Lin Chengfeng’s face darkened as he stared at Lu Qingxuan coldly.
In his eyes, Lu Qingxuan was lying to him.

“Lu Qingxuan, I advise you to surrender obediently.
Otherwise, you won’t have a good day today.”

Chu Zhiguo looked at Lu Qingxuan eagerly, his eyes filled with greed.
This was different from a few years ago.
At that time, he was in high spirits, but now, he and his father were just two stray dogs.

He wished that Lin Chengfeng would seize the formula by force and abduct Lu Qingxuan.
However, he knew that it was not up to him to make the decision.

“I don’t know where you come from, but don’t you understand? The formula was made public a long time ago.
It has been patented for twenty years, but only three years have passed.
According to federal law, during the patent period, no one is allowed to reproduce it.
The focus was not on the formula, but on the patent.
What good will it do you even if you come looking for me?” Lu Qingxuan said with a sneer.

She knew very well who the real owner of Shanhe Alchemy was.
Although she had 30% of the shares and was even in charge of this company, this company was able to contend with other alchemy companies that had been developing for decades and centuries in just a few years because of Chu Yunfan’s Qi Replenishing Pill formula.

If Chu Yunfan withdrew the formula and no longer authorized the company to use it, the company would collapse overnight.

“You’ve already violated the laws of the Federation by barging in like this.
It’s not too late for you to retreat now.
Otherwise, you’ll have to face the consequences,” Lu Qingxuan said as she tried to hold back her disgust.

“Face the consequences?” Lin Chengfeng’s face turned even uglier.

The ways of the Federation were more troublesome than he had imagined, especially the fact that Shanhe Alchemy was different from other companies he had ever come across.
The core of the entire company was the Qi Replenishing Pill formula, and the ownership of the formula was in Chu Yunfan’s hands.
After Chu Yunfan’s death, it naturally fell into the hands of his parents.

Even Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo couldn’t do anything about this.
Unless the Federation collapsed, its laws would still be effective.

The bigger the power, the more they would uphold this rule.
They often had the most patents in their hands.
If they didn’t uphold the rules, then their losses would also be the greatest.

If they ignored this rule and started to mass-produce fake Qi Replenishing Pills, then other alchemy companies could also mass-produce them.
Then what was the point of them going through so much trouble to obtain the company?

Without the protection of the patent, the Qi Replenishing Pills would be no different from other pills.

“For now, our only choice is to capture Chu Yunfan’s family and get them to license the patent to us.
When that time comes, Shanhe Alchemy will no longer be of any use.
We can do whatever we want with this b*ctch.”

Chu Hongye was far more knowledgeable about this as he had been in charge of a company for many years.
How could he not see that the formula was the most important thing for Shanhe Alchemy? Whoever had the license to the formula would be the owner of the company.

“As far as I know, Chu Yunfan’s family is living within the Chu family compounds.
It won’t be easy to capture them,” Chu Zhiguo said.

As he spoke of the Chus, his eyes flashed with hatred.
After being chased out of the family, the father and son no longer had their previous glory.
After being chased out no one dared to come into contact with them.

However, they never gave up, and finally managed to seize this opportunity.

“We can send elite experts to infiltrate the compound.
Chu Yunfan’s parents aren’t important figures.
On top of that, he’s already dead, so the Chus care that much for his parents.
We’ll be able to take them.

“And if the Chus start investigating us, the Fluttering Blooms stand behind you, Young Master Lin, so there’s no need to be afraid of them,” Chu Hongye continued to spout his ideas.

“Shut up! Chu Hongye, Chu Zhiguo, you’ve gone too far!” The more Lu Qingxuan heard, the more frightened she became.

“Gone too far? Lu Qingxuan, back then, Chu Yunfan used some tricks to drive us out of the Chu family.
Today, it’s time for him to pay the price.
Young Master Lin, to prevent her from leaking word of the plan, we might as well take her away with us,” Chu Zhiguo said as a lustful look flashed through his eyes.

“Yes, taking her with us would save us some trouble.”

Lin Chengfeng thought about it and agreed with Chu Zhiguo.
If he wanted to get the formula, the most important thing was to make a timely strike.
If someone found out about it in advance, it would be troublesome.

The Chus’ ancestral home was heavily guarded.
Even if they were to be cautious, they would surely die no matter how many people were on their side.

“Let’s wait a little longer.
When my sect enters the stage, will there be no need to care about the Federation’s laws?

“Such bullsh*t! Laws are to protect the interests of the strong.
The Federation is going against this reasoning and actually set up a large number of laws to protect the interests of the common people.
It’s simply putting the cart before the horse.
The truth is power!” Lin Chengfeng said disdainfully.

He had to endure it, but it wasn’t because he respected the law.
He just felt that his strength wasn’t enough to provoke the Federation.
Power was the truth, and he only submitted to power.

