-on, and so on.

For a person like Chu Yunfan, all those steps had become nonsense.

There were monsters that weren’t convinced? Then they would be beaten to death.

A problem that could be solved with a fist didn’t require a weapon at all.

[Such a hot-blooded combat style is a true man’s style!]

[A real man never looks back at a corpse!]

Many people were full of admiration for Chu Yunfan’s combat style.
This was because they couldn’t do what Chu Yunfan did—killing two sea serpents with such ease.

However, there were always some who stood up and opposed him.

Someone stood up and said that the Federation was currently in a tumulous situation.
By slaughtering the aquatic demons so casually, he was undoubtedly trying to stir up a conflict between the aquatic demons and the humans.

If the aquatic demons and the humans were to go to war, then Chu Yunfan would be blamed.

However, the moment these people stood up and pointed their spears at Chu Yunfan, they were immediately refuted by many people.
Although the humans and the aquatic monsters were not at a large-scale war, were there not many battles that had happened over the years?

If it wasn’t for the protection of the Federation Army that had suppressed these aquatic demons, how could the humans have lived so peacefully for so many years?

At this moment, these naysayers weren’t standing with their own kind.
On the contrary, they were standing on the side of the aquatic demons.
Were they even human?

[Are you people blind? Didn’t you see in the video that those two huge serpents were mocking us humans and said that we’re weak? Others look down on us, yet you still want to speak up for them.
Do you want to be traitors of humanity?]

Those people had just appeared when they were drowned out by the voices of countless people on the Internet.
They did not dare to come out and go against the will of the people.

Many people even praised Chu Yunfan’s massacre.
The contempt these two sea serpents and all other monsters had for humans were beyond doubt.

It was beyond words, and many felt indignant upon seeing it.

Now, Chu Yunfan had taught them a lesson.
It was perfect.

Even if the Huangs intended to stir up negative comments against Chu Yunfan on the Internet, the eyes of the Federation’s netizens were clear now.
It wasn’t easy to sway public opinion as before.

Just as this matter was in full swing, a member of the Deep Sea Whale tribe called Marine Whale suddenly spoke up.

Chu Yunfan was doing this to provoke their tribe.
After killing the two sea serpents, he had taken away their inner cores.
This was a heinous crime.

Marine Whale was currently on the island as well.
If Chu Yunfan was lucky enough not to meet him, it would be fine.
If he did, Marine Whale would surely skin him alive and tear him apart.

Chu Yunfa would die in no man’s land.

Moreover, Marine Whale had announced his coordinates.

[Come if you dare, Chu Yunfan!]


This speech caused the already heated topic to explode all over again.

What people were paying attention to was not only the provocation that this Marine Whale had made toward Chu Yunfan but also the fact that this Marine Whale fellow was actually an expert among the aquatic demons.

Soon, people on the Internet were digging out all sorts of information about who this Marine Whale was.
According to the intelligence gathered by the Federation, the Deep Sea Whale tribe was an extremely powerful race out on the Infinite Sea.

There was even a great ancestor of the Deep Sea Whales who had reached the Divine Abilities Stage.
He was extremely powerful and might not be any weaker than the eight great families of the human race.

For a moment, the entire Internet was in an uproar.
The human race had never seen aquatic demon tribes before.
They had only heard of their existence.

Over the years, these aquatic demon tribes had only been active at the Infinite Sea and had been blocked out of the Federation’s territory by the Federation Army.

Although the aquatic demons and humans were constantly in conflict, they weren’t like the Infinite Demon Mountain which had a deep blood feud with the Federation.

[Oh my God, my God.
What did I just see? Aquatic demons are actually using the Internet!]

Many people were completely dumbfounded after they realized what kind of existence this Marine Whale was.
Before this, the people using the Internet were all humans.
Or rather, even if there were some unusual creatures hidden within, none of them were like this Marine Whale who had openly revealed his existence to the eyes of humans.

Although Marine Whale had only posted once, in less than an hour, his online followers had already exceeded a million.

Many people were seeking novelty.
After all, they had never seen any unusual creatures using the Internet before.

After that, this Marine Whale made a bold promise to kill Chu Yunfan.
Otherwise, when the aquatic demons became angry, they would slaughter Chu Yunfan’s entire family.

Such a ruthless statement made many people extremely unhappy.
After all, Chu Yunfan was a human expert.

And Marine Whale had appeared out of nowhere and expressed that he wanted to slaughter Chu Yunfan’s entire family.

Many people left messages on Marine Whale’s social media account.

[Those two sea serpents had asked for it.]

[They dared to intercept and try to kill him.
They even dared to say that humans were too weak.]

[They were simply courting death.]

Marine Whale’s reply made countless people even angrier.

[Humans have always been incapable.
This person hides his head and shows his tail.
However, there are no tigers in the mountains, and monkeys call themselves kings.
If he dares to appear in front of me, I’ll let him see red!]

Marine Whale’s reply instantly ignited the anger of countless people, and they all started to curse him.

Marine Whale did not reply any further and merely released a few videos of him defeating human experts.

In these videos, he was dressed in azure-colored clothes and defeated the human experts with just a few punches and kicks.
These human experts were all well-known experts of the Federation that had been famous for a long time.
In fact, almost all of them were ninth Innate experts.

For a moment, everyone was speechless.
Marine Whale had slapped them ruthlessly in the face, and they all felt a surge of anger burning in their chests.

Everyone thought of Chu Yunfan.
They wondered if this mysterious master could defeat Marine Whale and take back humanity’s dignity.

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