His aura, which was in the Innate Stage, was not like the experts of the other universities who were usually only at the first or second level of the Innate Stage.

Dong Fanghao, who had been famous for so many years, had stepped into the fifth level of the Innate Stage.
Although he could not compare to Jiang Lingxiao, he was probably not far from it.

In the crowd, Situ Ziying and Le Yuzhu looked at each other.
Their eyes were filled with indescribable shock.
They were both ranked first in their respective universities, but they had barely stepped into the fourth level of the Innate Stage.
Compared to the top experts of the other top ten universities, they were much stronger.
But they realized that they had been clearly left behind by Dong Fanghao.

“Is this Dong Fanghao’s true strength? If it wasn’t for Mei Haiyun, Dong Fanghao would definitely have the qualifications to be the champion.”

If it were in the past, Dong Fanghao would definitely be able to single-handedly suppress a whole generation.
It’s a pity that there are more and more evildoers nowadays.
Back then, there was Chu Yunfan, and now there’s Mei Haiyun.
He’s always unable to stand out.
It’s not that he’s too weak, but that his opponents are too strong.”

You’re much stronger than those other pieces of trash, but the end result will still be the same,” the blue-robed swordsman said bluntly.

Dong Fanghao snorted coldly and pounced forward.
The saber in his hand instantly slashed out.

“Mountain Destroyer!”

This slash seemed to split the entire world in half.
If there was a divine mountain standing before him, Dong Fanghao would have split it in half.
This was an extremely terrifying saber technique that was incomparably powerful.

Faced with Dong Fanghao’s terrifying slash, the blue-robed swordsman was not the slightest bit afraid.
He simply stabbed out with the sword in his hand.


This sword pierced through Dong Fanghao’s saber light.

To his astonishment, Dong Fanghao discovered that this blue-robed swordsman was far stronger than him.
He had already stepped into the sixth level of the Innate Stage.

Only now did he finally understand how the blue-robed swordsman had defeated Gu Chang and Chen Lei so easily.

They had been defeated within minutes.
It was truly because the difference in strength between the two sides was too great.

Dong Fanghao had been instantly suppressed to a disadvantage.
The difference in strength between the two sides could be seen from this.




The terrifying attacks kept on suppressing Dong Fanghao until he was in a sorry state.
These people were too strong.

All the students in the stadium were dumbfounded.
It wasn’t that Dong Fanghao wasn’t strong enough, but the other party was too terrifying.
Although Dong Fanghao wasn’t defeated as easily as Gu Chang and Chen Lei, it was only a matter of time.

The originally noisy stadium suddenly turned cold.

“Stop fooling around!” the black-robed swordsman said.


Everyone saw that after the blue-robed swordsman exchanged thirty moves with Dong Fanghao, he suddenly erupted.
His sword momentum was magnificent as it blasted toward Dong Fanghao.
The strike instantly sent Dong Fanghao flying.

Dong Fanghao was already heavily injured, but the blue-robed swordsman was unwilling to let him go and wanted to kill him.

Mei Haiyun, who was at the side, finally made a move.
Although he and Dong Fanghao were competitors, they were on the same side.
He couldn’t just watch Dong Fanghao die.

“The Five Elemental Swords, Gold Sword!”

The sword light was like a golden ray of light that swept across the field and charged toward the blue-robed swordsman.

“Stop right there.”

The red-robed woman suddenly appeared in front of Mei Haiyun.
Her long whip was like a long dragon that swept out and blocked the Gold Sword.

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