“You guys are the ones who are going against the law!” Lu Qingxuan said.

“Young Master Lin, don’t say anything more to her.
This little girl is trying to stall for time.
We’ve been here for quite a while, so someone must’ve called the police.
If we’re surrounded, we’ll be in trouble,” Chu Zhiguo said with a ferocious smile.

Lin Chengfeng thought about it and agreed.
He waved his hand, and instantly, all the Spirit Energy within a hundred square meters gathered together, turning into a big hand that grabbed at Lu Qingxuan.

Lin Chengfeng’s astonishing cultivation level was revealed.
He was definitely not an ordinary person.
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to barge in all the way here.
He could even defeat the Innate Stage experts stationed in the headquarters of the company.

As Lu Qingxuan was overcome by despair, suddenly, a stream of sword energy swept across and broke the Spirit Energy hand that was holding onto her.

“Who did that?!” Lin Chengfeng turned his head and saw a young man in black slowly walking in.

“Chu Hongye, Chu Zhiguo.
I never expected you two to dare commit such an evil deed.
You’re really courting death,” the man said as soon as he arrived.

Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo saw the man.
They felt like they were seeing a ghost.
It had been a few years and compared to the young man before, this man was even more upright and his demeanor was outstanding.

Who else could it be but Chu Yunfan?

“Who is this man?” Lin Chengfeng asked when he saw the two of them looking like death.

“He-He’s C-Chu Yunfan!” Chu Zhiguo said in a trembling voice.
He thought that Chu Yunfan was dead.

Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo never thought that they would see Chu Yunfan who should’ve been dead a long time ago.

They were seeing a ghost!

At this moment, both Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo looked as if they had seen a ghost.
They couldn’t believe that Chu Yunfan had appeared at this moment.

Lu Qingxuan’s beautiful eyes were filled with shock.

Although Chu Yunfan told her to wait two years ago, he had not given a deadline.
She didn’t expect Chu Yunfan would appear at her most critical moment.

This was undoubtedly the feeling of going from Hell to Heaven.

“Are you that Chu Yunfan?” Lin Chengfeng asked as he glanced at Chu Yunfan.

He was not worried about Chu Yunfan.
Instead, he only found it interesting.

“I am,” Chu Yunfan said with a faint smile.

Then, he looked at Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo.
Compared to three years ago, these two people were indeed in a worse state now.

“The two of you continue to commit evil.
It seems like I can’t let you off easily,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

Chu Zhiguo forced himself to calm down, then, he said, “Chu Yunfan, do you think you can do whatever you want? Young Master Lin came here on behalf of the Fluttering Blooms.
If you know what’s good for you, you’d better obediently hand over the patent.
Otherwise, you’ll have to face the consequences.”

“That’s right, Chu Yunfan.
I see that your cultivation base is pretty good.
It’s pretty good for the Federation,” Lin Chengfeng said, “It just so happens that I need a follower when I officially enter the Federation.
I’d be willing to give you the honor.”

After saying that, Lin Chengfeng continued as he looked at the father and son, “I’m not the only one from the Fluttering Blooms or from the other sects who’ve entered society.
I want to compete with others, so I have to accept the power of the world.
You two have a grudge against him in the past, but you have to let it go now.
I won’t allow you to ruin my big plans.”

Then, he turned back to Chu Yunfan and said, “I heard that you’ve offended the Jiangs.
But it doesn’t matter.
I don’t care how you survived.
If you join my sect, the Jiangs will not be able to do anything to you.
I can protect you.

“Now, go and transfer the patent.”

After talking for a long time, Lin Chengfeng saw Chu Yunfan look at him with an indifferent expression as if he was looking at a fool.
He asked unhappily, “What? Are you refusing?”

“Are you done?” Chu Yunfan found this all very funny.
“The Fluttering Blloms? What the hell? I’ve never even heard you guys.”

Looking at Chu Yunfan’s frivolous look, Lin Chengfeng knew that Chu Yunfan had no intention of surrendering.

“Chu Yunfan, don’t be so shameless.
Do you think this is three years ago? The Chus can’t even protect themselves.
Don’t expect them to protect you!” Chu Hongye shouted, “Three years ago, you drove us out of the Chu family.
Today, I want you to pay the price!”

As soon as he finished his words, a large hand suddenly appear and it fiercely flew toward Chu Hongye’s face.

Chu Hongye who was filled with righteous indignation just a moment ago, was instantly sent flying and fiercely hit the ground.

“Idiot.” Chu Yunfan glanced at Chu Hongye who was wailing on the ground, then at Chu Zhiguo.
Chu Zhiguo suddenly felt as if his soul had left his body.

Three years ago, when they fought Chu Yunfan, although they were no match for Chu Yunfan, he had not been as terrifying as he was.
With a casual slap, his father was severely injured.

