On the Internet, the discussion about the island’s medicinal garden was getting more and more intense.
All sorts of topics flew everywhere.

Some people took it as godly medicine that had taken human form on the island.
Although it was just a glimpse, it was enough to cause a heated discussion on the Internet.

The medicinal garden on the island was covered with all kinds of barriers.
Even the satellites could not detect the situation inside.
They could only occasionally catch glimpses of shocking scenes from some angles.

The news of all kinds of great medicines being in the medicinal garden spread like wildfire.
There were rumors that these great medicines could help peak Innate Stage experts break through to the Divine Abilities Stage.

This news caused an uproar on the Internet.
In the Federation, there were too few Divine experts.
Having one more expert would be of great benefit to the strength of the human race.

Apart from this information, the battles that took place in the island’s medicinal garden also started to spread on the Internet.

While everyone was discussing, a video of a staff-wielding expert beating up over a dozen Huang experts was quickly placed on the top of various websites.
As this matter involved the Huangs—one of the eight great aristocratic families—it immediately attracted the attention of the majority of netizens.

Many people saw that in the video, a man dressed in black wielded an iron staff.
He was like a killing god as he casually smashed down with his staff.
He looked awe-inspiring.
The unusually powerful Huang experts were instantly smashed to death.

Out of the dozen or so Huang experts, other than the leading Huang expert, none of them could even block a single attack.

Someone pointed out very quickly that the dozen or so Huang experts were all rare Innate experts.
There were even famous Innate experts who stood out to point out that even within the Innate Stage, the dozen or so Huang experts weren’t weak.

However, this kind of existence was actually swept away by a single man.
How powerful was he?

And this black-clothed person wore a mask and used a staff.
No one knew exactly where he came from.
For a time, the Internet was filled with speculations about his identity.

This was because there were too many experts in the Federation who used a staff.
However, there weren’t many who were famous enough to be known by others.

After all, based on the strength displayed by the person in the video, if he could knock down a seventh-level Innate expert with a staff, his strength was probably above the eight Innate Stage.

There weren’t many who had such strength and were experts who used a staff.
Very quickly, a list of suspects was drawn up.

The experts who were listed on the list became anxious because the Huangs had already spread the word that no matter who it was, whoever had dared to brazenly kill these Huang experts, once they found out who it was, the Huangs would definitely make him pay the price.

The famous staff-wielding experts were targeted by the Huangs.
Under such circumstances, those who were on the list and those who were suspected all came out to refute the rumors, adamantly saying that this had anything to do with them.

After all, although they usually didn’t have any conflicts with the Huangs, the person in the video was so audacious that he offended the Huangs to death.
If they didn’t come out and refute the rumors, if the Huangs thought that they were involved, they would be finished.

No one could withstand the anger of a giant like the Huangs.
At the same time, these staff-wielding experts were extremely angry.
Who was this person? He was so audacious, but he didn’t dare to show his true face to others.
He hid behind a mask and caused them to be implicated.

There were not many people with their cultivation level within the Federation.
It could be said that they were all people of high authority.
Now, they were forced by the Huangs to come out and refute the rumors.
They had lost all face.

After those famous staff masters came out to refute the rumors, people were shocked to discover that his style did not match any of the famous staff masters.
There were even people who used computers to compare him on the Internet.
From the videos of tens of thousands of staff masters, they found that none of the fighting styles were similar.

This made more people interested in the person behind the mask.
Those who were smart guessed that this person was wearing a mask because he did not want people to recognize him.

And the martial technique he used was probably not a known staff technique, so they could not find any trace of it even after searching for so long.

The Huangs were furious.
They said that they would definitely not let him live.
As long as he was still in the medicinal garden on the island, he would definitely meet the Huang experts.
At that time, he would meet his death.

At this moment, Chu Yunfan was flying through the forest of the medicinal garden on the island.
The Spirit Energy in this medicinal garden was much denser than outside.
One day of cultivation here was equivalent to two or three days of cultivation in the outside world.

One could see many enchantments at any time all across the entire island.
Within the enchantments, there were many medicinal gardens.
The entire island had clearly been treated as a medicinal garden by a sect.
It was just that for some unknown reason, the island had sunk to the bottom of the sea.
Only recently had it finally seen the light of day again.

Chu Yunfan did not know that he had been spread like crazy on the Internet.
In this information age, the speed at which many things spread was simply unimaginable.

According to the information he had found on the Internet, there might be holy medicine in each of these enchantments.
Some of them had already been breached.
Although the majority of them had not been breached, they were people well underway of breaking them.


As Chu Yunfan continued to go deeper, when he passed by a mountain peak, a resounding voice boomed out.

Immediately after, two figures walked out.
They flanked Chu Yunfan’s left and right.

They were a man and a woman.
The man was ugly and was almost ten feet tall.
Almost as tall as the Thunder Winged Beast.
His body was as strong as an iron tower.
The woman was also quite ugly and was six and a half feet tall.
She was a head taller than Chu Yunfan.
Both of them carried valiant auras.

“Are you the one who used a staff to challenge the humans known as the Huangs? Humans are useless.
They can’t even control one person, but you won’t get any further.”

As the man spoke, his voice rumbled like thunder.
It was so loud that it made one’s eardrums explode.

“This human should be quite delicious.
Squawk, squawk.
It looks tender and juicy!” The woman grinned, turning her face even uglier.

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