The auras released by these two made one feel extremely uncomfortable.

Chu Yunfan realized it immediately.

‘Demons!’ the word instantly flashed through his mind.

Although he had seen demons more than once from the Alchemy Emperor’s memories, this was the first time Chu Yunfan were encountering them in reality.

Demons were different from what ordinary people thought—that demons were the same as monsters.
At Chu Yunfan’s level, he naturally understood that the true mortal enemy of mankind was the demons and not the monsters.

Of course, most of the demons had come in the form of monsters, and among the monsters, only one in ten thousand could take humanoid form.

In modern society and with the education of the Federation, many knew that to protect human society, countless people fought on the human-monster battlefront.
But where exactly, many had no clue.

In fact, this battle between humans and demons was not against countless monsters.
Although monsters were indeed the mortal enemy of humans, these monsters basically did not have any intelligence and acted according to their instincts.
As long as one was careful and defended properly, these monsters would not pose a huge threat to human society.

What was truly terrifying were the demons that came out of the mountains and command the monsters to attack the cities.
Under the demons’ command, it was as if monsters had gained intelligence.
The strength of the monsters would increase exponentially, and they would be enough to pose a huge threat to humans.

Outside the territory of humans, in a faraway place, there was a country of demons called the Infinite Demon Mountain.
There were countless demons residing there, and they controlled countless monsters.
Once, when humans had just set foot in the Kunlun Realm, the demons had defeated the human army and chased them back to Earth, almost destroying the Federation in the process.

For hundreds of years, demons had been the mortal enemies of the human race.
Countless human martyrs had died in the battle against the Infinite Demon Mountain.
The most powerful and high-tech weapons of the human race, such as the Star Destroyer, were deployed onto the monster-human battlefield.

The humans on the battlefields were the most elite troops of the Federation.
They were the base used to suppress all resistance forces.

And the goal of the Monster Cult was to let the demons rule over mankind.
Of course, they were not talking about letting those ignorant and unintelligent monsters rule over mankind.
They were talking about the demons on Infinite Demon Mountain.

The Monster Cult was established to allow demons to rule over mankind.
And they were vicious in their methods.

However, it was rare to see demons within human society because they usually hid in Infinite Demon Mountain.
Although some of the demons were scattered throughout the Federation, they were all undercover and would not reveal their identities.
Otherwise, the Federation would immediately attack them.

Therefore, most people did not have any knowledge of the demons and only knew about the powerful monsters.
They knew not of the real human-monster battlefield.

Generally, there were not many monsters that were able to transform.
Usually, they would only be able to do so if they accidentally ate a heavenly treasure that activated their intelligence or transformed spontaneously.

Unless they were demons with roots, the demons from Infinite Demon Mountain were different.

Chu Yunfan instantly realized that these two were definitely not demons from the Infinite Demon Mountain.
This was because the demons from there were the mortal enemies of mankind.

Infinite Demon Mountain had always wanted to attack the Federation.
They wanted to turn the billions of humans into their food.
In the Dark Ages, some demons even raised humans in captivity and ate them as soon as they were old enough.

In that era, the survival of the human race was in danger.
If the humans handed fought tooth-to-nail, they would have been exterminated.

After hundreds of years, the hatred between the two sides was as deep as the sea.

There were countless experts on the island.
The demons of Infinite Demon Mountain could not appear here openly.

There was only one possibility, and that was the demons from the deep sea—the aquatic demons.

It was not that there were no monsters in the deep sea.
The number of monsters in the deep sea was hundreds or even thousands of times more than the monsters on land.
Even if only a portion of them could gain sentience and become monsters, the number was unimaginable.

However, because aquatic monsters could not adapt to life on land, even if there were powerful monsters in the sea who could transform and go ashore, there were too few of them.
It was impossible for them to occupy the Kunlun Realm.

Humans were also afraid of the infinite aquatic monsters.
The development of the Infinite Sea areas was kept close to the shoreline.
Although there were conflicts, they were not as hostile as the relationship between the Infinite Demon Mountain and humans who were at all times.

Both sides were in a state of balance.

Chu Yunfan understood that the island was out on in the Infinite Sea.
Although the Federation had discovered it first, it was impossible for the monsters in the Infinite Sea area to not make a move.

“Aquatic demons.” Chu Yunfan frowned.

Although he understood why he was encountering aquatic demons here, he instinctively didn’t like monsters.
This had nothing to do with right or wrong.
It had nothing to do with justice or evil.

It was purely because of two races fighting for survival space.

“It recognized us right away.
Looks like he isn’t that young after all.” The male aquatic demon grinned.
His smile was extremely ugly.
His eyes were filled with killing intent as he stared at Chu Yunfan.

“It doesn’t matter.
Didn’t the Huangs offer a reward? Anyone who finds him and kills him will receive a large reward from the Huangs,” the female aquatic demon said.
Her eyes were filled with greed as she looked at Chu Yunfan.

“The Huangs sure work quickly.” Chu Yunfan came back to his senses.
It turned out that the Huangs had issued a bounty.

“Which sea race do you two belong to?”

“You don’t have the right to know.
Humans are weak.
They’re like ants trying to ask for the name of the eagle in the sky.
Don’t you think it’s funny?” the male aquatic demon said with a grin.
The disdain in his eyes was obvious.

The constitution of humans was much weaker than monsters.
It was an innate weakness.
Even if there were some experts among humans, they couldn’t change this overall weakness.
Just compared to land monsters, they already didn’t have an advantage, not to mention that there were many aquatic monsters that were even bigger than the land monsters.

“Humans are weak?” Chu Yunfan said as his eyebrows went up.

“Don’t waste your breath on him.
Just attack!”

At this moment, the female aquatic demon erupted.
A terrifying aura swept out.
It was different from the pressure of an Innate expert.
It carried a terrifying demonic aura and covered the entire sky and earth.

Then, her figure was like a bolt of lightning as she charged toward Chu Yunfan.

Her aura was like a rainbow.
She had already stepped into the right Innate Stage and was even more terrifying than an ordinary eight-level Innate expert.


However, only a sound that sounded like metal clashing could be heard.
The female aquatic demon was sent flying, and her figure flew back even faster than she had come.

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