Chu Yunfan easily killed Lin Chengfeng, but he didn’t look so relaxed.
From what Lin Chengfeng said about the holy land and his sect, the Fluttering Blooms were definitely not a simple existence.

The Fluttering Blooms was backed by a Divine expert.
Even within the Federation, Divines were considered top-tier giants.

And what was this holy land?

At this moment, Chu Yunfan suddenly remembered what Jeang Yuanbin had once told him about reclusive sects.
Chu Yunfan was of the opinion that ordinary people didn’t know about reclusive sects like the Heavenly Dragon Villa.
A colossus that was outside the influence of the Federation would surely be considered a reclusive sect.

But thinking about it again, he realized that his initial thought was wrong.
Although the Heavenly Dragon Gate wasn’t under the Federation’s influence, it definitely couldn’t be considered a reclusive sect.

This holy land was definitely not that simple.
It probably boasted quite a number of experts too.
Lin Chengfeng was only in his twenties and was only a few years older than Chu Yunfan.
Yet, he was already at the sixth level of the Innate Stage.
With such a level of strength, only the direct descendants of the sects within the Federation could reach such a level.

“No matter what chaos goes on in the world, improving one’s own strength is the way of the king!” Chu Yunfan narrowed his eyes.

“Thank God you’re all right.” Lu Qingxuan sighed in relief.

“Mm-hm.” Chu Yunfan nodded.
“You’ve done well these past two years, but now that I need to cultivate, I need a lot of spirit stones.
Help me buy as many as you can.”

Lu Qingxuan immediately recomposed herself and said, “In these two years, although most of the funds have been used for development, the company can still allocate 30 billion of funds without affecting its future development.”

“30 billion will be enough,” Chu Yunfan said.

30 billion was enough to buy 300,000 low-grade spirit stones.
Not only was it enough for his cultivation, but it was also enough for him to use the Demon Descends Illustration again.

In this increasingly chaotic world, ordinary people were not greatly affected, but for an expert at his level, the impact was too great.

With the illustration in his possession, Chu Yunfan was not afraid of encountering a peak Innate Stage expert.

“Change everything into spirit stones.
Buy as many as you can.
Also, help me arrange for a secret room.
I want to go into seclusion,” Chu Yunfan said.

“Got it.” Lu Qingxuan nodded and did not ask any more questions.

The resources of Shanhe Alchemy were no longer the same as before.
It could easily collect 30 billion low-grade spirit stones.

Meanwhile, Chu Yunfan entered the secret room that Lu Qingxuan had arranged for him to enter seclusion.
He wanted to break through to the fifth level of the Innate Stage.
His battle prowess would then soar to another level.

Time passed fleetingly while Chu Yunfan was in seclusion.
It was like a white horse passing by in the blink of an eye, and he was unable to catch hold of it.

The news of Chu Yunfan’s return was not widespread yet.
In fact, only a few people knew about it.
After all, the current situation was unstable.
A person who was doomed to die two years ago would be hard-pressed to attract the attention of many people.

To the students of Federation University, the recent events were becoming more and more explosive.

It was fine if it was just an ordinary university, but what really caught their attention was that a group of people suddenly appeared out of thin air to challenge the top ten universities.

These people were in their early twenties—about the same age as the students.
But in terms of strength, they were earth-shattering.

Tiannan University was ranked last among the top ten universities.
Although it was ranked last, it was still out of the reach of ordinary universities.

In the school’s arena, Gu Chang, who was ranked first among the senior students, was sent flying under everyone’s watchful eyes.
He was heavily injured, and a large hole appeared in his chest.
It looked like he was about to die.

The person who attacked him was a swordsman dressed in a blue robe.
His body carried a terrifying sword intent that ordinary people could not imagine.
It was as if his entire body had turned into a sword.

This swordsman, who was in his early twenties, put away his sword.
He shook his head and said, “Weak.
Is this fellow the cream of the crop among this generation of the Federation?”

The students of Tiannan University looked at the swordsman with grief and indignation.
Gu Chang had failed, yet he was still being insulted.
The other party had no respect for Tiannan University.

However, most of the students were secretly shocked.
The reason was none other than Gu Chang’s strength.
He had clearly stepped into the Innate Stage.

The Innate Stage.
Not to mention Tiannan University, even within Federation University, Gu Chang’s cultivation level was something only a few of the best could step into.

At Tiannan University, there were only two or three people who had managed to enter this level.
This was already more powerful than most of the tutors.

Most of the elite tutors at Tiannan University were only at the peak of the Acquired Stage.
Only a handful of them had entered the Innate Stage.

Students worshipped Gu Chang like the stars worshipped the Moon.

But now, he had been heavily injured by a single sword strike.

“Who is this person? Is he from an overseas sect?”

It’s impossible for an overseas sect to have such a powerful expert.
Only Federation University could produce such a student.
If there was such a person in an overseas sect, they would have long become famous.”

The students of Tiannan University could only watch as the blue-clothed swordsman calmly left.
They did not dare stop him.

In front of such an expert, numbers meant nothing.

The news of Tiannan University’s number one expert, Gu Chang, being defeated quickly spread out.
But at this moment, people realized that it wasn’t just Tiannan University that was being challenged.

The blue-clothed swordsman immediately went to Fudan University and challenged its number one expert, Chen Lei.

Compared to Gu Chang, Chen Lei’s outcome wasn’t much different.
After a few moves, he was sent flying as well.
Chen Lei died on the spot.

Too weak.
Too weak!”

After the blue-clothed swordsman killed Chen Lei, he didn’t show the slightest bit of regret.
He just said that Chen Lei was too weak.

The students of Fudan University glared at him angrily.
They did not know where this person came from.
The number one expert in their university had actually been so easily defeated.

“How dare you kill him!”

At this moment, several instructors from Fudan University came forward.
They had already stepped into the Innate Stage and were not weak.
They pounced forward.

They no longer cared about bullying the weak.
This blue-clothed swordsman had gone too far.
He said it was just a spar, but his attacks were so vicious.

Chen Lei’s cultivation was far inferior to the swordsman’s.
He should have held back, but he did not.
It was clear that he had the intention to kill.

“As instructors, you’re all so weak!”

This blue-clothed swordsman was not courteous at all.
With a single strike, he heavily injured one of the Innate instructors.
The other instructors who surrounded the blue-clothed swordsman were heavily injured in just a minute and were forced to retreat.

By the time the other powerful Innate masters arrived, the man had already disappeared.

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