Originally, the experts of the Jiangs had set up a defense on the outer perimeter to protect these array masters.

This was because the key to this array not being broken was not Chu Yunfan, who was inside, but the array masters outside.
As long as the array masters were fine, unless Chu Yunfan’s strength had already surpassed theirs, it would be very difficult to break through.

And according to the original plan, that barrier was only used to trap Chu Yunfan for some time.
After that, there would be advanced mechas using all sorts of heavy weapons to bombard him indiscriminately.
It would only minutes.
However, the originally perfect plan had suddenly become flawed because of Jiang Dan’s momentary complacency.

He had been delayed by Chu Yunfan, and thus had been left behind in the formation.
This had made those advanced mechas afraid to act recklessly.

This gave Chu Yunfan an opportunity to take advantage of the situation, and the true trump card that Chu Yunfan had arranged had finally been revealed.

“What is that?”

Many could not discern the blue bolt of lightning sweeping through the area.

The barrier that an array master used to protect himself was something that even an ordinary Innate expert would be able to quickly break.

However, under the sweep of this blue lightning bolt, it instantly shattered.
The array master within the shattered array was only at the Acquired Stage and had specialized techniques.
But in the blink of an eye, their head were separated from their body.

The formation began to shake.
With one less array master, although it wouldn’t collapse immediately, it began to shake.

After the attack succeeded, the blue lightning bolt didn’t stop and immediately pounced on the next array master.

In such a short period of time, four to five array masters had died at the hands of this blue figure.

“Stop that thing!”

At this moment, no matter how slow the Jiangs experts were, they had already reacted.
It was clear that this was Chu Yunfan’s backup plan.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions rang out in the square.
The mecha sin the sky made their move.
Some small missiles locked onto this azure figure.
However, this figure was even faster than they had imagined and managed to dodge them.

The young experts of the Federation quickly retreated.
The aftershock from the explosion had caused them to be shaken quite badly.
If they were still in their peak condition, they naturally wouldn’t be afraid of such things.
However, they were currently in a half-crippled state, and their combat power wasn’t at their peak.

“D*mn it! Go to hell!”

The Jiang experts who were within the barrier finally couldn’t hold it in any longer.
If teh zure figure were to kill another array master, the entire formation would collaps.
Then, all of the arrangements that they had painstakingly built up would all vanish into nothingness.

A middle-aged expert at the peak of the Innate Stage immediately pounced toward the azure figure.

How terrifying was the attack of a peak Innate expert? It enveloped almost half of the square.
With a single punch that was like a heavy hammer, the air collapsed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Just as everyone thought that the azure blue figure had nowhere to run, they saw a huge azure claw suddenly lash out from within the violent wind, grabbing toward the incoming fist.


A loud sound rang out as the fist and claw collided.
It was as though two missiles had collided into each other in mid-air, causing a wild tide to rise up into the sky.
Countless sand and stones were swept up.

That azure blue figure finally stopped for a moment.
Only then could everyone finally see what that figure was.

It was a vicious beast that was emitting blue lightning.
Its entire body was covered in azure blue fur, and it had two transparent wings on its sides.
This vicious beast was at least ten feet tall, and was more than twice the height of a human.
Its entire body was also covered in a thick layer of bone claws.

“What’s this?! A Thunder Winged Beast?!”

Someone finally recognized this azure figure.
It was a terrifying Thunder Winged Beast.

Among the many monsters that everyone knew of, the Thunder Winged Beast was undoubtedly one of the top ranked monsters.
It was born with the wind and thunder attribute, and among the many monsters, it was also a powerful king.
Not to mention that this beast could possibly step into the Divine Abilities Stage

In the past hundreds of years, humans had not only found a Thunder Winged Beast that had stepped into the Divine Abilities Stage, but it had also had various powerful and mysterious halos.

No one had expected that Chu Yunfan’s trump card would be this fierce beast.

There was no doubt that this beast was terrifying.
Against these peak Innate Stage Jiang experts, it was not at a disadvantage.

This Thunder Winged Beast hadn’t even reached the peak Innate Stage yet, but with its strong body and its wind and thunder ability, it was able to fight against a peak Innate Stage expert.

The strength of beasts with innate abilities could be seen from this.

Many were in shock.
This beast had never been tamed by anyone before.
How did Chu Yunfan do it? This was simply inconceivable.

And that Jiangs Innate expert was similarly stunned.
He hadn’t expected it to be a Thunder Winged Beast.

“No matter what you are, you must die!”

He was only stunned for a moment, and didn’t take the Thunder Winged Beast to heart at all.

The Jiangs had such a large lineup, not to mention a single Thunder Winged Beast, so what if a few more came.


The Thunder Winged Beast roared, and a terrifying gust of wind blew up.
It turned into a large knife, and fiercely chopped down toward another array master.

This was no longer an innate supernatural ability or special ability.
It had incorporated martial arts principles into its attack.
After Chu Yunfan taught the Thunder Winged Beast the Beast Emperor Method, it had undergone a fundamental change.
It was now even more terrifying than a normal Thunder Winged Beast.

The array master couldn’t dodge.
If he did, the entire array would collapse.


The barrier surrounding the array master’s body was shattered into pieces.
Even his entire body was cut into two halves by the wind blade.

“D*mn it!”

The peak Innate Stage expert was furious.
The Jiangs’ plan had been ruined by this Thunder Winged Beast.

He clashed head-on with the Thunder Winged Beast.

At this moment, a boundless evil aura was released, almost enveloping half of Mount Tai.
An incomparably huge skeleton appeared before everyone’s eyes.

It was as if a demon had descended into the world.

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