Instantly, the entire square was in an uproar.
Everyone stared at Tang Siyu with their mouths agape.
Their views were similar to Huang Weiyang’s.

In their eyes, Tang Siyu was just a pretty thing.
Even if she had talent, the disadvantage of her age was apparent.
She was already in her twenties.
The disparity was already irreversible.

At Tang Siyu’s age, being able to step into the Innate Stage was already considered a great achievement.

Moreover, she had become famous not because of her talent or strength, but because of the relationship between her, Chu Yunfan, and Jiang Lingxiao.

However, no one had expected that Tang Siyu’s attack would be so astonishing.

Huang Weiyang’s strength wasn’t considered the best of the crowd, but he was one of the tops.
He was part of the strongest group of people of the same age within the Federation.

No matter what, Huang Weiyang had already stepped into the seventh level of the Innate Stage.
That was the upper level of the Innate Stage.
In the future, he would very likely step into the peak of the Innate Stage.

For Tang Siyu to have chopped off the hand of such a person in just one move, it was clear that Huang Weiyang had underestimated his opponent.

However, with his, even if he had underestimated his opponent, it shouldn’t have been that easy to chop off his hand.

When the crowd looked at Tang Siyu again, the expression in their eyes changed.
She was a female powerhouse.
She was definitely not just a vase.

Drip, drip, drip.

Fresh blood dripped down from the tip of Tang Siyu’s sword.
The entire scene appeared extremely strange.

Huang Weiyang let out a blood-curdling scream.
He clutched his wrist and looked at Tang Siyu in disbelief.

Her pretty face carried an indifferent expression.
It was as if her sword had just casually cut through the weeds by the roadside.

Tang Ziteng looked at Tang Siyu.
There was a hint of jealousy in his eyes.


Chu Haoyue barely managed to squeeze out this one word.
He thought that Tang Siyu was a burden that would drag him down.
Who would have thought that she was also a ruthless person?

This decisiveness made him think of Chu Yunfan.
His strength was secondary.
This ruthless style made her extremely similar to Chu Yunfan.

And the reason why Chu Haoyue couldn’t help but curse was because of the astonishing strength that Tang Siyu had displayed.
Tang Siyu was only twenty-two years old.
When he had been twenty-two, he definitely wasn’t this abnormal.

How did Tang Siyu do it? When he thought of Chu Yunfan the freak, he felt a little out of sorts.

In this world, the gap between geniuses and ordinary people was too big.

“You actually dared to cut off my hand! The Huangs will not let you go for this!” Huang Weiyang screamed.
He no longer had that arrogant look from before.

“You can’t even withstand a single blow.
I was merely teaching you a lesson,” Tang Siyu said with a drawl.

Her beautiful eyes swept across everyone.
‘This time, I won’t let you fight alone,’ she thought.

Huang Weiyang hurriedly picked up his severed hand and ran down the mountain.
Although this type of injury wasn’t considered very serious because of the level of modern medical technology, he had lost to Tang Siyu under the gazes of all the elites of the Federation.
He was too ashamed to stay.

At this moment, no one dared to belittle Tang Siyu.
This strength wasn’t considered the peak among those present, but it wasn’t considered weak either.

When Jiang Dan saw this scene, killing intent flashed through his eyes.
He was the one who had arranged all this, but it was clear that Tang Siyu’s explosive strength had exceeded his expectations.
It was truly beyond his imagination.

At the same time, his eyes flashed with greed.
He knew that Tang Siyu was only in her early twenties.
To be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the elders like them, she must have had a fortuitous encounter.
Moreover, this fortuitous encounter was not a small one.

It allowed her to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone after being helpless during the great battle with the Jiangs two years ago.

“Well done, Ms.
I’m now even more interested in you!”

At this moment, a person walked over from afar with a smile on his face as he clapped his hands.
This person’s figure was tall and upright.
Just by walking over, he gave off a great invisible pressure.

Everyone’s expressions became solemn because they recognized that this was the person who had gathered them here.
It was Wei Zixiong.

At this moment, they no longer looked down on him.
Over the past month, he had defeated many famous experts from around the Federation one after another.
If they dared to look down on him, it would just be an insult to themselves.

Tang Siyu did not even spare him a glance.
She simply walked away into the crowd.

Wei Zixiong did not mind and did not feel embarrassed.
In fact, his eyes shone even brighter.

He too had thought Tang Siyu was just a vase.
He had announced to the public that he wanted to marry her just to bait Chu Yunfan.
With his status, he could have any beautiful woman he wanted.

However, beautiful women were just a means for fun.
Once he tired of them, he would just throw them away.
He was destined to walk the supreme martial path.
Ordinary beautiful women simply did not have the qualifications to accompany him down this path.

It was impossible for them to become his Dao companion.

However, now that he had seen that Tang Siyu was not a vase, the strong desire for possession in his heart suddenly exploded.

“Everyone, the reason why I’ve invited you here today is to establish a bridge between the holy land and the Federation.
I want everyone to know the greatness of the holy land,” Wei Zixiong said, “At the same time, I also want to give the elites of both sides a chance to spar.”

Wei Zixiong clapped his hands and a few figures stepped out of the crowd.
There were men and women, and they were all different from one another.
However, they were all around in their twenties, and every single one of them gave off intense pressure as they walked out.

At this moment, Chu Haoyue no longer cared about Tang Siyu.
His pupils constricted slightly.
He could sense that these people were experts.
Moreover, they were all experts amongst experts.

Each and every one of them gave off a powerful presence.

“I heard that there’s a person called Chu Yunfan who’s very arrogant.
Is he here?” one of the figures asked as he walked out.
It was a young man in his twenties, but he looked thin and small.
He looked like a monkey with a pointed mouth and cheeks.

What was surprising was that he was holding two huge axes in his hands.
They looked almost as tall as him.

Then, he glanced around at the crowd.
When he did not spot the person from the photo he had seen earlier, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

“It’s a pity that he isn’t here.
Otherwise, I would’ve chopped off his head with my axes!”

As he said this, the hostility within him exploded.

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