This iron staff didn’t seem to be very heavy.
It was just an ordinary iron staff.

A huge monster suddenly rose to the surface of the sea and bit down on the man clad in black.
Its gigantic maw could swallow the man whole.

However, the man took a step and flew up, and the iron staff in his hand suddenly smashed down.

The head of that gigantic monster was instantly smashed into pieces.
It exploded and turned into a rain of blood.

“Although it doesn’t look very heavy, this iron staff weighs more than a thousand pounds.
Anyone hit by it will have a very difficult time,” the figure said to himself as he looked at the rod in his hand.

This person was none other than Chu Yunfan.

Since the world already assumed he was a dead man, and he didn’t want to be exposed, for the time being, the only option he had was to hide his identity.

And he couldn’t use the martial skills that he had been using before, so he decided to use a staff instead.
On his way to the island, he brushed up on staff techniques.

Although this iron staff wasn’t a magic tool and didn’t have any extra attributes, it wasn’t cheap either.
It was made from a special heavy metal.
The process used to make it was similar to the Ju Que, and its weight could be adjusted.

Coupled with Chu Yunfan’s terrifying monstrous strength, the staff was an excellent choice.
Its power was boundless.

Even if an Innate monster suddenly appeared, its head could still be smashed with this staff.
Ordinary human martial artists couldn’t compete with monsters in terms of strength.
Even those with innate divine strength were at most similar to monsters.

However, Chu Yunfan was an exception.

Although he didn’t use the staff very often, it wasn’t like he didn’t have any foundation at all.
Previously, when he was dealing with Jiang Pengfei, he used a staff technique.

He had already developed a brand new style with the basic techniques he knew.
It could be said that he was just fooling around.
Ever since the godhead inside him had modified his talent, he could easily learn any martial skill after going through it once.

After brushing up on the staff techniques, Chu Yunfan downloaded an innate-level staff technique from the Encyclopedia of Cultivation.
It was just right for his purpose.

It was called the Mad Demon Staff technique.

When this technique was used, the staff would perform like a mad demon.
All kinds of attacks swept over like a storm.
Among the many staff techniques, the power of this one was great.

On this day, Chu Yunfan swam across the sea from the edge of the continent.
Along the way, countless monsters ambushed him.
And he made no move to avoid them.

The Mad Demon Staff, which others would find difficult, Chu Yunfan had cultivated to perfection in just one day.

Normally, even an Innate expert would need several years to cultivate a staff technique to such a level.

As he cultivated more and more martial techniques, Chu Yunfan felt that the Mighty Emperor Battle Book was more and more powerful.
It was hard to imagine that the various martial techniques in it were all-encompassing, pointing directly to the essence.
After understanding the essence, he started to learn the technique.
Naturally, he would be successful in all his endeavors.

This height was a high-level battle plan.
Chu Yunfan wasn’t able to reach that level yet.
He could only look up to it, but that didn’t stop him from using them.

The fact that he was able to learn the Mantis Divine Kick in an instant wasn’t just due to his talent being modified.
It was also because there were many records of kicking techniques in the Mighty Emperor Battle Book.

‘Although it’s not the best, it can still be used,’ Chu Yunfan thought.

At this moment, less than a hundred nautical miles away, a huge island appeared in front of him.
The entire island was different from other islands.
From time to time, the island would glow with rainbow light.

And although the island was still far away, Chu Yunfan could smell a faint medicinal fragrance permeating the surroundings of the island.

This medicinal fragrance spread out and attracted many monsters.
The closer he got to the island, the more monsters there were.
From time to time, powerful monsters would fly up from the water’s depth, flying up to hundreds of feet, and pounce on the flying monsters that passed by.

Below the surface of the water, there were many monsters that were giving off terrifying auras.
Chu Yunfan even saw a huge beast that was over three hundred feet long colliding with the island.
It was clear that these monsters wanted to sink the entire island to the bottom of the sea.
Then, they could do whatever they wanted.

In fact, if this was just an ordinary small island, it would have been smashed into pieces long ago.
Even if it was a large island that was over a thousand square kilometers, it would not be able to withstand the constant collisions of so many monsters.

After all, this was the Infinite Sea.
It was impossible to calculate how many monsters there were.

Even if it was just a rough calculation, the number of monsters in the sea would be dozens of times, or even hundreds of times more than the monsters on land.

If it were not for the fact that most of them did not have the ability to survive on land, the Kunlun Realm would have been occupied by these sea-dwelling monsters.

If the foundation connecting the bottom of the island was broken, it would likely sink.

However, there was a formation on the entire island.
Every time the beasts crashed into it, they would be blocked by the formation.
After a wave, they would disappear.

The re-emergence of this medicinal garden on the island attracted not only humans but also countless sea beasts.
If it were not for the fact that they could not go ashore, the humans would not have been able to do anything.

“It seems that there’s some good stuff in this medicinal garden.
This island’s medicinal garden has existed for countless years, yet the array formation is still usable.
The sect that set up the formation back then is probably not small either.
There must be some good stuff on that island.”

Chu Yunfan instantly deduced many things from the island’s array formation.
The foundation of a sect could be seen from this.

This island definitely wasn’t simple.
With the Huangs’ strength, it was already very unusual for them to be defeated.

And so many factions had rushed over.
Yet, they were still unable to conquer this island.
This itself already explained many things.

Thinking up to this point, Chu Yunfan didn’t delay any further.
He abruptly stomped his feet and flew toward the distant island like a bird.

As he moved, many bloody maws bit at him.
The number of monsters here was many times greater than further away from the island.

However, they were ultimately not as fast as Chu Yunfan.
And thus, he landed safely on the island.

Not far from the beach, a large group of rogue cultivator experts surrounded a group of people with angry expressions.

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