“People like you who’ve not been taught a lesson can’t be left alive.
This will just be treated as trespassing.
Even if I kill you, nothing will come out of it.” Chu Yunfan sneered.

“You… You dare to kill me?!” Chu Zhiguo roared.

He was afraid.
He had never been this afraid before.
He knew that Chu Yunfan would really kill him

“Why wouldn’t I?”

After Chu Yunfan said that, he casually waved his sword.
Chu Zhiguo, who was still shouting, suddenly realized that his head had been chopped off.

He died instantly.

Chu Yunfan couldn’t be bothered to waste time talking to him.

“How dare you kill my people in front of me! You’re dead! No one can save you!” Lin Chengfeng said angrily.

He unsheathed the long sword on his back, and it suddenly turned into a sword light that was dozens of feet long.
It slashed down at Chu Yunfan.

However, unlikely his expectations, Chu Yunfan was not cut into two halves by his sword.
Chu Yunfan simply waved his hand and the sword light was shattered into pieces.

“What are you shouting for? I’ll question you later.”

With a casual wave of his hand, Chu Yunfan smashed the sword light into pieces.
Then, he casually shot out a stream of sword light and pierced through Chu Hongye’s head.
Chu Hongye also went to accompany his son into the underworld.

Back then, Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo had made a lot of trouble for him.
Therefore, Chu Yunfan had driven them out of the family and uprooted their company.

But to Chu Yunfan now, these two were just insignificant people.
He could kill them if he wanted to.
But, these two dared to intrude into Shanhe Alchemy and even injured his staff.
This was no different than breaking into a house and robbing, so what if he killed them?

Lin Chengfeng had a look of disbelief on his face.
Although he didn’t use his full strength when he attacked just now, Chu Yunfan had easily shattered his attack.
This wasn’t something an ordinary person could do.

After taking care of Chu Hongye and Chu Zhiguo, Chu Yunfan looked at Lin Chengfeng and said, “Tell me about the Fluttering Blooms.
How come I’ve never heard of you guys?”

Chu Yunfan had a photographic memory.
He had read all there was to read in the encyclopedia.
A large part of it was introducing the various sects and forces.
If he had read about the Fluttering Blooms, he would remember them.

“You’re courting death!”

Lin Chengfeng was instantly enraged.
Chu Yunfan clearly didn’t put him in his eyes.
He simply looked down on him.

“You want to know about the Fluttering Blooms? Then I’ll let you experience the ultimate skill of my sect firsthand!”

Lin Chengfeng’s aura exploded A terrifying aura burst out from his body.
He was at the sixth level of the Innate Stage, and he looked like he was only in his twenties.
Even among the disciples of a behemoth like the Heavenly Dragon Villa, he would be one of the most outstanding ones.

“Forest of Fluttering Blooms!”

Lin Chengfeng thrust his sword forward.
Lu Qingxuan, who was beside him, seemed to see herself in a forest.
Tens of thousands of flower petals danced in the air.
It was extremely beautiful, but also extremely dangerous.

Although Lu Qingxuan’s cultivation was average in terms of martial arts, she still had a discerning eye.
She knew that this was a sword intent that could only be formed after one had cultivated a set of techniques to an extremely terrifying level.

“You just won’t shed tears until you step into your grave.” Chu Yunfan snorted coldly.

Facing the ultimate skill of the Fluttering Blooms sect that Lin Chengfeng displayed, Chu Yunfan wasn’t afraid.
He simply turned around and faced it head-on.

Countless amounts of True Energy swept out crazily from his hands as if they had turned into sharp claws.
With a sudden tear, the attack was torn apart.

It was as if he was tearing paper and cloth.

What was even more terrifying was that after being torn apart, the sword energy from the attack disappeared without a trace.

“D*mn it! How could this be?!”

Lin Chengfeng instantly felt a powerful force sweep over him.
He kept retreating.
Although this office was huge, it was only a hundred square meters.
He thought it was very big before.
But if it was a battle arena, it was far from being bg enough.

“Don’t underestimate me!” Lin Chengfeng roared.

Suddenly, the aura on his body increased crazily.
All of it gathered together, then turned into a terrifying sword light that smashed toward Chu Yunfan.

Stubborn.” Chu Yunfan snorted coldly.

He clenched his fist and threw a punch.
It was just a simple punch technique, but in Chu Yunfan’s hand, it exploded with unimaginable power.

When Lin Chengfeng’s sword met Chu Yunfan’s punch, it instantly shattered inch by inch.
Wherever the force swept through, the sword light was instantly shattered.

The whole thing was extremely terrifying.
Chu Yunfan was like an invincible demon god.

Seeing that his attack was easily broken, Lin Chengfeng felt how Chu Zhiguo had felt—that he was about to die.

