The rugged mountain path was stained with the blood of various monsters.
As more and more martial arts experts rushed over, the monsters in the mountain suffered as well.

Although these monsters were extremely powerful and terrifying to ordinary people, they were nothing to these experts who were at the Innate Stage or above.

Especially as if to display their strength, Wei Zixiong and the others had already arrived on Mount Tai three days ago.
The monsters that were originally littered Mount Tai were either chased away or killed.
The entire mountain had been cleared up.

Although there were still some monsters lurking around, they were nothing to the experts who came to participate in the meet .

On Mount Tai, there was a huge square that had been dug out by modern equipment.
At this moment, it was filled with voices.
In just a few short days, they were able to build pavilions on Mount Tai.
The strength that Wei Zixiong possessed shocked many people.

Over a hundred young elites who had rushed over from all over the Federation were divided into different circles according to their relationship with each other.
Among them, a few of the leaders were without exception the young masters of the Great Eight.

These people looked down on everything.
Amongst the many strongest young experts of the Federation, they were outstanding individuals.

“Do you know the background of this Wei Zixiong from the holy land?”

“I don’t.
All I know is that there will be a good show today.”

“Are you talking about Chu Yunfan?”

“That’s right.
I heard that the black-robed saberman that Chu Yunfan killed was a member of Wei Zixiong’s family.
I’m sure he won’t let this matter rest.”

“But will Chu Yunfan come?”

Everyone was discussing animatedly.

At this moment, there was a commotion in the crowd.
A man and a woman had arrived from the foot of Mount Tai.

Everyone’s eyes lit up.
Especially when they saw the woman.
She caused a small commotion.

“Is that Tang Siyu of the Tang family?”

Many people’s gazes fell on Tang Siyu who was wrapped in a long dress and had a cold expression on her face.

“That’s right, it’s her.
Wei Zixiong is using her as bait to lure out Chu Yunfan.
I didn’t expect the Tangs to actually let her come.”

“Isn’t the man in front of her the young master of the Tangs, Tang Ziteng?”

Seeing these two arrived, a figure walked out from the crowd and arrived in front of Tang Ziteng.
He said, “Why did your family agree to Wei Zixiong’s invitation?”

This person was none other than Chu Haoyue.

Chu Yunfan had finally come back from the dead.
The Jiangs was furious while the Chus was incomparably excited.
Now that Wei Zixiong had clearly set up a trap here, Chu Haoyue couldn’t just ignore it.

He instinctively had doubts about the reason why the Tangs had agreed to Wei Zixiong’s invitation.
There must be some kind of deal behind the scenes.

“Our family doesn’t have to answer to the Chus,” Tang Ziteng said without any hint of respect.

“No, you do not.
But if you have some secret plan, I hope that you know that this is not something your family can bear.”

Tang Ziteng wasn’t polite, and Chu Haoyue was even more so.

The Tangs and the Chus were originally on different sides.
The Tangs and the Jiangs were originally close.
If the matter of the Tangs’ Great Ancestor being refined into a living puppet and controlled by the Jiang’s Great Ancestor had not exposed, the two family would probably have merged.

Tang Ziteng’s expression became unsightly.
The Great Ancestor of their family had fallen.
They couldn’t even get his corpse back.
Thus, the Tangs had become a laughing stock.

“You’re Tang Siyu?”

At this moment, just as everyone’s attention was focused on this trio, another man arrived on the scene.

A man dressed in a bright yellow robe slowly walked out of the crowd.

Chu Haoyue’s brows furrowed slightly.
He didn’t know what this man wanted, so he directly asked, “Huang Weiyang, what are you trying to do?”

Chu Haoyue immediately revealed the identity and background of this man.
He was a member of the Huang family—one of the Great Eight.

Chu Haoyue, aren’t you meddling too much? I’m just a little curious.
Just what kind of woman is this Tang Siyu? Jiang Lingxiao wants to get engaged to her, and Chu Yunfan killed his way through the Jiangs for her.

“Even Wei Zixiong, who came from the holy land, wants to marry her.
Does she possess some great magic power?” Huang Weiyang said, his expression a little frivolous as he spoke.”You are indeed beautiful and outstanding.
No wonder these people are crazy about you.
How about it? Why don’t you consider me? I’m the next young master of the Huang family.
I am much stronger than Chu Yunfan.”

Many of the people present were shocked silent.
After hearing this, how could they not understand? It was very obvious that this person was here for Chu Yunfan.

Many remembered that Chu Yunfan had not only offended the Jiangs, he had also killed many experts of the Huang family back then.

It was just that the Huangs did not have as many experts as the Jiangs.

However, what surprised everyone was that Tang Ziteng actually showed no intention of stopping them.
Many made a judgment that the Tangs was somewhat playful.

It was very unusual for the Tangs to agree to Wei Zixiong’s invitation.

“Huang Weiyang, if you have any objections toward Chu Yunfan, you can go after him.
There’s no need to pull weird tricks here.
Is it that interesting to bully a woman?” Chu Haoyue said coldly.

“Chu Haoyue, you really like to meddle in other people’s business!”

At this moment, a loud voice came from afar.
Everyone turned and saw that it was the current junior leader of the Jiangs, Jiang Dan.

With Jiang Dan’s arrival, the atmosphere immediately stiffened.

“Tsk, tsk.
Such tender skin.” Huang Weiyang chuckled and reached out to grab Tang Tang Siyu’s pretty face.

Chu Haoyue wanted to stop Huang Weiyang, but he realized that Jiang Dan had locked onto him had moved to block him.

At this critical moment, Tang Siyu made her move.
A long sword was suddenly unsheathed and a bright sword light swept out.



Huang Weiyang dodged the sword just in time.
His back was completely soaked.
He couldn’t believe that his finger had been almost cut off.

Tang Siyu’s movements were extremely fast.
Most of the people present had felt the speed of her attack.

“You b*tch!”

Huang Weiyang flew into a rage out.
He thought that Tang Siyu was just a flower vase that he could control.
He didn’t expect that he would almost suffer a great loss.
With a saber in hand, he struck out, turning into a sky full of saber light that slashed down.

The saber light that filled the sky locked onto Tang Siyu, but Huang Weiyang saw that the sword in Tang Siyu’s hand was like a bolt of lightning as it tore apart the saber lights that filled the sky.

Tang Siyu’s sword actually broke through all the attacks and swept away the saber in Huang Weiyang’s hand.
Then, the sword in her hand chopped off Huang Weiyang’s hand with lightning speed.

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