Under the encirclement of those few people, Tang Siyu attacked left and right but she was unable to break out.
This was because none of these people’s cultivation levels were lower than hers.

She was in imminent danger.

These few people had already stepped into the eighth level of the Innate Stage, and their battle prowess was incomparably dangerous.
All sorts of energy swept out, and it was extremely terrifying.

As for the Federation elites, they had all retreated to the edge of the square and were sitting down cross-legged to recuperate.
Other than a few people who were heavily injured, no one had died.

Wei Zixiong and the others only wanted to suppress them and had no intention of killing them.
After all, they were just young masters who had yet to grow up.
Killing them wouldn’t shake the foundations of the various clans and sects.
However, it would cause a stir.

If the holy land wanted to enter the Federation and had enemies everywhere, it would undoubtedly be courting death.

However, to Federation elites, this feeling was no different from being ruthlessly pressed to the ground and slapped in the face.
They were all extremely prideful people, but right now, the land they were most proud of was being casually trampled on.

Even if they joined forces, they were unable to defeat those experts who had come from the holy land.
Only two people were barely able to support them.

One of them was Tang Siyu, who was originally thought to be a flower vase.
She had unexpectedly killed a disciple of the Divine Fists Sect.
That woman was an eighth-level Innate Stage expert, but in the end, she was killed just like that.

However, Tang Siyu paid a heavy price.
One of her arms was almost crippled.
Many could see that the disciples of the Divine Fists had stepped into the eighth level of the Innate Stage for many years, and Tang Siyu had probably just only stepped into this level.

She had used a secret technique to kill her opponent, but she had also paid a heavy price.

However, what was even more terrifying was that the moment Wei Zixiong made his move, everyone knew that he had already stepped into the ninth level of the Innate Stage.

He was capable of suppressing the entire scene alone and was just about to capture Tang Siyu.

Although the ninth level of the Innate Stage was not the peak of the Innate Stage, to everyone, it was not much different.

The ninth level of the Innate Stage wasn’t the peak of the Innate Stage.
Only a very small number of ninth-level Innate experts were able to cultivate this stage to the early stages.

Then, they saw Chu Haoyue make a move.
They realized that he, who was originally as famous as them, had stepped into the ninth level of the Innate Stage before them.

Wei Zixiong was unable to escape from Chu Haoyue.

It was only then that everyone remembered that Chu Haoyue had been the top scorer back then.
He had suppressed all the experts and reached the top.
He had even suppressed the previous top scorer who was slightly older than him.
However, as the junior leader of the Chus, he had rarely made a move these past few years.
As a result, some people had begun to forget his reputation.

When Jiang Lingxiao became famous a few years ago, people compared him to Chu Haoyue.
One could imagine how famous Chu Haoyue was back then.

He might not be able to match up to a peak Innate expert, but among his peers, he was indeed considered to be the strongest.

Chu Haoyue’s existence had finally helped the people of the Federation regain some face.

It wasn’t as if the Federation didn’t have any extraordinary talents.
They wouldn’t allow the experts of the holy land to do as they pleased.

Even Wei Zixiong, who had been brimming with confidence before this, hadn’t expected that there would actually be someone in the Federation who could stop him.

He had heard from Jiang Dan that the strongest experts of this generation of the Federation were stuck at the eighth level of the Innate Stage.

This level was a great hurdle, and stepping past it was not easy.
There were many people in the holy land who were stuck at this level as well.

He had not expected Chu Haoyue to quietly cross over this threshold.
Even Jiang Dan had been fooled.

Although Chu Haoyue had only just entered the ninth level recently, and was still slightly weaker than him, based on this rate of progress, it was not impossible for him to catch up to him.

Wei Zixiong’s expression became solemn.
The Federation didn’t lack geniuses.
It was just that their cultivation techniques were lacking.
Otherwise, with the Federation’s bursting population, it would definitely be terrifying.

At this moment, although Wei Zixiong was able to suppress Chu Haoyue, he had no way of quickly dispatching him.
On the other side, Tang Siyu was surrounded and attacked by three experts.

One of them was the skinny man wielding two axes.
His weapons were like mountain-splitting axes.
With just a casual swing, even the mountain peak would be sliced open.

On the other side, there was a grim-faced muscular man who was as tall as an iron tower.
His defense was at a shocking level.
An ordinary person would not be able to imagine it.

Tang Siyu’s sword light swept across his body, but it only left a shallow mark.
It was difficult to really hurt him.

On the other side was a young man dressed in a luxurious robe.
His sword swept out like flowers.
However, the flowers that flew out were blood-red in color.
Every time he stabbed out, there would be a sea of blood.

These three experts had clearly reached the peak of the eighth level of the Innate Stage, and they were much stronger than Tang Siyu.
At this moment, Tang Siyu was truly in peril.

Although these people didn’t have a particularly good relationship with the black-clothed woman from the Divine Fists Sect, they were still angry that Tang Siyu had dared to kill an expert from their holy land.

“Tang Siyu, since you said that you would take over Chu Yunfan’s place to deal with these grudges, I’ll take your head as a sacrifice!”

The thin and small young man with the two axes seemed to have gone mad as he raised them and attacked crazily.


With a terrifying collision, the sword in Tang Siyu’s hands was sent flying.
Her fair and tender palms were split open, revealing a bloody mess.

Tang Siyu had already used up all her strength.

Within these past two years, her strength had increased by leaps and bounds.
She had endured as much pain as she could to reach this level.
However, age was ultimately her greatest disadvantage.

“I’ll take your head as a sacrifice!”

The skinny young man laughed sinisterly.
He raised one of his hands and chopped down as if he could already see Tang Siyu being cut in half.

Suddenly, at this moment, a rock flew through the sky, and a loud sound like a cannonball going off was heard.


The stone smashed into one of the huge axes.
The skinny young man lost control of one of his axes.
This was an unprecedented situation.

He could easily hold something that was twice as heavy as him.
However, after being struck by just a small rock, his entire arm instantly felt numb.
He dropped his ax.

“Who is it?!” He instinctively looked in the direction that the rock had come from, only to see a young man dressed in black flying over at high speed.

In just a moment, the young man in black had already arrived in front of him.

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