With a few leaps, Chu Yunfan arrived among the crowd.

Everyone in the crowd was extremely excited.
They failed to notice the arrival of one more person.
Even if they did, it wouldn’t matter.

Every one of these people was an expert at least at the fourth Innate Stage and some were even at the fifth.
Among those in the Innate Stage, they weren’t weak.
Although they wouldn’t be able to shake the Federation, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that they could shake an entire satellite city.

There were more than a hundred people in this group and made up an enormous force.
However, they were all blocked at this beach area and were unable to break through.

Opposite them was a group of more than a dozen martial artists.
Compared to the rogue martial artists, they were clearly much more orderly.
The dozen or so experts were all Innate Stage experts.

With so many experts belonging to the same force, one could imagine how powerful this force was.

Among these dozen or so martial artists, a middle-sized man dressed in tight clothes sneered as he looked at these hundred or so Innate experts.
Although these hundred or so Innate experts were collectively enraged and the entire scene looked extremely shocking, he didn’t care in the slightest.

In front of the hundreds of rogue martial artists was a tall middle-aged man.
He said loudly to these people, “Aren’t the Huangs a bit too overbearing? Why should your family have control over this whole island?!”

“That’s right.
We’ve gone through a lot of hardships to cross the sea and get here.
Why aren’t you letting us enter the island?!”

“If we want to enter the island, according to the laws of the Federation, you have no right to monopolize this medicinal garden island!”

“That’s right.
The Huangs’ way of doing things is too overbearing!”

These rogue martial artists protested angrily.

Chu Yunfan finally understood what was going on.
The people blocking these rogue cultivators were experts of the Huang family.
The Huangs were part of the Great Eight.
No wonder they were so arrogant.

Indeed, because of their strength, the Huangs had no respect for these ordinary rogue cultivators.

The Huang family was undoubtedly formidable.

These rogue cultivators had gone through countless hardships to come here.
Under the circumstances where the Federation government didn’t open up a proper channel, the difficulty of them coming here was unimaginable.

But after arriving here, they were told to turn around because the Huangs simply weren’t allowing these rogue cultivators the chance to intervene.

Chu Yunfan was deep in thought.
This kind of situation was very normal.
Once these large families discovered the Ancient Zenith Civilization ruins, it was obvious that they wouldn’t allow others to intervene.
If it wasn’t for the Huangs’ previous failure, there wouldn’t be any chance for other families to intervene.

Even the other large families and large sects were like this, not to mention these rogue cultivators.
Those large families probably already formed a tacit understanding.

However, these rogue cultivators were clearly not idiots.
They knew that a single person’s strength was as insignificant as an ant in front of the Great Eights.
Therefore, they had to join forces to have a chance of victory.

“Stop talking.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite,” the leader of the Huang clan, the middle-aged man in tight clothes, said.

“Don’t you think about what kind of people you are? Are you worthy of participating in this kind of operation?” The contempt in the middle-aged man’s eyes spilled into his words.

“This is too much.
Let’s fight them.
There are only a dozen of them.
Don’t tell me they’re going to stop all of us?” the tall middle-aged man on the rogue cultivator’s side said indignantly.

“You’re so troublesome!” the middle-aged man from the Huangs suddenly looked at the tall middle-aged man.
A fierce light flashed through his eyes.

At the same time as he said this, the Huang middle-aged man made his move.
He charged the tall middle-aged man.

The tall middle-aged man was obviously no wimp.
He was already prepared.
He pointed out with his finger, and it was as if all the air in the world was concentrated on this finger of his.
He pointed toward the Huang middle-aged man.

“It’s the Wind Blast.
His attainments in the Wind Blast have really reached the Perfection Stage.
Just by relying on his attainments, even if he encounters a person of the same cultivation level, the elders of the large sects would be at a disadvantage!”

These rogue cultivators exclaimed one after another.
It was clear that they had recognized what cultivation technique this tall middle-aged man was using.
And they were all amazed.

Among these people, this tall middle-aged man was obviously the strongest.
He had stepped into the peak of the sixth Innate Stage.
This was very rare among this group of people which consisted of rogue cultivators and elders of small and medium-sized factions.

After all, they were not like the Great Eights which had countless experts.

“You overestimate yourself.” The Huang middle-aged man sneered.

A sharp sword intent instantly swept out.
It contained a hint of nature’s sadness.
It was able to stir up people’s emotions.

“It’s the Sword of Despair.
This sword technique of the Huangs is indeed as amazing as they say!”

There were also experienced and knowledgeable people among the rogue cultivators.
They instantly recognized that this Huang middle-aged man was using the Huangs’ ultimate technique, the Sword of Despair.

The Huang family’s Sword of Despair was the same as the Jiang family’s Life Ender.
Both were powerful martial skills that were ranked at the top of the Federation’s ultimate technique list.

With a sweep of the sword, the sharp sword intent tore apart the powerful finger force of the Wind Blast and then sliced off the finger of the tall middle-aged man.

The difference in strength between the two sides was clear to everyone.
The tall middle-aged man covered the palm of his hand that had been sliced, and the shock in his eyes could not be concealed.

His face was pale, and he was sweating profusely.
There was a look of disbelief in his eyes.

My Wind Blast has already been cultivated to the highest realm.
It’s impossible for it to be so weak!”

He was very confident that even if he was facing a disciple from an aristocratic family that was stronger than him, his technique would not be so weak.

“You think you can compare to the Huangs’ Sword of Despair with just this wild technique that came from who knows where?” The Huang middle-aged man sneered.
“If any of you dare to cross the boundary, you will end up like him!”

Everyone was deadly quiet.
One member of the Huangs had subdued everyone on the scene.
This was the might of the experts from the Great Eight.
It was simply not a level that ordinary people could imagine.

“The Huangs.
One of the Great Eights.
What a big show.

“I can’t believe I’m witnessing such evil!”

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