With just a single blow, Chu Yunfan beat the female aquatic demon back.

With a single attack, she was sent flying.
Her head was covered in blood, and she clutched her head as she cried out in pain.

It was just a simple move.
Just a moment ago, she was being aggressive and said that humans were weak.
She claimed that humans were nothing, yet, Chu Yunfan had easily taught her a lesson.

At this moment, many figures appeared on the mountaintop.
They scattered themselves through the mountain forest, and all of them had valiant auras.

These people were rogue cultivators from all over the world.

Although the various families were working together, with the sheer size of the island, it was impossible for them to lock down all the places.
There were many rogue cultivators lurking throughout the island.

“Why are they here?” It was obvious that these rogue cultivators had a deep impression of these two aquatic demons.

Many of the rogue cultivators had looks of fear in their eyes.
They were experts among rogue cultivators, and there were even experts at the sixth or seventh level of the Innate Stage.
These people were well-known among rogue cultivators.

However, they had suffered greatly at the hands of these aquatic demons.
Everyone knew that these two despised humans.
However, most of them weren’t a match for them, so they could only swallow their anger.

But now, when they saw that the female aquatic demon had actually been swept to the ground by a staff and was screaming in pain.
They were instantly shocked.

“Is that the expert who used a staff that caused a stir on the Internet?” Someone recognized Chu Yunfan.

Right now, Chu Yunfan was very popular on the Internet.

“It is him!”

There were many who originally set their sights on Chu Yunfan.
After all, the Huangs had issued an extremely high reward for him on the Internet.
Many intended to try their luck.
Otherwise, all these people wouldn’t have gathered so quickly.

But when they saw Chu Yunfan send the female aquatic demon, who was known for being difficult to deal with, flying with a single attack, they immediately went on alert and stopped what they were doing.

They started to watch.

“Humans are weak?” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“I think you’re the weak one!”

The male aquatic demon’s face was ashen.
Chu Yunfan was ruthlessly slapping their faces.

“I’ll kill you!”

The female aquatic demon got to her feet, clutching her head which was covered in blood as she screamed ferociously.

Ever since she entered this island, she had yet to suffer such a huge loss.
She had zero disregards for humans.
She had even beaten up humans who were on the same cultivation as her.

She didn’t expect to suffer such a huge loss at the hands of a human kid who wasn’t even as tall as her.

She roared and revealed her true form.
She turned into a huge sea serpent that was over thirty feet long.
Its body was pitch-black and covered in scales.

The snake’s terrifying roar was like thunder that swept over from afar.

“Oh dear, that guy’s in trouble now.”

At this moment, many people started to worry for Chu Yunfan.
As everyone knew, after monsters transformed into humanoid form, their battle strength would be restricted.
Only upon taking their true forms would they be truly terrifying.

“So this is your true form.” Chu Yunfan sneered.
“If you want to transform, then hurry up.
I’m in a rush.
I don’t have time to waste here on you guys.”


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