Chapter 71: A Transfer of 3.2 Million Yuan

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“Didn’t the two of them just receive their weapons? How are they already so strong? They’ve already entered the Competent Stage.
They are very familiar with the techniques of their weapons!”

“That’s right.
They must already be in the Competent Stage.
Forget about Gao Hongzhi.
He must have practiced before and had hired a private tutor to mentor him in private.
However, I heard that Chu Yunfan’s family background is rather ordinary.
How does he know the Earth Splitting Saber Technique
so well?!”

Without realizing it, many people started discussing among themselves.
“I’ve heard of this Firestorm Spear Technique.
Although it’s not a particularly high-level spear technique, it’s a high-level one for us.
A few hundred years ago, a peerless expert created this spear technique and used it to sweep away all his enemies!”
“Yeah, I’ve seen someone use the Firestorm Spear Technique in tournament arenas before.
Once it’s used, it’s extremely difficult to block.
If the opponent’s rhythm is messed up by Gao Hongzhi, itll be all over.
One spear after another will rain down like a storm until the opponent is defeated!”

“This is the rarest thing.
The Firestorm Spear Technique is so powerful, but Chu Yunfan isn’t the slightest bit flustered.
He’s guarding his body tightly using the Earth Splitting Saber Technique, one strike after another.
The continuous saber momentum blocks the Firestorm Spear Technique.
momentum of the Firestorm Spear Technique can’t be raised and its power is greatly reduced!”

“The two of them are indeed worthy of being the elites of our class.
They’re so powerful!”

The dazzling exchange of blows between the two of them even attracted the attention of the other elites in the class who had already entered the Qi Sea Stage.

Although there were high and low levels of cultivation among the people now, in general, they were still on the same level.
At this time, the strength of the martial skills might very well determine the outcome of the battle between the two parties.

‘Whether it was Chu Yunfan or Gao Hongzhi, although they had known each other for a long time, in reality, there were very few opportunities to really fight.

Or it could be said that there was no chance to fight at all.
Previously, Chu Yunfan’s and Gao Hongzhi’s strengths were too far apart.
Chu Yunfan also knew his own strength and would not humiliate himself.
But now, they were both on equal footing.
Such a fight was rare.
In particular, the training of both sides on weapons had just begun.
They both treated each other as sparring partners and used all kinds of methods at once.

Therefore, the entire scene was exceptionally exciting and very attractive!

However, the people present were not ordinary people.
They naturally understood that no matter how good the fight was, it was actually very dangerous.
Using real weapons could bring about accidents really easily.
If one could not control it, it could cause a tragedy.
Fortunately, technology was very

advanced in this day and age.
Unless one died on the spot, they could be saved from even the brink of death.

The two made over a hundred strikes each.
Each of these strikes consumed a lot of energy, and the gap between the two sides was obvious.
Gao Hongzhi was plump, but his body was robust.
However, at this moment, his entire body was drenched as if he had just been scooped out of a lake.

However, Chu Yunfan’s breathing was still steady, and had barely broken a sweat.
At this point, everyone understood that Chu Yunfan was holding back.
Otherwise, it would not have been so easy.
However, even so, they had to admit that this battle was very exciting.

Finally, there was a turning point in this battle.
After Gao Hongzhi’s stamina rapidly decreased, the speed of his spear attack slowed down and revealed an opening.
Chu Yunfan slashed aside Gao Hongzhi’s long spear with his blade and took a quick step forward.
In an instant, he arrived in front of Gao
The blade stopped three inches in front of Gao Hongzhi.
The piercingly sharp energy from the saber seemed to hurt Gao Hongzhi’s face.

Being able to release and retract his energy so easily made everyone’s evaluation of Chu Yunfan’s strength increase by another level.

“Hahaha, I fought to my heart’s content!” Gao Hongzhi guffawed, feeling extremely happy.
“Although I know you’re letting me off easy, it doesn’t matter.
I’m happy.
I’m having a great time.
I could go all out.
You’ve given me answers to many of my questions.
This is ten times more effective than practicing
I’ll look for you often in the future.

Gao Hongzhi was not a fool.
He could naturally see that Chu Yunfan was going easy on him.
However, what did it matter to him? Not to mention, he felt that Chu Yunfan was looking down on him and was not using his full strength.
He was not full of himself and could not tell which one of them was

“Haha, come on.
That is if you are not afraid of being tortured to tears.” Chu Yunfan also said nonchalantly.

‘When the crowd saw that there was nothing left to watch, they dispersed one after another.
They went off to practice.
The selection of the top 20 was just around the corner.
At that time, the school would probably not pit them against virtual martial artists, but would have them fight each other until the
final victor emerged.

At that time, it would be a real fight.
Moreover, the battle with the monster would be coming soon.
They had to seize whatever time they had to cultivate.

Fortunately, those who were able to enter the martial arts stream focus classes were basically the best.
Their cultivation speed was also very fast.
If it was the student of a regular class, it was likely that they would not be able to keep up with this kind of learning progress.

This was also the reason why the school separated the students into regular classes and focus classes.
It was to nurture these talented students, and at the same time, take care of those students with average talent.
Otherwise, if they were taught together, it would seem fair, but in fact, it was a waste of
resources for both sides.

On this day, Chu Yunfan, who had just returned home after receiving his weapon, received a transfer message from the bank.
3.2 million had been transferred into his account.
Chu Yunfan knew that Lu Qingxuan must have sold the Meridians Cleansing Pill.
This must be the money from the sale.

Not long after the transfer of the money, someone from the bank called and asked Chu Yunfan if he wanted to upgrade his user level.
If he did that, he might have to spend a little more every month, but he would be able to enjoy more services.

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Chu Yunfan rejected the offer without even thinking.
Those services might be great, but they were meaningless to him at the moment.
His money would be spent very soon and it was impossible for him to save it.

However, he could not help but sigh.
The bank’s sense of smell and reaction was so fast that when there was no money, they would not even bother with you.
However, once you started to have money, all kinds of services would come knocking on your door.

After hanging up the bank’s call, Lu Qingxuan’s call came in.
She informed Chu Yunfan that other than paying for the appropriate taxes, she did not touch a single cent from the sale of the perfect quality Meridians Cleansing Pill, she did not even take the 5% stipulated in the contract.

Although it looked like she had suffered a loss, in reality, she was doing no such thing.
With this Meridians Cleansing Pill, she had opened up a path that would have otherwise taken a very long time to establish.

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