When did such a terrifying existence appear among the Federation’s warriors of this age?

However, it was too late.
Chu Yunfan’s punch had already arrived in front of him.
It looked like an ordinary fist, but it was so unrivaled.

No one could block it.


The punch landed on Lin Chengfeng’s body.


Lin Chengfeng was smashed directly into the wall.
He looked like a hung-up painting, and the entire office shook.
If this building hadn’t been built with special materials and reinforced concrete, Chu Yunfan’s punch would have created a huge hole.

Even so, Lu Qingxuan was dumbfounded by what she saw.
This was much more terrifying than the strength displayed by the benefactors that she had seen before.

The benefactors that she had hired could even fight against advanced mechas.
In terms of strength, they were pretty good.
But compared to the strength displayed by Chu Yunfan now, the difference was like Heaven and Earth.

Before this, Lin Chengfeng had easily defeated the benefactor.
However, against Chu Yunfan, Lin Chengfeng couldn’t even block such a simple punch.

Compared to when Lu Qingxuan first met Chu Yunfan four years ago, the current Chu Yunfan was more than a hundred times stronger.
He was like a demon god, standing in front of her, shielding her from the wind and waves.


Lin Chengfeng spat out a mouthful of blood and slid down the wall.
Disbelief filled his eyes.
He couldn’t believe that he had been beaten up like this.
Chu Yunfan’s punch had shattered all the bones in his body.

“I saw how arrogant you were before, and I thought that you were very powerful.
To think that you’re only at this level.
You are even worse than Jiang Lingxiao two years ago.
I haven’t even warmed up yet,” Chu Yunfan said as he swung his arm.

Lin Chengfeng spat out another mouthful of blood.
This time, he was completely angered.
He had heard about Chu Yunfan killing Jiang Lingxiao.
How could Chu Yunfan say that he was even weaker than Jiang Lingxiao? How could he not be angered to death?

Chu Yunfan had a teasing expression in his eyes.
Compared to Jiang Lingxiao, Lin Chengfeng was indeed much weaker.
Of course, compared to two years ago, Chu Yunfan was also much stronger now.

If he were to fight against Jiang Lingxiao now, Jiang Lingxiao wouldn’t be able to last more than a few moves.

“Since you’ve lost to me, be a good boy and answer all my questions,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly as he looked down at Lin Chengfeng.

He sounded relaxed, but the glint in his eyes was as cold as ice.

These people actually dared to plot to go to the Chus’ ancestral home and kidnap his family members.
Without a doubt, this crossed Chu Yunfan’s bottom line.
For the sake of his family members, he dared to go against Jiang Yuanluo, the Great Ancestor of the Jiang family, let alone Lin Chengfeng.

Lin Chengfeng suddenly understood that he had kicked the hornet’s nest and provoked an existence that he absolutely couldn’t afford to offend.

“Who the hell are the Fluttering Blooms? I’ve never heard of them before,” Chu Yunfan questioned.

“Brother Chu, I think there’s been a misunderstanding between us.
Those two b*stards misled me.

“The Fluttering Blooms are about to enter society on a large scale.
We definitely have to befriend a hero like you, Brother Chu!”

Lin Chengfeng cursed Chu Hongye in his heart.
Chu Zhiguo and his son were already in the underworld together.
If it weren’t for their instigation, he wouldn’t have come here and been beaten up like a dog.

“Is Fluttering Blooms a reclusive sect?” Chu Yunfan asked.

“The Fluttering Blooms occupy a holy land, and it is about to enter the world.
In the holy land, we’re a powerful sect.
We even have powerful Divine experts.
If you let me off today, we can still resolve this conflict and bury the hatchet, Brother Chu.

“Otherwise, when the elders of the sect come to personally interrogate us, it won’t be good for optics,” Lin Chengfeng said with his head lowered.

Though he said this, there was also a faint threat in his words.
It seemed that if Chu Yunfan was not willing to do as he said, the Fluttering Blooms would find Chu Yunfan to settle the score.

“Are you threatening me?” Chu Yunfan narrowed his eyes, but in his mind, he was thinking about what kind of place this holy land was.
The Fluttering Blooms had Divine experts on their side, but it was just one of many sects.

Chu Yunfan instinctively felt that the events of the past two years were probably related to this holy land.

The world was getting more and more chaotic.

“It’s not a threat, but it’s okay if you want to see it that way, Brother Chu.
After all, the Fluttering Blooms have the protection of a Divine.
We also have many peak Innate and Innate experts.”

Lin Chengfeng looked at Chu Yunfan.
It seemed like the sect gave him a lot of confidence.

“If you—”

Before Lin Chengfeng could finish his sentence, Chu Yunfan used his finger as a sword and cut off Lin Chengfeng’s head.

“I’m sorry.
I don’t accept threats,” Chu Yunfan said nonchalantly.

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